Why Can’t I Get 8’s Or Above? (Question From A Reader)


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Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re settling for women? Maybe you’re just picking up the scraps because you’re too scared to approach the stunners? In today’s post I explore those questions and answer one of my readers, who’s frustrated with getting the same “average” girls again and again.

Let’s get into it!

Reader’s question

Hey Richard,

I’ve been following your material for about a year now and I love it. However I think I’ve reached a point in my game that needs to be improved and I just don’t know how to do it. If you can, please help! Because it’s driving me freakin mad.

So my game has been improving steadily for the past 2 years. Dramatically over the past year since applying your techniques that I read in The Natural. I’d say I’m regularly sleeping with 1 to 2 women a week. Some are new, some are f**k buddies. But there hasn’t been a week where I haven’t gotten laid for about a year, which is great :)

Anyway, my question is this… how can I get hotter women? I’m always having sex with girls who are 6’s and 7’s. Depending on how drunk I am, I’d even go for a 5. But for some reason, I’m just not happy doing that any more. I feel empty and depressed after having sex, like I’m just doing it for the sake of doing it.

I’m not trying to sound like whiney little bitch, because I know there’s some guys out there have been years without getting laid, but I’ve reached a level now where I need to step up my game and start getting 8’s or above. I want STUNNERS! I want to be able to wake up in the morning next to a beautiful woman and smile because I’m finally (consistently) banging the women of my dreams.

How can I do this??


My response

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for getting in touch! I know exactly where you’re coming from and had the same problem myself a few years back. I wanted to sleep with super models and couldn’t seem to hold the attention of a beautiful woman for more than a few minutes, let alone sleep with them, plus I was sleeping with “average” women just like you in the beginning.

Firstly I want to say this… don’t panic. Just relax for a minute and think about how much sex you’re getting right now. You’re in the top 10% if you’re getting laid like you say you are. Remember that not many men get laid with new girls consistently. They either have a girlfriend for several years, or just don’t game. So count yourself fortunate.

Secondly, I’ve got just what you need. But you need to promise me that you’re going to follow through with everything I say with serious dedication, are you with me?

If you shouted YES at the computer screen, then let’s get into it…

1. Get core confidence

There’s a type of confidence that all men SHOULD have, but just don’t. It’s the truest type of confidence that you can have. I’m not talking surface level confidence. I’m talking to your core. Where you don’t care what others think of you, their words and thoughts mean nothing to you. Rejection doesn’t do anything to your self esteem, because you value yourself too much.

Notice I said value yourself and not her? Think of it like you’re giving hot women 20% of the value they need and then keeping 80% for yourself. Meaning you’re doing what you want to do most of the time. Most guys give 90%+ to hot women which displays neediness and low confidence. Something all women HATE.

2. Push your mental limits

There’s a little voice in your head that is saying “She’s too hot, don’t bother” or “You can’t get her dude, way of your league”. This voice will never go away, I still have it in my head today. But here’s the thing I realised early on. That little voice doesn’t control you, it’s just there like an annoying negative friend or a bully in school.

If you let that voice win, it WILL control you. But if you do what you know is right by taking action, then that voice can scream and shout all it likes, it will never win. The next time you see a hot girl walking down the street and that voice says “Don’t do it, she’s far too hot” just do it anyway.

3. Treat each girl the same

Many many men do this because we are visual creatures. The more attractive a woman is, the more value we give them (time, energy, love, money, respect etc). This is the wrong way to do things. The next time you meet an 8, 9 or 10, I need you to treat the same as you would a 5.

Resist the urge to be needy, resist the urge to be compliant and man the fuck up. Because I assure you, these women can get whatever they want from men, so when they meet a guy that is not phased by their looks, it gets them attracted.

4. Approach on auto-pilot

It’s imperative that you start creating good habits in your life. Those good habits will lead to amazing opportunities further down the line. One of those good habits is approaching only hot women. When you step foot into a night club, fancy bar or even the park during the day… I need you to start approaching the hottest women in there. The ones that are turning heads.

Even if you don’t fancy them 100%. Just approach. Reason being is because you are building that mental muscle of approaching the finest women and being that fearless guy they all love. The rush you get from approaching a model or stunningly beautiful woman is unexplainable.

5. Don’t relent… keep aiming higher

As a wise player once said “No matter how hot a girl is, some guy somewhere is tired of fucking her” and that could not be more accurate. What I mean is, even though you think you might have met a perfect 10, I guarantee you there’s a hotter girl out there. You have to keep approaching, gaming and closing as many stunners as you can.

That’s it dude! Everything you need to get hotter women starting today. Oh and do me a favour. Don’t go back to your old ways of speaking to average women, push yourself and get the hot girls that you really deserve.

Best of luck,

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