iFriends Review: Thinking About Signing Up For iFriends.net? Read This First…

If you’ve been looking into signing up for iFriends.net then don’t. Well, don’t just yet… read my in-depth ifriends review and then make your decision. I think you’ll be glad you did…

iFriends Review

Not as good as it one was, but still great.

  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Models
  • Price
  • Value for money


Known as one of the oldest and most trustworthy cam sites in the game, is iFriends finally coming to an end? I’ve used them for many years but even I don’t use it as much as I used to.

My iFriends Review

Let me start off by saying, I used to LOVE iFriends. Around 3 years ago, it was at the top of it’s game. Smoking hot girls, pornstars performing on camera almost weekly and top notch customer support.

But for some reason, a lot of the top models started leaving. I’m not sure if it was because of bad support from the agents or what. But since then, it’s been on the gradual decline.

Now don’t get me wrong! iFriends is still a GREAT site, with a lot of choice still. Also the site features are still strong. But if it was between Live Jasmin and iFriends for example. I’d have to go with LJ.

I’ve clocked up a good few hours over the years. 50+ at least. Money well spent in my eyes and I certainly won’t be writing them off for a long while.

One of the things they need to address the most is their tablet and smartphone support. It works to a certain degree but not really as seamless as it could be or as good as some other cam sites are.


You can still find a beauty though ;)

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The pros

  • Good variety of models – Like I said, a lot of the models have left for other cam sites, but there’s still thousands of live models to choose from and I can’t fault the quality.
  • Great site features – The features are second to none, they have always been really good at updating the site with new features so that customers don’t get bored of seeing the same old things. The instant tipping function is good to get you some much needed attention from the girls you like most.
  • Mostly HD cams – As with a lot of the sites these days, most of the models only offer HD cams which is essential if you ask me. But it still needs to be said that it’s most certainly a pro, if not a given these days.
  • Live chat support – I always like it when support has a live chat feature, because I hate creating tickets and waiting for ages.

The cons

  • Porn star cams aren’t so frequent as they once were – You could log in almost every week and see a bunch of the top porn stars performing live. But now they seem very few and far between.
  • No guest chatting for free – I like it when you can sign up for a service or even just continue as a guest and start chatting to the models, however with iFriends you can’t do that which is annoying.
  • Some overly expensive performers – Don’t know why, but the prices vary to the extreme for some performers which can be very frustrating if you have a set price in mind. It’s not nice feeling as though you’re being hustled.

Final “iFriends Review” Comments

If I were you, I would without a doubt sign up for iFriends and give it a go. You don’t have much to lose, aside from a few bucks. Browse around, grab a free account and choose a model that you like the look of most. The cost for credits is around 3.99 per minute which can add up if you’re not careful, so keep an eye on your minutes spent.

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