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Stealth Attraction

Stealth Attraction is the world’s first rejection-proof seduction system. Drawing upon the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, female psychology, and other than conscious communication, “Stealth” removes a woman’s ability to reject you and triggers deep within her feelings of lust, desire, and attraction.

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Inner Game Installed

Everyone knows inner-game and “confidence” are important. But how do you GET confidence? Inner Game Installed is the breakthrough solution we developed in response to our students’ most pressing needs. Using our proprietary installation technology you can literally hardwire the mindset, the confidence, and  the belief systems of the world’s most skilled seducers directly into your subconscious mind – dramatically boosting your success with women.

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Master Pick Up Artist University

Master Pick Up Artist University is a progressive, interactive coaching program that will guide you on your path to pick up mastery. Over the course of 12 months you will master each step of the game through our interactive video trainings and have the chance to dialogue directly with our team of coaches. If mastery is what you are after and you expect nothing less of yourself, then a membership in master pick up artist university is a must.

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Lifestyle Seduction

It’s one thing to go out and meet a girl or two every now and then; it’s an entirely different thing to have 30 girls in your phone texting you every night and begging to hang out, party, and hook up. Lifestyle Seduction is a program that teaches you how to play a bigger game than just pick up. It teaches you how to harness the amazing power of “value arbitrage” to build yourself a life that most men could only dream of…

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Ultimate Natural Game

Ultimate Natural Game is an advanced-level program intended only for the most serious of students. Over the course of 14 hours, PUA Training’s team of master instructors reveal their most powerful techniques. From day-game to night-game, from inner-game to outer game; this program will you take you to the next level in pick-up and turn you into the ultimate natural.

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Day Game Domination

Day Game Domination will show you a brand NEW method for meeting, attracting and sleeping with up 7 high-quality women each and every week… without you ever having to step foot in a bar or club again. This is perfect for *regular guys* who don’t want to be party animals…guys who just want to have the power to sleep with girls they see out and about in every day situations.



43 Texts That Guarantee Sex

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex allows you to discover a simple set of proven text messages that get women moist, horny, and ready to fuck. Every single text you’ll need covering every possible situation is handed right to you. Just copy, paste, send, and score.

You will be blown away by the number of topless (and bottomless) selfies you can get hot women to text you.