What’s The Point In Learning Game, When You Can Just Sleep With A Prostitute?

I see this topic as being a touch taboo with some men in the community, which is all the more reason to discuss it. While some guys believe that there’s nothing wrong with paying a prostitute to sleep with them, others are disgusted by the thought and think it’s an easy way out.

To be honest, when you’re first starting out in game… you’re going to be tempted. I mean, would you rather approach a 100 women in a sweaty, overcrowded, loud club and hope that one of them takes to your newbie skills as a wannabe seducer?

Or, would you rather pay for a pro, who will come to your place, give you exactly what you want for an hour and boom you’re done?

Before I get into my view on prostitutes, I first want to show you an email I received last week from a somewhat frustrated and desperate guy, who was in favour of hiring a pro over spending hours, days, weeks and months learning game.

Subject: Why not just pay for it?

Hey Richard,

I came across your book The Natural at the airport a few weeks back when I was on my travels. It’s an interesting read I have to say. The one thing that struck me though, was the amount of effort it takes to be the kind of guy that can seduce women (like yourself) over a guy who’s just a natural.

I’m not a player or anything, but I’ve slept with my fair share of women over the years, mostly in other countries though. But I’d say that at least 40% of the women I’ve had sex with were prostitutes.

Which leads me to my question. Why not just pay for sex, instead of going through all the effort of changing the way you look, sound, act, etc? It’s understandable if you’re a guy who’s been bullied, is overweight, ugly, broke and a virgin, sure he should work on himself to get better with women.

But if you’re like me, a normal dude, with normal looks (not ugly or very handsome) a decent job (teaching language to students online) and a love for traveling, it’s really easy to get laid for free with normal girls. But even so, I still pay for it. I don’t see what the big deal is. I want to get laid, but I’m too lazy to put the work in at a bar, so I pay a pro, bust a nut and I’m gone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks bud.


Interesting email right?

So several things stood out to me from what this guy wrote.

  • He travels a lot
  • He has a decent job which frees up time from a normal 9-5 job
  • He doesn’t seem to have any mental blocks or issues

Let’s dissect each point:

1. Traveling

Whatever your age, looks, income or ethnicity… you WILL get laid if you travel. Why? Because you’re a minority in a country that has a native majority. Granted you will have to put some effort in. By that I mean, going out during the day, being sociable, going out at night, opening girls that you’re attracted to, escalating etc.

But you’ll find it to be a whole lot easier than if you were to do exactly the same thing in your home town, where you grew up.

The point I’m trying to get at? You NEED to travel more. My advice is to go somewhere where the sex flows more freely, like the UK, US, Sweden and Norway. Girls in these places are very open to one night stands and it won’t take you long to find a willing horny subject.

2. A decent job

Now a decent job is relative really. My idea of a decent job is something that you somewhat enjoy (hopefully love) get paid well for and aren’t tied down by long hours. This guy said he teaches languages online, which is just awesome. It means that all he needs is a laptop and internet connection, which leaves him totally free to do whatever the hell he likes.

Naturally, his happiness and confidence will be higher than a guy who works in a restaurant 6 days a week, 8 hours a day and only has 1 day off on a Sunday to unwind and work on his game.

3. Mental blocks

Most guys who get into game have serious mental objections that have been whizzing around in their head for years, even decades. Since childhood and right up to adulthood.

You have to address these issues first before learning game. It’s the inner game part and will help you to speak more clearly, project your voice, stand with confident body language, touch women correctly, deal with shit tests and think like an alpha male that women want.

This guy clearly didn’t have any mental blocks and was quite happy in how he is living his life.

So back to the point of this post…

What’s the point in learning game, when you could just pay for a prostitute?

My view on this is simple

I don’t have any moral issues with guys paying for sex, but if you’re using prostitutes as a way of masking the fact that you’re bad with women, then you never had a clear goal in mind and you’re never going to be any good with women.

You could fly to Thailand right now and live like a king for barely any money at all. You could sleep with multiple prostitutes every day if you wanted to and have all the sex you ever wanted. But do you think that will make you happy/fulfilled or just instant gratification?

Exactly, it’s going to gratify you in the moment, you’re still going to be the same dude after sex with a pro.

Stick to learning game and don’t look at it as “too much effort”. Think of it as a must in your life.

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