Do Women Owe Men Sex If He Pays On The First Date? [VIDEO]

Two questions are more important today in our fickle dating society, than ever before:

Does the man pay on the first date or do you split it? And most recently, a more heated question has arisen… If he pays, do you owe him sex?

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That’s what I want to talk about today and both questions will be answered in the video below (scroll down to watch it).

Not only that, but I’m going to touch on double standards that women like to cling onto when the first date happens.

But first… I know what you’re thinking.

Your first thought might be (if you’re a woman): “F**k no, it’s my body and I’m not a prostitute, I don’t owe him anything”.

That’s a fair comment.

But… it’s a delusional one.

By saying that, you’re either not understanding the dynamics of dating or you’re turning a blind eye to the inherent behavioural genes we have been blessed with by evolution.

In the dating game between men and women, there’s something called the value exchange

Sexual market value

What’s your value on the “sexual marketplace”?

Women are more valuable than men when it comes to the “sexual market place” and so have more options than a man does.

Her body is her weapon, she is desired by men based on how attractive she is.

The hotter the girl, the more attention and options she has.

They can take their pick, reject men if they want and choose whomever they want to have sex with.

Rightly so I say! More power to you.

However, women are also limited by time.

They “expire” quicker than men if you will.

I can feel the overweight purple haired Oreo eating feminists raging already.

Anyway back to my point…

When YOU, a woman, accept a date with a man, you have a choice whether you want to sleep with him at the end of that date.

But in this game of “value exchange” that dating is built upon, you need to understand that you can’t abuse the power you may have over some men, by allowing them to pay for an entire date (food, bowling, movie… whatever) and then not give them anything in return.

That makes you a cheap heartless bitch.

How dating used to be vs right now

Couple dancing vs Tinder/pizza

Ahhh… the good old days of dating.

Back in the old days, dating was simple.

The guy would always make the first move.

He would also always pay and the girl would eventually have sex with him.

She wouldn’t lead him on, make him pay for various things and then ditch him. These were the days when men and women assumed traditional roles.

The man understood what he had to do and the woman did too. No guessing or confusion.

Also, there wasn’t any using and abusing.

Nowadays, we’ve turned into a “micro dating” society of unfaithful daters (more so women than men) which has caused mass confusion on both sides.

Leaving women feeling as though it’s ok to get as many freebies as she wants, because she feels that the guy is lucky to be out on a date with her.

Yeah right… gimme a break.

Like this for example, the craze that “entitled” women thought up to take advantage of horny dudes… “The Tinder Pizza Challenge”:

Pizza Tinder challenge

When desperate women prey on stupid horny men.

Men are confused about what they should be doing these days, because they don’t know what to really do anymore.

Everything they say could be turned against them.

They could run the risk of being labelled as a dick, too aggressive, old school, a f*kboy, weirdo or even too nice.

Women on the other hand are confused as to why they can’t find Mr right which they completely deserve to find (haha only joking).

I’m being sarcastic of course. If you’re a woman reading this and you firmly believe that you deserve to find Mr Right. You know… that one guy who’s going to sweep you off your feet?

You’re an idiot.

Firstly you don’t DESERVE anything and secondly, there is no perfect guy out there, so wake up and stop believing what your daddy told you about boys princess.

So who pays on the first date? [VIDEO]

In the video below, you’re going to see two things:

  1. Desperate women who are still carrying the same delusional beliefs around with them that they’ve had for years.
  2. Double standards as far as the eye can see… it’s really quite amazing actually.

So as you can see in this video, the majority of the women in the audience say that men SHOULD pay.

The crazy lady asking the question even goes one further and says… “He’s supposed to pay if we’re dating”.

What… the… f**k kind of fantasy world are you women living in?

This is not the 1950’s anymore ladies.

So this leads me onto the next question…

Do you owe him sex if he pays?

YES. Absolutely.

Without question, you owe him sex.

He’s given you value by paying for the date and being a gentleman, now it’s your turn to give him what he wants. Sex.

If you don’t agree with that, then you were not brought up correctly by your parents. It’s as simple as that.

But what if you don’t find him attractive? Or there wasn’t a “spark” on the date?

Then YOU pay half or don’t accept the date in the first place. Simple.

Money equals sex... right?

It’s simple logic really.

Now, let me make something clear.

You don’t have to have sex with him on the first date.

In fact, I wouldn’t expect any girl with some level of decency and morals to sleep with me on the first date. (But here’s the science behind why it happens).

But you should sleep with him at some point.

Otherwise, you’re just taking him for a ride and using men for their money.

If you’re happy doing that then you really should be a sugar baby or professional escort.

The last thing I want to touch on is the double standards that women have in today’s society…

Think women have it worse than men when it comes to double standards? Think again…

Oh look… more blatent double standards from women.

Whether you ladies want to admit it or not, us men have some terrible double standards thrown our way and we never say a thing.

These are the ones we face most on the first date.

I don’t have any moneyIt’s cool.The man should always pay. Daddy said that to meLooks like I’m staying in then
I’m socially awkwardI can just sit and look pretty, no biggieShe’ll lose interest or think I’m weird, I’m so screwed
I don’t have much confidenceHe’s the man, he should ask me out and make the first move anywayShe’s never going to make the first move, so I’m f**ked
I’m not funnyHe should make me laugh, I don’t need humour, I’m still prettyShe will get bored quickly, unless I entertain her
I just rejected him/herHe wasn’t the right guy for me. Too short, boring, nervous etc. There will be many moreIf I reject her, she’s going to think I’m gay or something
I really want to have sexI’m a strong independent woman and can sleep with whoever I want. He won’t say no, he’s a manDo I ask her or do I go with it and hope she doesn’t say no?

Let Me Know What You Think…

So there you have it, my reasons why I think women owe men sex if he pays, either on the first date or any date after that.

Let me know your thoughts below…

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  1. PuaSimjay says:

    This is one of the best articles ever written and its so true I have experienced and seen alot of this first hand, yet women claim they want fairness between the sexes feminism, yea only when it apply s on their side of the bargain.

  2. There’s an error.. Your article ends with “Whether you ladies want to admit it or not, us men have some terrible double standards thrown our way and we never say a thing.
    These are the ones we face most on the first date.”

    and then this is below that:
    [table “6” not found /]

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