Why Do Feel The Need To Be Needy? Seriously It’s Preventing You From Getting Laid…

Bombarding women with attention is something that quickly becomes tiresome for them and drops you straight in the friend zone without even so much as a goodbye.

Women love attention, they thrive off it… but when it comes to feeling attraction for a guy, neediness is always the poison that kills off any attraction whatsoever.

For example, have you ever gotten a girls number and thought to yourself “Holy crap, she’s a smokeshow!! I lucked out!” then after days of trying to get her out on a date, she blows you off and the communication just fizzles out?

Most of us have and I guarantee you that the reason she blew you off/flaked was simply because you displayed the needy side of your personality that made her lose any attraction she had for you in the beginning.

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What neediness stems from

Being needy stems from insecurity. You’re insecure at your core and that filters through to how you act around hot women. When you see a confident guy with a smoking hot girl, he doesn’t put her on a pedestal or think she’s unattainable… he actually treats her like any other girl.

Even if she isn’t hot, she can still bring out the neediness in you if she plays a little hard to get and you don’t know how to game properly.

Work on your self confidence and do whatever you can to constantly speak to only the most attractive women in every room. This will ensure that you get used to hot chicks and you won’t give off any needy vibes.

How guys are needy towards women

There are several ways in which guys can be needy towards women, maybe you’ve done some of them yourself before… I bet you have!

  • Calling multiple times either if she hasn’t picked up or not leaving enough space during the last call between calling again.
  • Adding them as a friend on Facebook after just meeting them, this is just creepy.
  • Texting multiple times, without any response.
  • Over texting, so you’re texting her 2 or 3 times to her 1 response. Also writing way more than she does.
  • Emailing in an overly flirtatious way, maybe she’s a work colleague or something.
  • Waiting for her while she smokes outside when you don’t even smoke!
  • Waiting for her outside the ladies toilets each time she goes (yes I’ve actually seen this happen).
  • Asking her if she likes you as much as you like her. This can come from a genuine place, but it’s still very needy. You can tell when a girl likes you, you don’t always need to verbalise it.

How to STOP being needy (so girls feel more attraction)

So you get the idea of how most guys (including you) can be needy, but how to avoid it? How do you become the James Deen character around 9’s and 10’s? Well it’s pretty easy actually, but you need to practice… a lot. Otherwise you will easily slip back into needy little bitch mode.

1. Don’t bombarde her with compliments

Rapid fire complaints will make you look like a chump. One genuine compliment every once in a while is fine and the less you give, the more weight each compliment will have. But if you constantly say “You look pretty” or “I’m so lucky to be out with you…” then you’re an idiot.

2. Don’t text her long open ended questions

Texting is an art these days, but one rule of thumb that you want to follow is… you should stop sending loooooooong open qneded questions in texts to girls. Save that stuff for when you meet her, she’s busy and doesn’t have time to be messing around writing an SA back to you. Keep them short, funny and interesting.

3. Don’t ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to do

Never ask girls where they want to go or leave it up to them to decide. Women like strong men (yes even in the crazy radical feminist times we live in) who make the choice for them and make a suggestion. So saying something like “Let’s go here, you like Mexican food right?”. Way better than, “Erm… I’m not sure, what do you like, I’ll do that”.

4. Get more options

When you have a hot girl and no other options, that my friend can spell DOOOOOOM. You have to get yourself some more options. Hot fiends, fuck buddy’s, anything that will help you take your mind of the girl you really like. The more you like a particular girl, the more you will be open to screwing things up instead of playing it cool.

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