What To Do If She Doesn’t Want To See You Again After The First Date

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We’ve all been there… you go on a date with a girl you’ve been texting for a few days (even a few weeks), things are going well… she’s smiling, laughing at your jokes, even touching you and then the night comes to a close… you don’t kiss her or take her home, but agree to meet up again.

You text her that same night “Hey, had a good time tonight… will see you soon.”.

She responds with “Yeah me too, sounds good! x”

Everything is great.

But then… you text her again in a couple of days to see how she is and to arrange another date. But she doesn’t reply.

A few hours go past and you’re a little annoyed that she didn’t reply, but decide not to worry because she’s probably busy.

The next day… nothing…. the day after still NOTHING.

A week goes by and she hasn’t replied to any of your texts. WTF??

This my friends is something called an after date flake and it’s happened to me many times in the past. Right now I want to explain to you why this is happen and most importantly… how to stop it from happening ever again.

Why she most likely doesn’t want to see you again

  • You made it clear you wanted her just for sex: Women like to know that you want to have sex with them because it makes them feel sexy and wanted. However they don’t want to be used like a piece of meat, as they say. This means you need to find the balance between being sexual in a stealth way versus sexual in an egotistical douche bag way.
  • There was no “chemistry” (I.e sexual tension): So guys hear the advice I give above and then completely retract, become introverted almost and project the wrong kind of vibe that women don’t want. You want to get to the point where you’re conversation is so sexually charged that, all you need to do is just look at her and she is giggling or going red in the face because she’s feeling shy.
  • You had no rapport skills: Even with sexual tension, you need to have good rapport skills. If you don’t then you run the risk of becoming very boring and even a little strange. So remember that balance is key here.

How to stop it from happening again

  • Don’t do the usual boring stuff on dates: Stop going to a pub or lame bar that has no action. These are the types of places that women have been taken to on dates for years. So they are VERY bored of them by now. If you take them some place else, it will make a big impact on how they perceive you.
  • Use activities to remove the pressure of conversational topics: Dates that are focused on activities are more fun, interesting and they take the pressure off you being so rigid with questions during the interaction. You can talk about the activity and when you’re not talking, you’ll be doing the actual activity. So it’s great. Thing like go karting, archery, indoor rock climbing etc.
  • Choose comfy areas: Once you have been on your activity date, the best thing to do is to take her to a place that has comfy seats and a good vibe. Like a cool bar. Then you can chill out, build some rapport and amp up the sexual tension.

So that’s it! Simple, remember… she flaked after the date because you were doing everything that other guys do. Focus on being original and she will be attracted to you, I’m assure you.

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