World’s Best Ever Live Pick Up Video (by Yad)

Watch the video above, it’s absolutely killer!

One of the biggest things we work on in our bootcamps is dispelling the myth that it takes “7 hours” to move things forward with a girl.

Yad (the guy in the video!) pulls off instant kisses in just minutes and often just takes the girls home right then and there.

I’m more of a night-game guy myself, but I usually take things open to close in under an hour!

The biggest thing for you to take out of this video is that almost anything is possible with women..very, very quickly.

The key to believing is actually seeing it with your own to eyes. And then getting the results for yourself.

Hopefully this video really helps you out and expands your reality.

And if you think the video is good wait until you see the stuff that is part of our Best Deal Ever. If you don’t know, that’s where you can get our 4 best ever programs (worth $700) for just a buck! Here it is.


Rich (Gambler)

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  1. Go easy on the hyberbole (‘world’s best ever live pick-up video’). Really? Any even remotely objective support for the statement?

    You don’t believe it either. Why? ‘Hopefully this video will help you…’ Does this sound like someone who believes?

    Good luck (I mean it). Keep it real.

  2. Okay that was cool!

  3. By the large volume of comments here, it seems that this article did it’s job and got people stirred up. Hey, at least it’s generating a conversation. That’s always a good thing.

  4. I am really impressed with the quality of your blog. It is easy to determine that you are fervent about your writing. If I had your writing ability, I know I would be successful. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to more updates.

  5. First, it's creepy. Second, Russian women are more open than the western women – I've experienced this, it's a very hilaroius after a bogus talk. Third, he should have touched and then kissed that girl in the beggining but he was too stiff. Unfortunately, we men are like that sometimes.

  6. mygenitalsyourmouth says:

    That was awesome.

  7. IM RUSSIAN so i know that majority of the Russian girls are SLUTS. They really are. You know how easy is for us to pick them up? Buy a bear bring it over chat for 2 min and shes all urs

  8. My goodness there must be something to this pua stuff if such boring conversation can produce that result! Ironically despite effectively being a promotional video, it is actually saying there is no game, except just be cool and laid back when approaching. His body language was dire, he has a face like a joiner's nailbag, his conversation sucks, and he STILL pulled her! With the right attitude, anything is possible…

  9. Reflex,in the beginning he says, "I just saw you and I love your style. It's so cool." I can't hear everything he says right after that but he launches into talking about her dress, specifically about the designs on it. I've used this line before which nearly always gets the girl's attention but have not followed through in conversation as successfully as Yad does.

    Before he kisses her he says, "Do you know how you said it's crazy for two people to, like, kiss in the street?" I don't recall hearing them talking about that earlier, so if somebody could point that out, that would be great. There does seem to be a part of the recording edited out right before she asks Yad what he was doing prior to their meeting, so we may not be seeing every bit of the interaction.

  10. my god , how did he do that????????

  11. What is he saying in the very beginning? I cant hear the whole first question….he says"

    YAD: "Excuse me, sorry, can I tell you something ??????????"

  12. Yes, it’s true that girls on vacation and those from certain Eastern European countries are more open, but that still doesn’t mean they’re going to give anyone the time of day. I think this girl is beautiful and I don’t even go for girls that skinny.

    For everyone that criticized Yad’s conversation, he clearly did a lot of things right and even consistent with prior classic PUA material. First, he was nicely teasing her about not really remembering Anastasia, wearing a top with a Russian dolls design while claiming she wasn’t that into certain Russian things, and how she didn’t get the fist “hand-shake” right. Each of those times she giggled.

    Second, he found a lot of things to talk about concerning Russia off the top of his head which probably made her feel comfortable. Women love when you compliment them sincerely on their clothes, which was his opener, then he was able to link it with her Russian heritage and go off on that. When that waned, he asked for her name then turned that into a conversation too.

    Third, as someone mentioned, he stood directly facing her which is recommended with day game. Although he did not touch her at first, he pointed closely at the doll designs on her outfit which I think WAS communicating sexual tension early on. Getting her to repeatedly do the fist “hand-shake” was another kino. Mostly, he seems very calm and cool. I think him repeatedly touching his nose was unplanned and that he likely has allergies (I’m in the medical profession).

    Fourth, and I love this one, when she says she’s afraid of him, he says, “You’re not afraid holding my hands, right?” She’s not so that makes her feel more calm. When she again hesitates about kissing him, he says, “It would be so f’in cool.” She can’t disagree with that either. Brilliant way of getting her into a positive state quickly.

    She stands facing him the whole time and touches her hair a lot (and along with the giggling) which are IOI’s.

    The impression that he’s not that good-looking and has scraggly hair should give people not less but more encouragement.

    This really is inspiring.

  13. G-Magno says:

    Don't forget the surprise factor!!!

    It's not like every guy on the street is going to do that… besides he's being nice, fun n' exciting…

  14. your right adam its waaay over analysed, ive seen Yad in action and the thing is hes just comfortale being him. i had some awesome training from him the other weekend, and he does his thing and it works amazingly well. the girl in the video was pretty enough but on the day i spent with him, he was "gaming"/ chatting up some fkn hot women, and this HOT chick closed HIM with her business card, later found out she was miss trinidad and tobago lol

    word of advice to you keyboard jockeys, go out and try it yourself!

  15. I don't understand how anybody can criticise Yad for having bad body language or talking shit about the girl or how sloppy it was or whatever… I doubt any of you guys are as good as he is, and if he really did do as much wrong as you guys say he did, he wouldn't have kissed a girl in the middle of the street. I guess people analyse this shit too much…
    Anyway this video is awesome. I hope we can see more soon :)

  16. Not sure about this video. She looks remarkably like a very charming girl I knew 2 years ago who worked as a waitress in a cafe for a year or more near the Strand. Same hair, same everything. She said her name was Lena, and that she was from Belarus.

  17. that was good one!! =)

  18. MacMeister says:

    That was amazing!
    You got a nummber and kiss closed!!
    VERY impressive!!

  19. Dominantleader says:

    All of the guys flaming this guy are fags to begin with.

    they're brainwashed by this feminist society…

    this guy does what most people cannot and you are envious

    The main reasons this guy succeeded are the following:

    1. He actually liked the girl for real

    2. He projected a sexual state to her

    3. He had balls and was comfortable during the conversation

    all you haters are gay and shouldn't even be watching this video

    Other comments:

    Daytime conversation usually isn't that interesting and doesn't have to be

    The picking the nose thing was a way of communicating a SLIGHT distraction

    The guy had nothing communicating that he had money…so to say that it was she was a money hungry russian girl is stupid…and most russian girls are attractive even if they come from a poor economy

    The kiss close was a result of his confidence and not personality so once again the fact that it was a boring convo has nothing to do with anything

    Finally the body language was GREAT when you go direct you don't do body rocking…I KNOW because I only game direct now and body rocking or turning ur body to the side is INCONGRUENT w a direct opener and the whole conversation was DIRECT…little to no teasing and many non-needy IOI'S

    My friend would try direct by facing his body away and at the same time tell the girl she was cute but it was wierd because if you are interested why are you facing away from her

    For those of you who know nothing about direct game, in direct game:

    1. You face directly toward the girl

    2. You lean in slightly or more depending on the strength and directness of your opener

    3. Telling amazing and interesting stories isn't required in direct game

    That's all I got

  20. My favourite PickUp video EVER! I like the way Yad is just happy and unflustered by it all. He had a sort of calming presence, very Buddha -like .Teasing the girl about loads of stuff was good. Kiss close in the middle of a busy street. Awesome

  21. Good confidence,I liked the way u went with the flow eventho those were boring topics.
    Your body language was horrible, I get the fact that you were being filmed, but that was the worst body language ever seen.
    you could talk and lean on that building that was so close to you, body lamguage was horrible, so 70% of ur game was practicaly lost. the 30% left just added to your luck.
    Nice kiss close tho

  22. also by running away from problems one will get into a habit of running away everytime something bad happens for like forever.

    and most people who appear to be 'normal' and 'cool' just do the same things over and over again as to never have a disagreeable experience.

    and also when one just does it. afterwards its like ah that wasnt so bad.

  23. and also i find that people pretend to never have had any awkward embarrassing experiences. but its just that when people do they like to wipe it out from their memory.

    and also i find that after youve been through disagreeable experiences with people it actually paradoxically bonds you close to them.

    also by chilling out ones body language other people chill out to. its all about leading and everyone wants to be led. people dream about that child hood state where everyone did everything for you but that state is long gone.

  24. i swear to gosh ive had like a billion embarrassing experiences

    but there is a curious liberation from just sitting it out and just keeping going.

    because like there have been billions of times where ive had the most disagreeable experiences. but when i went through it it was no longer a big deal and by going through the issue it means it is no longer an issue.

    if one runs away then one doesnt overcome an issue and it still stays there. if you do it once you do it forever!

  25. MSchumacher says:

    Hey Yad – great work on the video. please can we see some more posts from you and in-field approaches and closes etc. Would be great to hear more about you.

  26. I'm russian and I kiss-closed a hotter girl in Russia three times faster. Fail.

  27. WOW. Freaking amazing. I just got heavily into this stuff a bit ago, and if I could do THAT, man, that is inspirational.

  28. Andy Yosha says:

    Any one thinking this video is fake just hasn't met Yad and seen him in action for themselves ;)

    The guy is a legend – I have learnt so much from him over the last year. Anyone picking apart things he's DOING, are missing the most important thing – how he's BEING.

  29. that was cool, uhm whoever said there was no kino involved? there WAS kino involved, just very subtly, the london knuckle clash thing he was doing. im pretty sure that counts in a way right?

    that was pretty impressive, but i couldnt help but laugh when the camera wouldnt stop zooming in and out when they were making out.

    pervy camera man, i felt like a perv watching that zoom in and out make out scene hahaha.

  30. You can't make it out bcos it is the MOST amazing pick up ever…erm what am I saying this video is FAKE

  31. btw what does he say when approaching? can't make it out on the vid

  32. nice.. but Yad kisses like a fish :))

  33. I think E-J needs to stop crying,

  34. This was AWESOME!!! Yad is my hero! Thanks for sharing! Inspires! Makes me want to get on the bootcamp!

    And she was well educated Russian girl, so good point in the comment abowe.

  35. I'm a bit disappointed by all that nonsense in the comments regarding poor Russians looking for Visas to come to western europe.
    She's Russian, and from Moscow (the most expensive city in the world). She's in London for holidays, that means she's not too poor either.
    She's pretty by western standards, but just in the average by Russian standards. Anyway she'd probably be approached by a few boys in Russia as well on the street. Just that in her culture if she thinks she likes a guy she doesn't see why she should be so fool to miss the opportunity for a kiss or a good time out with him. I wished all girls in europe were like that… however good job Yad!

  36. Web hosting Brisbane says:

    These site is very interesting. Its another nice video. thanks for sharing it.

  37. Congrats for Yad! He needs to have guts to ask for a kiss in the street.. But still, this girl was SUPER easy. As soon as she gives him her hands it's all said and done. I wouldn't say it's fake, it can well happen!

  38. @Crush It's called v good marketing and the exploitation of vulnerable people. Not saying Gambler has an ulterior motive but lets be honest…The people who buy into this stuff are suckers and the girls we are told to target are weak/vulnerable/low value themselves…This isn't a attack on Gambler or this website but all other PUA groups do advocate a set routine that manipulates the emotions of women.

  39. Gambler… are you the Derren Brown of the PU world… whats your real secret?! you must have a special power! there is something fundamentally different about you!

  40. Not trying to knock this guys achievement…But how do we know this video hasn't been faked/stage managed?? There is no kino…not great body language…and he still managed to k close on a busy street in the day.

  41. Wow ! what a splendid kiss on the road. Doing well to share such video.

  42. Although to be fair I imagine a lot of the problems I mentioned above were made worse by knowing he'd on camera. It will be interesting to see if in future videos whether he has this same problems or whether it's purely being being unused to being filmed. Respect though for giving a go.

  43. Opening: weak and beta needed more enthusiasm and confidence.

    Body language: remained weak hoping from leg to leg playing with face needs to stand still take up some space and not play with his hair and face because it looks nervous.

    Chat: uninspired how he hooked this I don't know but he should have found a topic that got her excited and maybe some of her enthusiasm might have rubbed off and made him more animated.

    Voice/expressions: Portraying little to no emotion bar the end, needs more animation in face and voice see Hussey videos

    Close: this is the only part done well and is the only point of the video worth showing he escalates not amazingly but confidently thus proving you can push boundaries even in a lifeless set with minimum comfort and zero attraction.

    Conclusion: This just proves that it's always worth trying your luck but a decent PUA would have had her locked in his world long before he tried for the close thus not relying on luck.

    Google Keys to the VIP with Cajun and watch a PUA who has his shit together admittedly using some routines but lacking all the weak parts Yad had in this video

  44. I recreated this kiss-close on thursday night after 2 minutes at a bus-stop just off leicester square whilst waiting to go home. When you say 'hey, wouldn't it be hilarious if we make out right now in the street?' you're actually making it pretty easy for the girl to agree to it: it's not like you're saying 'I'm needy, sleep with me' you're saying 'hey, this would be awesome, let's do it together'.

  45. haha Pocket, that's funny! yes I do the exact same IOI forcing with cabs as I do with girls. Works pretty well on cabs too!

  46. I really enjoyed this video very much. The secret was in the end of video.

  47. Nice kiss close!!

    Liked the way he kino escalated with the fist knock thing about half way through the video. Then toward the end holding his hands out and making her take them. And then just telling her to kiss him at the end was great. Awesome.

    The thing I saw that I didn't like was that in the first 3 minutes he was fidgeting alot – scratching his nose several times, playing with his hair a couple times. He even sticks his finger in his ear at the 1:10 mark!!

    But it didn't matter, though, because everything else he did was powerful. Great looking girl, too. Nice job, bro!!

  48. Guys, you are all missing the point. He had the FREAKING BALLS man, and that's what it takes. He believed so greatly it would work so it did
    Congrats and respect!

  49. Pocket Square says:


    Dude, I saw you gaming out on your own in LSQ a week ago ! You kissed and dropped off this HB at the tube station , then when she left you were punching the air in joy ! ahaha it was so funny to watch …. and that thing where you point at a girl to get her attention … YOU USE IT TO STOP TAXI CABS AS WELL !! HAHA GENIUS !!

  50. to everyone who keeps posting here that yad's pickup doesn't follow the old school rules of pickup, consider this-

    maybe the 'old school' laws/axioms of PUA are INCORRECT

    just because a bunch of guys in the 90's claimed that there were certain rules doesnt mean the were set in stone.

    shit, people used to think the world was flat..

    Maybe the stuff these guys are doing is BETTER than all that old school shit. maybe the results the old school pua stuff aren't as good as everyone thinks – maybe people are a bit too gullible and think that the stuff in the game was true, just because style said it was..


    you can nit pick all day but what i see here is a guy making out with a complete stranger.

    in my mind, results = success.

    i dont know about the results from the old school stuffl ike negs etc. its all claims from books and a bucnh of guys who have never proven themselves.

    anyways, props to to you guys at pua training for actually getting results.

    im loving all the videos of you guys please keep them coming.

  51. simarshall says:

    y'know just say the following are true;
    The girl was looking for a meal ticket.
    She wasn't that hot (are we watching the same video, she is gorgeous).
    Yad used poor technique.
    say this is all true, its still a great video. If it gets one guy thinking this could work for me or to even consider having a go at day game, it was worth posting. Thing is, most of the hot girls you see walking down the street aren't with an equally attractive male, they are with a sub-Yad (no offence Yad) bibble who probably managed to snare her just because they had the confidence (ignorance of self worth) to ask her out. nice work Yad, look forward to more posts.

  52. she was definatly a pretty hot chick…especially for a ginger!

    to all the haters out there…instead of micro-analysing everything he does or doesnt do, grab your own balls and approach some hot chicks! you dont need to pay anyone £60 and hour (LOL) just grab your facking balls lads!!!

    (rap in the style of 'tubes' from 'soccer am')

    Yad the lad aint no passing fad,
    people who diss him are proper sad,
    need to grab their gonAd…..ssss,
    he likes russian women,
    especially ginger flavour …oooooooh baaaad!


  53. his face was a picture after kissing her as he walks to the camera!! it would be interesting to know how many times previous he had approached that day.

  54. But…does she know to be on this video and on-line?

  55. I agree with the other guys. Tourists are easier. Can't we see the same thing done with someone born in England??

    I thought overall his body language was often poor and clothing/style is average. That makes it encouraging to average guys who feel like they need to be perfect.

    On the plus side, his conversational skills were sufficient and he was very calm and collected all the way.

  56. "with that Russian bitch"

    rob your a tool.

  57. I didn't see any game in this video, he was just lucky with that russian bitch

  58. great video! And it looks soo easy…and you wouldn't think of coincidence? Sorry, I'm almost new here and yesterday I really worked hard to get at last 3 number closes…

  59. I know you can approach girls who are friendly and willing to chat but the girl in this video seams a bit over interested only after a few seconds, which makes me more than a little bit suspicious as to weather or not this is a fake video.

    This is a promotional video designed to sell products and live training programs.

    Yad (a newbie PUA trainer) is charging £60 an hour which is as much or more as some of the companies top coaches are charging, I think £60 per hour for a newbie trainer is a complete joke.

  60. Cool video :) Thank you..

  61. all the credit in the world for having the guts to go for the kiss. proves that bold action is frequently rewarded.

    true, it was not classic or smooth. the conversation was all small talk. he didn't do any qualifying. no real kino until the very end, unless you count the fist tapping. no escalation. if he approached 10 girls on that day how many makeout's would have come of them?

    also proves that interactions don't have to be good, textbook perfect or follow any path to get results.

    question. how long did this really take?

    there are edits at 4:37, 5:37 and at 6:14 when he was giving his # (u could have just dropped the sound, why edit the video?) to me this is important because before the kiss he referred to something she said earlier about kissing on the street being crazy. i didn't see that interaction in the video. which leaves me with questions.

    why not just post the unedited footage?

  62. …I forgot!

    I hope she is +18….


  63. I half agree with NotImpressed, but please, give more respect to girls;

    more, the majority of PUA videos in London are with girls from abroad….somebody can suggest me where to find videos with UK girls and kiss-closing?

    See you in Italy guys, anyway!

  64. Absolutely toel curling to watch. Bad body language( interms of approach, fidgeting) poor conversation, and the kiss itself was akward, he pretty much asked if it would be cool to kiss her. Not exactly seemless. Don't get me wrong I salute his guts for doing it, but this video goes against many pua rules.

  65. Thaumaturgist says:

    Nice job.. Its interesting how well he was able to build comfort and kino with her on the street like that. About 8 min is a normal time span. I would have liked to see him pull her home right there. Not enough comfort obviously.

    Very cool to watch as it was NOT engineered or fake in anyway. I could see the naturalness.

    Aside alot of the posts above make good points such as her being foreign, kissing is another form of comfort (not exactly a miracle, had to repeat himself twice (which isn't bad necessarily)… and there's probably more.

  66. She was on holiday mode, no social consequences, still good work with the k close.
    the rules are different when shes on holiday.
    And its 7 hours on average to get sex…not to kiss. ANyone who waits 7 hours to kiss is an AFC.

  67. Im not too impressed, this is a RUSSIAN GIRL, I live in NYC where these girls come and will talk to or kiss any guy, that is american, cause theyre looking to stay in this country and are usually very poor. I have a friend who cant even talk to women or pick them up but has 3 – 4 good looking russian girls around him all the time, he feeds them and drives them around. Please put up a Clip of a Kiss close with a high quality girl who Doesnt need anything from anyone. Russian girls are all around the US and Europe right now trying anything not to go back to Russia and marry a guy with even a half assed job. I see all beautiful russian girls with fat bald headed and usually married guys in these nightclubs……

  68. Guys stop analysing this and look at the depth

    He is RELAXED in set, more relaxed than her anyway and thats key, he assumes attraction (its not really thing anything he is doing its in the subcommunication)….and apart from that he could have closed about 40 secs into the interaction
    about 40 seconds in she is qualifying herself to him.

    good job on getting the footage

  69. ahahah what d fudge… Do that again with some other girl….

  70. Zyruss that is not a hot girl not even by British standards and certainly not Russian. The reason she doesn't get approached isn't because guys are intimidated by her beauty, it would be the same whether she was less or more beautiful. The reason is very few guys have the balls to approach on the street regardless, they just collect wank fodder!

  71. We need subtitles!! This guy can get away with this cos he comes across as a clumsy almost stumbling kind of guy so no girls gonna think he's a player.

  72. Com On plz…. if this world best ever live pickup video then… u seriously got some problem…. Gambler needs to stop with his marketing gimmicks…

  73. Hawkhunter says:

    Wow That would never work on an aussie girl , his body language was herendous , he was scratching his nose the whole time , he is fat and ugly and his body language was terrible , but he has balls and confidence .The girl was cool and that helped alot , but it goes to show if he can do that anyone can , likw mystery says "What one man can do another man can do"

  74. Daniel Onestone says:

    Everyone here has a point. WIthout doing the very same thing over and over at least 17 times, you are going to stumble some. No two interactions are the same. You could find something wrong with almost every PU ever done. But a sale is a sale at the end of the day!
    Keep practicing boys!

  75. I find this video awesome! I just can't belive how easy he approaches her on the street and then the things he says to get her give him a kiss.
    Very cool thing, just would like to hear more clearly what he said at the end of the conversation before the kiss. ;)

  76. Mark David says:

    Okay guys, im gonna share something with you all here, since I did a PUA Training bootcamp AND residential course between February and May this year; in which I had a training session with Yad on both those programms.

    To briefly quote N. (as seen above):

    “If new students watch this and follow it verbatim, I have a feeling they will get very different results.”

    N. you are absolutely right. But you know what else? (and this will answer most of the above comments left by you guys): there is one crucial adage that Yad taught me that has stuck with me like glue. He said to me: “When you’re honest, you’re beautiful.”

    Now, with greatest respect to the man, Yad is not the prettiest boy on the playground. But none of that means jack when you’re as in the moment putting yourself on the line as he is; totally unapologetic, living his own reality.

    I remember him mentioning having read the well-known book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Worth a look.

    Another vital element to Yads presence is his innate passivity – a powerful force in itself, not to be overlooked ;)

    Be present, stay true, enjoy the ride.


  77. Am I wrong or he shouldn't be fidgeting his face so much? Bad body.language? Please answer me.

  78. Guys, yad is performing on camera and under pressure.
    All the guys saying that they could do it too, even if they have ever done it, it's a different thing to be able to do it ON DEMAND. Yad will do plenty more videos like this and soon you'll see he has all different styles and tons of game – plus he's a fucking cool guy! Don't compare it to "if I had a camera on me 24/7, you'd see something like this once a year", who cares about that, if you think you can do better, you could make loads of money by capturing it, so where aree all these videos?
    Anyone talking about the technicalities of it needs to leave behind their idea of what they THINK a guy should do and just look at what works.

    This video should inspire guys and show them what is possible. If I was just starting out and saw this, i'd be like "fuck, if this guy learnt how to do this, I bet I can" and it'd be a huge motivator.

  79. manage that with an english girl and then i'll be impressed!

    european women love english/british guys! i've kiss closed a swedish girl in under 1 minute although it wasnt during the day it just goes to show it 'aint' to difficult

  80. yad is amazing, love it – gambler for you to take a girl home in an hour you actually have to approach someone ;-)

  81. Haha I love how all the know-it-alls above try to break down everything that's done "technically" wrong in the interaction. If you actually believe there is such a thing as a "technically correct" pick-up, please message me about my foolproof routine which will get you laid by every girl in the world ;).

    Great lines at the end, which I'm totally adding to my arsenal of "kiss close tactics".

  82. The conversation was sooo boring, and Yad is just absolutely boring. A pain to watch (he keeps fidgetting by touching his hair, nose and glasses). Nevertheless, he gets a nice makeout, so good job!

  83. Date-Game:
    It is all about beliefs, get your beliefs right and the rest will follow see bellow.

    1) Separate and differentiate a woman from her looks. All women are human beings. They just have female body parts. Appreciate the beauty of a woman, but don’t give her undue credit just for her looks.

    2) Learn to connect with a woman on an emotional level. It is OK to do. It is a manly thing to do. An emotional connection is the lubricant that advances things to a romantic and sensual level.

    3) Get out of your own head. Stop thinking about all the reasons of Date-Game why you should fail, and start thinking about why it would be good for her.

    4) You’re the man who’s going to leverage her emotional soul to Connect with her, her romantic heart to entice her, her innate Sensuality to excite her, and her downright horniness to satiate her,And then do it the next day, and the next, until she is delirious with Pleasure, ecstatic about being a woman, totally loving life, and wildly Crazy about you!

    Love, Health, and Happiness! Feliciano T

  84. Gambler really exaggerated how good this video was.

    As already mentioned its pretty bad technically but its good motivation for not-so good looking afc's, because Yad is one ugly bastard and i wouldn't kiss him if i were a chick.

    He had nice shoes though

  85. Superb work, took some balls to push it to that level that quickly.

    I like the way that the conversation wasn't particularly great or scripted, yet he just rolled with it and got the end result.

  86. Who cares if he looked like a bum, had bad chat; had marmalade rather than the usual strawberry jam that day. Its all academic

    HE DELIVERED. Thats what counts. Just that.

    As for teaching purposes..what this shows is that if you're Johnny big balls, you get the girl. Simple as.

    Having good chat/not dressing like a bum etc etc. All these things increase the odds of success but dont guarantee it.

    And this vid shows that despite whatever "shortcomings" the guy had, he got what he wanted.

    Inspirational mate. I walk down regents street every day, but now ill keep my eyes just a little more open

  87. Thats what's all 'bout!! Doesn't really matter if he was lucky or didn't have much game… HE DID IT ANYWAY!!! Congrats dude…

  88. Perfection says:

    Yad,that was crazy,you have given me confidence to go and try this with a girl!!

  89. The Cooler says:

    Luck…I saw nothing "underlying" this guy that a student could borrow from to implement: he did not look great; his conversation was just ok….Plant this guy in most US cities and he could do the same thing….1 out of every 75 times: luck. Most people, women, don't have the time to stop for such a long ass conversation, etc, etc…

    if he seemed authoritive, well groomed, cool and fun, i could see it…but he seemed like a bum, with very little game…LUCK

  90. Of course its about $$$ Fred, this video was put up to promote the upcoming pua training boot camps.I think everyone is aware of this.
    People have their own reason's for learning pick-up material.

    "girs do feel and say what they want" Thats correct girls do say what they want but how they feel is affected by the people around them.For example say a girl wants to feel happy but I rob her handbag and now she feels sad is this her choosing to be sad? No, my actions made her feel this way.

    With relation to pick up the guy uses methods or whatever to make the girl feel attraction towards him.
    For me personally I don't follow any pick up material, routines etc.. I'm a natural and I feel everyone should aim to become natural.Pick up material is designed to be used as a crutch or training wheels if you want to help guys who are socially awkward with girls.

  91. From the above comments about Yad, it's about:

    1. Unattractive body language
    2. Touching of face, scratching his nose and playing with his hair
    3. Kinda Gay

    But… i think he feels COMFORTABLE in that situation, he's composed. Though there are criticisms about him, i think he did very well in this scenario.

    He really surprised me when he asked her to hold his hands and do some CRAZY thing. She must have felt so sensual when they kissed, telling him "he promised to text her friend" at the end.

    Once again, Yad has broken our self-made realities.

  92. I am trying to forget 90% of what I just watched, as I feel it is demonstrating/educating the wrong way to go about things. If new students watch this and follow it verbatim, I have a feeling they will get very different results. Kudos for the final kiss close (and the balls to pull it off), but the interaction before then was very sloppy.

  93. First of all… that's fu***** great dude! It really shows that sometimes with only guts U can pull it off. I'm impressed… It's almost inspirational (I think I just invented the word, but U know what I mean).

    PD: I join Andy's request… SUBTITLES!!! :D

  94. It's kinda hard to hear exactly what's being said. Would it be possible to do a version with subtitles?

  95. Hey,

    this is a really nice video, but some things really are weird. Yad gives of kind of a gay vibe (no offense) by touching his hair so lightly everytime. Also a weird 50% numberclose. With all this messing up with having to ask things twice so much, it's unbelievable he still managed to get the k-close.

    Respect Yad, I hope to learn from you once in the UNG videos ;)
    (I haven't been able to finish them all yet up to now, so maybe you're on one of them already).

  96. Yes, I agree with seansmc, foreign girls (East European, South-American, 2nd/3rd world countries girls etc.:)) are way more open than Western girls.

    Another video I saw with a PUA was with a Polish girl which also went smoothly. I'm from South-America, living in Amsterdam now.

    Just came back from 3 weeks Colombia, man, if you want to have literally zero resistance with loads of success in all the cities/ villages you should go to these countries.

    Also went to Riga in Latvia. Man, where can you kiss close with more than 5 women in one night!! There! ;-) But you've got to have your stuff/game 2gether of course.

    Ok guys, I'm out.

  97. Yep, Kudos for having the balls of K-close, with that amount of interaction I would go only for a # close..
    I guess I must risk more from now on… :)

  98. Mark David says:

    It's true what Matt Hussey says then: Life really is fucking generous when you take risks :)

    Awesome stuff Yad. Good to see you on video at least since the residential we did back in May, buddy ;)

    Thank you so much for putting this up


  99. Alot of these day game pickup videos are of guys approaching foreign girls.The conversations always follow the same path aswell i.e asking about her country, telling her about some cool places to visit etc…
    Foreign girls are usually more open to have a conversation aswell as chances are they are looking to meet new people as they don't have many friends since moving to the UK.

    That been said Yad still does an awesome job even though I wasn't impressed so much with his body language at times. Overall he does come across as relaxed, friendly, interesting and confident.

    The way Yad went about getting the k-close was perfect, he rewinded back to earlier parts of the conversation to build comfort, she was compliant with holding his hands when he requested which shows how comfortable she was during the interaction. – great job Yad! –

  100. NICE!
    All this really also depends on the girl, I can see she is an extrovert girl. She enjoys life! Keep up the good stuff, more vids pls! :)

  101. I dont get it… The guy opens with really intimidating body language… the conversation is boring… there is no kino… he is just average… So why does this girl kiss him?

    My only guess is this beautiful rusian girl doesnt get guys just approaching her and being absolutely calm and confident like Yad very often… other guys might feel intimidated by her beauty.

    In my short experience in day game I realized hot girls where more receptive than average girl… very refreshing to get to this conclusion by other sources too.

  102. Awesome vid!

  103. Glyn Lewis says:

    Excellent stuff! Especially after he forgot her name and where she was from – Twice!

    Just shows what is possible if you got the fron to do it and his face was a pictureas he walked away. Cool!

  104. Great mate! now i've got a new challenge to take on…haha

  105. That video is just hilarious at the end. It's amazing how Yad pulls it off after such a normal conversation.

  106. Russian girl in London =) Kiss her in that state is not mirracle.
    But anyway, nice job!

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