What It Really Takes To Be A Player That Gets Laid Whenever He Wants

Want summa dis?

Want summa dis?

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Player… f**k boy… Lothario… man slut… Casanova… we’ve heard them all before. But what do those words actually mean? Well it means you’re a guy with a healthy sex life that gets to choose who he sleeps with. Simple as that.

Having said that, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Being a player takes time, it takes persistence, money, patience and the ability to adapt quickly. This is why most men aren’t players, they simply don’t have the willingness to master the art of getting laid.

Below are a bunch of key things you need if you want to become a successful player. If you’re afraid of hard work, then you might as well stop reading now, because this will be a truthful reality check.

What does it really take to be a player?


You need to be realistic with your time when it comes to meeting and dating multiple women. Let’s do some simple maths in an average week and use the example of a guy that works a normal 9-5 job.

Bob (our example guy) works in an office from 9am to 5pm in the city, Monday to Friday. He lives 45 minutes away from work and commutes by bus and train.

With the commute in mind, he needs to be ready to leave his house by at least 8am, but previous delay experiences has made him give more time, let’s say 20 minutes. So he leaves the house at 7:55am. Let’s back track a little, he needs the average of 8 hours sleep per night to function properly at work, so goes to bed at 11pm, with an alarm set for 7:00am.

With those times taken into account, that gives him 1 hour for lunch and 6 hours after work to strengthen his game. Not to mention the weekends which he has to himself.

So, although there is plenty of time to strengthen your game, there’s limited time to date multiple women. This is why you need to choose the women you date wisely. I haven’t even mentioned meeting friends, eating out, seeing family members, relaxing downtime, the gym etc. So time is very precious when you’re a player.


There are several men in the community that say money is a non-issue when it comes to being a player and dating multiple women. I agree partly, but most certainly not fully and here’s why. Money buys you options, that doesn’t mean it needs to buy you a woman’s time.

When you have more money, you can buy nicer clothes, travel more, do interesting things and eat out a little more. When you don’t have money, you are restricted. That restriction puts a strain on your mental ability to pull hotter women.

You don’t need a lot to have a successful life as a player. But if you were to do everything I mentioned above and lived in a city that had an abundance of women to choose from like New York or London for example, you would need to up your game with money.

This doesn’t mean you need to pay for dates and drinks constantly to get attention from women, that would be idiotic.


People in general give up far too quickly. There are several analogies I could give, but the most prominent one is this. Think of game like an underground tunnel. You have been given the task of building an underground tunnel because there is a large vault of gold at the end.

You don’t know how long the tunnel needs to be or what tools you need to use, but there is gold there. You’re excited at the prospect of finding gold, so you begin digging with a shovel. You then find other tools that help you dig a little faster along the way, but over time your mind begins to play tricks on you and you decide to give up.

Little did you know that if you would have kept digging a further 40ft, you would have found the gold.

The point is this. No-one learns anything by giving up early. You learn by going into battle, fighting, adapting and applying new techniques. This is a never ending process and will be something that you need to do for the rest of your life, but you will get what you want and that’s sex with beautiful women.


Having the right amount of patience is essential. It is often confused with persistence, but I see it differently. With persistence you are driven to keep going, but with patience you are focusing on something in the moment and seeing it through to the end without getting anxious or annoyed.

Being unemotional and logical in the moment is a valuable skill that will allow you to win over the hottest women that most guys will never be able to sleep with. It means that you will remain quiet and focused in the most stressful times. It translates into everyday life with women. Texting, rejection, sex etc.

A game plan

This to me is the most important thing on the list. If you want to be an efficient player who gets laid regularly, then you must always go in with a game plan. Let me give you two examples, using our guy… Bob.

Example 1: Bob approached a girl, got her number and arranged a date for Friday night. He doesn’t have a game plan. He made plans to meet this girl at 8pm outside a local bar. Friday comes around and they meet. They drink in the bar and after a couple o hours the girl says “I need to work tomorrow, so need to leave soon”. Bob, is slightly annoyed because he wanted to get laid. They finish up at 10pm and part ways. Bob is down £30 from buying most of the drinks and has blue balls.

Example 2: Bob approached a girl, got her number and said that he wants to take her to a cool bar he knows that’s close to his house. He texts to confirm day (Friday), time of 7:30pm and a meeting place. Friday comes around and Bob meets the girl outside his local bar.

This time, Bob has a plan. He’s going to build some rapport, then escalate sexually and then suggest drinks at his place which is conveniently close by. 10pm rolls around and Bob is leaving with the girl, he takes her back to his whilst keeping the energy high and has drinks ready when they arrive, he puts on music, leads her straight to his room where the lighting is perfect and boom… he’s gets laid.

See the difference?

Bob knew that he needed to do several things in order to increase his chances of getting laid. He had a game plan and it paid off.

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