Introducing: The Master Pick Up Artist University



Some guys are happy settling for “good enough”….

Others want complete and total MASTERY. For these guys, we’ve created the Master Pick Up Artist University.

Master Pick Up Artist University is a monthly online coaching program we have designed from the ground up to get you to mastery level in the game in just 12 months.

You’ll begin with body language, attraction theory, and openers…

And by month 12 you will be uncovering techniques for getting multiple women to date you at the same time.

Each month you are given new materials including over 4 hours of HD quality video, workbooks, and exercises…all available to you inside the Master Pick Up Artist University Membership Site….

And then you discuss them with me, Gambler, personally inside the site’s forum. Any and every question you have will be answered….and your understanding of the game, and your ability to get women, will soar to new heights.

The initiation fee for the program is $69.95.

This gets you enrolled in the program… gives you access to a bonus bundle of our best selling digital programs…. and lets you go through the first master pick up artist university coaching module.

If you love what you’re experiencing and want to continue being a member, simply do nothing, and 15 days your second video training session of master pickup artist university will be unlocked for just $69.95. Going forward, each new session will unlock every 30 days and you will be billed to the card you originally paid with each time.

While we do hope you stay a member for the full 12 months, there is no long term obligation, and you can cancel at any time by contacting us at or calling 855 696 1379

We cannot promise that enrollment for this program will be open forever, so if joining the master pick up artist coaching program sounds like the step you’ve been needing to take to reach mastery….

Then it is recommended you sign up today.

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