Little Known Ways To Get In The Zone And Develop A Rock Solid State

Focus on one thing and don’t let anything distract you…

Ready for some Mr Miyagi madness?

Today you’re going to learn how to get in the zone my man… that’s right the “zone”. Known in the community as “state”.

When you’re in state… ANYTHING is possible.

What does a solid mental state actually mean?

Having a solid mental state or “being in the zone” means that your mind is focused on one particular outcome. It’s as if nothing else matters… nothing will block your way (both physicaly and mentaly) you are just in a state of being.

Sounds a little woo woo, but that’s what “state” is.

So when you’re in state… a girl telling you to f**k off or saying no to giving you her number, isn’t going to throw you off your game, a random guy in a bar starting on you because you spoke to his girl, isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference to your confidence levels… nothing will stop you.

Every little scenario will just roll right off your back and your emotions will remain stable.

If you want this to be you, then make sure you use the tips listed below:

4 little known ways to get in the zone… creating a rock solid state

1. Binaural beats

By listening to music that has embedded binaural beats, you can mould your brainwaves to move in a way that will affect your mood. Binaural technology has been around for years and is used extensively in meditation to help the mind focus.

If you listen to calming music with binaural beats you can relax the mind and remove any anxiety or anger within a matter of minutes, getting you back into a state of flow.

2. Use a trigger

The mind is great at using anchors to trigger emotions in the body. It’s something that’s used in NLP and is called anchoring.

Whenever you are feeling happy, excited and energetic you should anchor those feelings by associating it to a specific song, doing something with your body or watching/reading something of meaning.

For example you could squeeze a part of your arm and keep squeezing the same spot every time you feel that feeling of happiness. Then when you’re feeling angry or down you can anchor the good feeling by squeezing that area on your arm.

3. Focus outwards

If you think about it, when your angry or frustrated you are focusing on the inner side of things which are emotions, reinforcing them and making them stronger by playing mental imagery inside your head.

What you need to do is focus “outwards”, meaning you are taking positive action and not just sitting around doing nothing. So if a girl rejects you in a club, don’t stand there and just feel pissed off… go and chat to another girl, keep your state up.

4. Mental imagery

Every major sportstar uses mental imagery to get where they want to be. It’s the most powerful tool the mind has. The next time something happens that ruins your state, you should work on creating positive images in your mind, that will stimulate your mood.

Be very imaginative and get caught up in your mind, it’s amazing what it can do to your mood when you get good at it.

So there you have it, powerful ways to get your mind in the zone!

YO DUDE! Want more tips on developing a rock solid confident you? Then check this out, it’s amazing.

Do you have your own ways of state shifting? If so, then share them below…

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  1. Where’s tip #5? :D

    I tend to get in state by trivialising the whole situation, becoming self amused at how ridiculous the concept of nightclubs are, and realising that it is a game. People going out, paying money to stand in a room where it’s too loud to talk, drinking away their self-consciousness hoping to stumble into someone of the opposite sex who’s doing the same. Then when I look around and see people doing things completely wrong (especially at university with young, clueless freshers), you spot the ones who inevitably will be going home alone. It becomes a private joke, makes me smile to myself, and I can hit the club knowing I’m better than those people.

    *that probably makes no sense, but it’s hard to describe the thought process

  2. Can someone give me some names of binaural beat songs(?) so I can download?
    Are they songs?
    I don’t want to be listening to something that messes up my brain, it’s already on tenterhooks.

  3. I like binaural beats and used them for a while. And i’ve also found doing a meditation where you close your eyes and just ‘allow’ and feel what is going on in your body helps alot when any anxiety and such comes up to not let it effect you and just be with it.

    Sometimes my mind just doesn’t relax doing this, sometimes I get incredibly relaxed and my mind is silent. It’s just part of the process.

  4. prescriptions says:

    I go through the following three steps:
    1. Focus on eliminating need for validation.
    2. Focus on the present and my surroundings.
    3. Amp up my energy & smile.

    After that in theory you should resort to the 3-second rule after that.

  5. One thing I do is to remember a time when I felt good. If I ever get rejected or get down, I think back very vividly to a time when I was successful, weather opening a group of hot girls and having them them laughing and liking me, or getting the number of a real hot girl. I try to remember every little detail, especially how the girl was behaving, seeing the image if her in my mind really liking me. This definitely helps me get in state.

  6. I’ve found your information and teachings very interesting and yes they do work!! not only with women but in all aspects of life. every scenario is different, just like every woman is different and to be a master you just need to think quick, have an answer for everything and have an understanding of psycology and how to incorporate it into practical everyday use! I belive you have done this very well !!
    I take my hat off to you, well done indeed!

  7. HearthCore says:

    Having Fun be it with friends or the music and dancing in Clubs can bring you the most amazing results in confidence and game fluency. You just rocked on the dancefloor, nothing is gonna make you feel anxious now.

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