Killer Wingman Tips: How To Approach Girls With A Wingman Or Wingwoman

I get a lot of guys asking me for wingman tips because they either have a friend who is terrible with women that they want to kinda train up… or they ARE the wingman who sucks whilst their friend is doing well in set.

So today I want to run you through a few basic wingman tips that will teach you how to approach girls who are in a group (either mixed or all women).

Sound good?

Cool let’s get on with it…

Why guys screw up as wingmen

The biggest mistake most guys make when approaching girls in a group with a wingman is… they always approach together. This is SOOOOO dumb.

Not only will the girls feel threatened by you both approaching at the same time, you will also run into the issue of the conversation drying up quickly because one person is talking while the others listen, placing pressure on that one interaction.

I’m gonna show you how to stop that from happening below.

Should you use a wingwoman?

In a word. Yes.

I would recommend that you use both a wingman and a wingwoman. Not at the same time, just go out separately and run some game.

Women are AMAZING at approaching and talking to other women, because they are non threatening. They can approach one girl, a group of girls and even a mixed set where there are tons of guys and still help you get that one girl.

To be honest, I use a wingwoman almost every time I go to a club now, it’s just much easier and helps tremendously with social proof.

How to approach a girl in a group with a wingman or wingwoman

  • Always approach separately – Send your wingwoman in or approach the girls yourself first, never ever approach girls at the same time. This will minimise conversation dry up.
  • Introduce your friend – After 1 minute of talking, if the girls look relaxed… bring your friend in.
  • Don’t focus on your friend – Hold eye contact with the girls after you introduce your friend and keep chatting the the one you like.
  • Break it in two – Make sure your wing carries on a new conversation with one girl while you talk to yours, so you’re having two separate conversations. It’s much harder for the girls to lose interest and walk off.
  • Send in the wingwoman – Ask your wingwoman to approach the girl you like, give some compliments (Ooo I like your bag, shoes etc).
  • Have a code – Yep, sounds geeky but it works. You need to have a code so you and your wing know what’s going on. For example you stand in front of the girl you like so your wing knows she’s yours, you know went to extract the girl, when things are drying up etc.

Conclusion on wingman tips

So there you have it, some easy to use wingman tips that I use every time I go out to a club or bar. Don’t rely too much on your wingman, it needs to be a part of your game… not your entire game.

As always, leave your comments below…

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  1. If I go in at first, how should I open that group of girls?

  2. Hey,
    I was wondering, when you are trying to pick up a girl whos with a friend and you are using a wingwomen, how are you supposed to take the girl home or be with her alone in the bar for a while because eventually the conversation between your wingwomen and her friend will come to an end and her friend will want to be with her and interrupt the conversation between us and make it difficult to bring her home. It would be awesome if you could send me some solutions!

    • Yo,
      One thing girls love to do is chat(especially about girly stuff), so that part is easy. Suggest going back to someone’s place(preferably one of the girls), so the whole atmosphere is more comfortable.

    • Wingman or wingwoman should not make a difference. Regardless who it is should understand your intentions. If you seeking help on how to get your target alone for more one-on-one time, there are sugestions at a popular pua forum that I have heard of. I dont have any on the top of my head. I wish you luck.

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