Online Dating is the Best Place to Start if You’re Shy

Online Dating For Shy People

Seriously, it’s made for introverts!

Dating should be an incredible and wonderful experience, finding the person you love, and beginning to feel at peace with the world. However, those first few steps; getting to know someone, approaching a person, are all tricky when you have a shy disposition.

Introverts make up 50% of the population, so there’s a huge chance you’re going to come across and introvert if you’re not one yourself. Introverts are at peace when left alone and can recharge their batteries, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be around people, but just they need time to themselves.

It can be hard for someone who is an introvert to just strike up a conversation with someone and that is why online dating is the best option for people who are shy.

Striking up Conversation

We all want to say something incredibly witty or flirt with someone we’re attracted to, but when you’re shy this can be the most frightening activity in the world. You’re afraid about what you’re going to say, whether that person wants to talk to you, or that it’ll all go great and then you’ll mess it up by saying something stupid.

The mind of an introvert tends to whirl at these kind of interactions, it’s scary and unknown. The saddest thing is that most introverts love to talk, once they get to know someone, so you never know what you’re missing out on. The bar scene or club is just not the optimal place for shy people, you’ll never get across your true self.

Online dating offers a refuge for people who are of an introverted disposition. As an introvert you probably enjoy the comfort of your own home and this is where you feel most at peace.

Online dating allows you to be in that environment, while also finding a potential partner. You can truly be yourself, without over-thinking about what that person may think. If it doesn’t work out you won’t have the burden of soul-crushing embarrassment to deal with either. You’ll find it much easier to approach people as you’re comfortable and at peace with yourself.

Maintaining Conversation

So, even if you’re out at a bar and you’ve been able to strike up a conversation with someone you may, as an introvert, feel pushed out of the conversation. Many people who are shy don’t care about dominating a social environment, but your potential partner will never know your views, and making that connection straight away improves your chances of seeing someone again.

Introverts love to listen to people, but they also have things to say as well, they just tend to feel intimidated conversing in a new environment and with new people.

Just as striking up conversation is easier with online dating, maintaining conversation is easier as well. You’re already at home, comfortable and you’ve gotten over the first major hurdle, actually starting the conversation. At his point it is much easier for an introvert to be themselves, the fear of social embarrassment has passed, and you can begin to be yourself.

Especially if your potential partner has similar interests to you, you’ll be able to talk with fervour, and the person you’re talking to can get a sense of who you really are. It’s not that people who are shy have nothing to say, but that they need an invitation to do so with someone they don’t know. Chat rooms and online dating is perfect as one person can’t ramble for ages, there is a back and forth between the two people.

One-to-One Conversation

If striking up conversation is hard enough for someone who is naturally shy, having to get their voice across when there are multiple people in a group is even harder. Introverts tend to fade into the background, unless they are specifically asked their opinion. You can imagine that in a meet-and-greet dating scenario where all singles mingle with each other is especially taxing.

Shy people don’t want to butt into conversation as they feel it is rude and will wait for someone to give them acknowledgement. As you could probably guess this is not the best method for dating, where people want to know you.

Online dating offers the introvert the best atmosphere and environment for them to converse with people. Introverts prefer one-to-one conversation with people, it creates a better pace and allows them to organise their thoughts. Like a tennis match, those who are shy would prefer conversation to go back and forth between two people.

When you’re in a chat room with someone, you’ll have the combination of the best dating aspects that allow introverts to thrive. You can begin to show people who you really are, and they’ll begin to understand you and realise you’re just shy.

The Meet Up

Finally, if you have come to the point that you have been talking to someone online that you’re ready to meet up with them you’re in the best possible situation. Introverts prefer face-to-face conversation when they have a firm social basis to work on. The idea of silence or not being able to find a topic of conversation can be daunting and send the introvert back into their shell.

However, if you’ve been using online dating you’ll already know the person and feel more comfortable with their presence. This allows you to engage with conversation and not be pushed into the background.

Online dating is the best option for people who are shy as it creates the opportunity for them to come out of their shell. The people you meet online will be able to understand who you are, and you can begin to build a rapport with them. Introverts can thrive with online dating as every aspect fits in with the way you converse.