The 18 Things Women Want In A Guy (Interview With A Beautiful Woman)

The elusive question that has been exercising the minds of guys all over the world for many years… what do women want?

Well today I’ve got Lylia with me (back by popular demand) and I’m going to grill her with a bunch of questions so I can found out what it is women really want. This is from the mind of a VERY attractive woman that gets approached by lots of guys, so it’s solid information that you can apply immediately.

What women want…

  • Can we spend time together – When a girl first meets you, for the most part she isn’t just thinking about your looks (although they will to some degree). She’s actually thinking if you’re boyfriend material, her Mr Right, her cheesy knight who will sweep her of her feet like a romantic chick flick.
  • It’s not about the sex – Most girls don’t think about sex initially (some definitely do) but a lot don’t. The want to get to know the REAL you… your passions, wants, needs, desires etc. Guys mostly just think about sex when they first meet a girl, so if you begin thinking like a woman for a moment, you’ll get much further with them.
  • Be a little bit stylish and dress for the occasion – Don’t just wear baggy sweats all day every day, dress up once in a while. If you’re taking a girl out to a fancy restaurant, then were a nice jacket with a smart pressed shirt. Make the effort for her and she will return the effort.
  • Be powerful in the group, but not loud or overzealous – Women like guys who are outgoing, confident, funny and naturally attract good people, you know the energy that some people have. Don’t force the cockiness or confidence, just let it flow naturally.
  • A sense of humour is VERY important – Making women laugh is one of the most powerful forms of attraction that are truly unexplainable in this whole game. It’s like magical seduction juice or something. Do yourself a big favour and read up on comedy writing books, watch standup shows and try to become a funnier guy.
  • Don’t ask a million questions straight away (the standard questions like how old are you?) – Forget the old routine of spit firing questions at the poor girl. Ask her rapport building questions that other guys would never ever ask. What are her passions, likes, interests, hobbies, future, beliefs and values? Get inside her mind.
  • Forget talking about sex in the beginning – Wait until the rapport building stage, when you want to create some sexual tension before you mention anything about sex. Never on the first meet, this is a big no no.
  • Self respect is key – If you have self respect, solid values/beliefs then you won’t be pushed around easily. This is extremely attractive to women, as most guys these days are too easily swayed. They are pushovers, which is a huge turn off.
  • Being passionate about something, anything is better than nothing at all – When you’re talking about a passion, you can go on for hours, losing track of time. This will engage the girl and make her feel interested in what you’re saying. She’ll be drawn into your energy and get wrapped up in the story.
  • Eye contact – Do I really have to mention how important eye contact again? Keep working on eye contact. No matter how hot the girl is, never look away if you feel nervous, she will feel it.
  • The guy needs to be stronger than the girl, emotionally – Not one women will ever say “I really love a guy who’s emotionally weak, is very puppy like and does whatever I say”. They always say “I want a secure, strong and confident man who knows what he wants”. It’s in their DNA, so give it to them!
  • Smelling good can help with building attraction – Grab a few nice smelling colognes and get some feedback from girls on which smells best, it can do wonders for first impressions.
  • Be confident (obviously) – If there’s a moment where you need to be the man (like kissing her) then you have to step up. Don’t pussy out. I know it’s nerve racking and you want to be sick, but just do it. Confidence will get you very VERY far with women.
  • You need to build trust with your new lady… don’t check out other girls when your with her, have respect for her too. Her being jealous of other girls may seem good at the start, but trust me it gets very annoying fast.
  • Being unique with your approach is powerful – Saying something like “you look special and different from other girls” will make her feel as though you are making an effort for her. Sincerity is the overall message you’re sending with a bold gesture.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on meeting up with her, keep the first date or meet up short and sweet to gain trust. When guys create a big buildup about going out with a girl, it puts far too much pressure on her and scares her off. Keep it casual, grab a coffee, a quick lunch.
  • Girls are looking for more than the materialistic – Yes you will come across some girls that like your watch, but you need to avoid these girls at all costs or you’ll be buying them some new shoes and a matching bag when they become your girl. Luckily, most women aren’t materialistic and just want a guy with all the core values of a “real man”.

So there you have it, 18 actionable things you can do right now that women really want in a guy. Easy right?

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  1. Edward Haasch says:

    I enjoyed the input she gave, mostly common sense. I am 70 and widowed for 8 years and spent over $400 on dating sites with no results, nor in personal meetings, like in a store etc. How do I connect with a 25+ woman?
    Your series seems to be keyed to younger men, 50 and below.

  2. be yourself

  3. Darlungton says:

    This is actually unique for me cause I’m trying to figure out a date. I have been Chatting with her in the phone . Probably next month I will be meeting with her lunch. I hope to put this into practice. Thank you

  4. Starstruck, how many times did you and Lilia hit it now? Im guessing once, then twice after this and you tagged a few friends as well, good gettings, this shit works. #Niceguy #Notreallylol

  5. Murray Wilkinson says:

    Great video , really interesting content .
    What a lovely genuine lady , and stunning too ,
    Do you both have any advice for a 50 year old back on the dating scene agin on style (dress sense , don’t want to dress too young ), the effect of having young kids (I have 3)

  6. When I see a pretty woman sitting by herself I often think”this cant be,she’s probably waiting for her boyfriend,husband”,and if U hit on her,how do U react if her boyfriend or husband appears.It’s a bit embarassing situation,cause everyone around sees what’s going on and I guess it’s not easy to try n pull another pickup at the same venue or?

  7. I guess U shouldnt expect anything out of a situation,just look at it as practicing,as a work in progress,plus U should have a good opinion about Urself.
    Also I think U should dress well everyday when U go out and put some cool parfume,basicly dress like U’ll meet the woman of ur dreams,and this will also help with ur confidence cause U know she’ll be looking at U like “this guy has style”.

  8. Barry Guindon says:

    Lylia is a very beautiful lady, I enjoyed hearing what she had to stay. She sound very interesting. Would love to know her.BUT I would probably be the one she dose not talk to. And blows off. And what she said about guys asking her age. That’s one thing you never ask a lady.. thank you for letting me put my 2 cents in….

  9. Hey,i liked the video,cool stuff ben told by both of you. Thanks for sharing the video with us. Respet you all.

  10. Richard, thank you for this. Beyond GOLD. Seems to me that the most important thing we should be working on is our own self worth, self esteem, confidence, call the label what you want. Knowing that your true authentic self is worthy, and like Lylia suggests, more worthy than a silly watch, then everything else flows from there. Good stuff mate!

  11. I really liked what she said, Although a girl shouldn’t expect so much love and emotion from a guy if she is just going to have sex and be off to the next guy that comes her way.

  12. Craig Ghiata says:

    Very cool

  13. What do you do if you want to have freaky sex with a woman, that you know is a freak and you propose to take her to a motel and she says, NO. She likes hanging with me and spending time, when she gets the chance, what should I do and/or say to get her wanting to ripped my clothes off and fuck my brains out?

  14. Great video! Very deep down info inside the mind of a lady.

  15. Great talk… what I would like to know is what happened to the guy who got Lylia’s number? Was there a follow up, did they meet…. any romance? You don’t have to get graphic, but I’d like to know aliitle more of what she experienced, what her expectations on the follow-up were (that is, what she likes or wants, maybe even including what it would take to get her out on that second meet… I mean was it just a simple phone call and “hey, let’s meet for lunch?” or what) It’s not hard to get a number, and often it doesn’t mean much….

  16. Hello, I enjoyed listening to Lilia. My problem is that my wife divorced me about 4 years ago
    and as much as I might like a relationship I feel that I can’t trust women. I’m sixty and semi retired. I have been told that I look to be forty. I don’t feel like going to bars and I feel very young and active to be hanging out with women my age. So….I feel very awkward as to how to figure this out. For me I still feel young and would love to find someone as attractive as Lilia.

  17. redouan says:

    What should i do to stay cool/calm/ collected while speaking to beautiful girls? Grz

    • Doc smith says:

      Lilia brings plain old fashioned common sense to the forefront so readers can ponder from the female perspective exactly what should be foremost in a guys mind when dealing one-on-one in a social setting with a (hopefully) beautiful woman, whether he’s interested in her or not.
      Remember guys, a woman you don’t particularly find really attractive at the moment may be perceived that way for a multitude of reasons, only to really stand out later on for different reasons and if you’ve not shown her proper respect and interest (which includes the all-important criteria of civility and eye contact throughout initial face or verbal intercourse), you will probably miss the opportunity to have a second chance to pick up on exactly the points you missed the first time you were in each others presence. This can be a serious game-changer.
      Remember, the eyes are the windows to a woman’s soul and if you miss the chance to look deep into her soul, you might not ever see that which truly can draw the two of you into a serious soul-mate relationship. Women understand this on the most intimate levels from early formative training with their mothers, aunts, grannies, mentors (at whatever level) and ultimately the peer stratus. We men are constantly involved in a game of catch-up with women, and those who grasp this quickest are those who have the best and deepest success with them, while the rest play games of machismo, bravado, “playuhs” and general miscellaneous, extemporaneous, superfluous b.s. (which real women/ladies immediately flush down the toilet.)
      What this means, guys, is you just struck out on a level she will immediately discard and make sure you never, ever get the chance to rise above and show her exactly what you’re made of.
      Show her you have some class and she will rise to your tease and exhibit the same. Remember, she will not show you more than she thinks you can handle. Therefore, regardless of which direction you want the encounter to head, it’s up to you to make it happen simply by how you treat her from the word “go”.

      Word to the wise: making her a “friend” (i.e. closer acquaintance @ least) will help secure those second, third, etc. chances you really need to be able to see into her soul, thusly enhancing your true success rate with her (or all women!
      One last point: any woman who will shack up with you from word go is not the kind of woman you want for your wife or the mother of your children. Think about it.

    • Darrin Kruschenski says:

      The first thing I,d like to know is where the woman lives. Does the woman live in a area close to me without it being a longdistance. Which long distance relationships don,t work. Sometime my work schedule schedule changes so if a woman lives 15 minutes to 20 minutes away will make it easier if I want to see that woman sometimes .a woman that lives 30 minutes to 55 minutes is considered a long distance especially in the winter months.I wait untrill the third date for sex with a woman.The woman will usually iniseate a move for sex .kissing etc.

    • Patrick Galaguer smith says:

      Yes you must to be very calmed …!! In that time you woman is all that matter is most …! Think that she is all you want..’cos she really needs U…love her now and forever ..”!! Bye.™

    • Chris Meng says:

      Now I know how to confront ladies from this video, i love it.

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