Where to Find a Good Girl for a Serious Relationship?

All lonely guys are tormented by the same question: where can I find a good girl for a serious relationship?

Good girls

Want to find a good girl?

A lot of guys are disappointed after several attempts to build a relationship. They either get into the friend zone, or they get abandoned by a girl for another guy, or these guys do not understand what is going on.

When you begin to advise guys where girls are found, many of them like to wrinkle their noses and say “I don’t like these types of girls”. So, first, you need to decide which girls you like.

If you have a good circle of acquaintances, and you go to the right places, the probability of meeting a normal young lady increases significantly. So, you still have to start with yourself.

If you perfect yourself in all senses, you will meet a nice girl; if you are a sad spectacle of yourself, do not expect anything good. We will tell you about the most popular places and methods, so that you can finally find a lady.

1. Parties, clubs or bars

Have you ever had a one night stand? Yep, most guys have.

Sometimes it seems that people go to bars or clubs just to pick someone up, instead of going to have a good time. There is a stereotype that in such places it is possible to shoot someone only for one night. Rest assured, normal girls are also found in bars a clubs (sometimes). Everything depends on what goals you pursue.

It’s easier to strike up a conversation there. You’ll not feel like the last idiot if you just walk up and start talking to someone. So, go ahead but do not overdo it.

2.The Internet (if you have little time or you’re a homebody)

If you both are sitting on dating sites, then you already have something in common and you’re open to acquaintances. The days when dating on the Internet was something unusual have gone. To find a good girl for dating on the Internet is quite real. There is nothing reprehensible about it, because people who are too busy sometimes don’t really have time to go out and look for a girl.

The Internet makes everything simpler. You can write her messages while you work or at any other time of the day. In addition, you roughly understand what kind of person you are dealing with. The most important thing in this matter is not to delay a real meeting.

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3. Expand the circle of acquaintances

A wide circle of friends is the key to successful dating with girls.

New acquaintances and new friends are easy to get. Don’t be lazy! Go out into the street, ask everyone to introduce you to their friends. Expand your social circle, always agree to meetings, parties and various activities. Remember, girls and women WANT to get acquainted.

In the end, if not you, then who? Exactly… some other guy.

4. Hang around where there are tons of girls

You can sit at home and cry about how your life sucks, but that’s not going to get you any dates is it? As long as you think in this way, all the most attractive girls will date anyone but you.

Be active, determined, confident, show interest in something… follow this advice and everything will be good.

In the end, the most important thing about dating is to get acquainted with girls in order to cheer yourself up. Hold on to this principle and the number of successful acquaintances will increase dramatically. The only thing we do not recommend doing is to do things that can scare a girl. To act in this way is at least graceless.

It’s not only important what you say, but how you conduct yourself, feel inside. A big mistake will be to show arrogance, scorn, indifference, rudeness. You may not believe it, but many guys behave in this way in order to cope with the excitement.

In 120% of such cases, a normal, adequate girl will refuse you. So just do not be what you are not really like. If you are worried because you are very nervous during your first meeting, this is a normal feeling. The right thing is that you got the courage to approach and say adequate things. Any girl will appreciate this and in 85%+ of dates will go the way you want them to.

Unfortunately, there are 15% who will refuse you. But that’s not an excuse to feel down about life. Because the next approach will be much easier, and therefore you will find a girl with whom you will be very happy.