What To Do If A Woman Becomes Too Clingy… Or Even Obsessive


Set the boundaries FIRST!

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The better you become at game, the more you will have the problem of women becoming overly clingy when they’re around you or even in some cases… obsessive.

This is very unhealthy for both you and her, so it’s best to nip it in the bud before it goes too far. There are two options that you have in this situation.

1) You can cut your connections with her and move onto the next girl. This is obviously easier if she’s just a fuck buddy, but if it’s a girlfriend, then you may want to consider option two. Unless you’re really unhappy, then you can just severe the relationship and move on with your life.

2) You can follow the steps below and turn your situation into a positive one, because she knows the deal. You’ve made it clear, she respects the boundaries and expects nothing more than to get a good seeing to.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what you need to do, first let’s run through some simple signs that you should be able to spot with ease:

5 signs she’s becoming obsessive and clingy

1. She invites herself out or comes over unexpectedly

When a woman becomes very comfortable around you and trusts you implicitly, she will then start to mark her man, by following you around like a lost puppy. If you find her inviting herself out (even if you’re with your friends), buying tickets to a show for you and her without asking you first and doing things like you’re a couple. You’re in trouble.

2. She wants to “cuddle” instead of have sex

Uhoooo, this is a big red flag. Unless of course you’re in a serious relationship then this is ok. But if it’s a side chick or fuck buddy, then this is not cool. She should know that your arrangement is sex only and NOT cuddling, instead of sex.

3. She calls and texts you FAR too much

If you get a barrage of texts and calls from her without initiating contact, then you can bet your bottom dollar she’s into you way more than you are into her. She’s heavily invested and now sees you as a potential boyfriend, husband.

4. She says one thing in person and then unleashes a crap load of questions in texts

Girls do this a lot anyway, but it’s something you need to get used to. If she says one thing in person and then something completely different in texts or on the phone, then you can bet she’s into you big time. Things like, “how do you feel about me?”. Ugh, very annoying.

5. She becomes jealous when you’re around other women

Women get jealous, it’s in their nature. But if she knows that your relationship is nothing more than sexual then, she has no reason to be jealous. As soon as you notice this jealousy, then you need to take a step back and set her straight.

How to stop it from happening

Ok, so now you know the signs. Let’s move onto how you can stop this from happening now and in the future with other girls.

1. Lay down the law (boundaries)

You HAVE to set boundaries. Saying something like…

“I think you’re cool and sexy and I really like hanging out with you, but I’m not ready for a relationship right now. If we’re going to continue having fun together, then we need to respect each others boundaries ok?”

Then proceed to say things like… we can only call each other when we need sex, blah blah. Don’t say anything that may make her feel like a slut and make her aware that you’re both using each other.

2. Be brutally honest (expectations)

Being honest with her by setting expectations will make her understand that you’re not boyfriend material and she can just use you for sex when she wants, which is what you also want. Make it very clear that for this type of relationship to work (an open one or straight up fuck buddy) you have to stick to the rules of not doing things that couples would do.

Say to her that you’re not ready for a commitment right now, but you still want to hang out with her and have fun. This is translation for see each other for sex.

3. Don’t string her along

If you get a whiff of her becoming clingy, then you have to cut ties immediately. You can also call her out on it, by saying “Hey, it feels like we’re moving into a relationship and that’s not what I want right now… if you still want to see me and hang out that’s cool, but if you want more than that, then I can’t see you anymore.”

Honesty and laying down the law will get you very far with fuck buddies and girls will not get clingy or obsessive as much as they might do now.

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