10 Sober Date Night Ideas

Sober date nights do have a chance to bring you fun too! Despite quite a common belief, sober date nights aren’t usually all that boring.

Yes… a night WITHOUT alcohol.

They don’t have to consist only of Netflix drama movies and falling asleep right there on the couch after a bottle of wine and a roasted chicken (even though that actually does sound fun).

So, if you’re looking to have a nice romantic date that won’t include any mind erasing moments with liquor rivers and party drugs, RU Brides has compiled the following list for you.

1. Bowling

We often forget how fun it is to go bowling! Indeed, there is nothing more amusing than having a healthy competition with your significant other. Find out which one of you two is a real bowling master, who completes more strikes, or who will be using the bumpers.

Believe it, this activity can keep both of you busy for hours! Again, it is public enough to be just ideal for a first date, still intimate enough for you and your romantic partner to have a nice conversation. Just make sure you find a bowling alley that is not filled with booze and cigarette smoke.

2. Cinema

This one can take you back to your teen days. Deciding what candy you want and how big the portion of butter will be for you to put on your popcorn! Going to see a decent movie on a romantic date is a quiet, fun, and relaxing way to spend a quality time with your other half.

Moreover, it makes a good place for holding hands or having your first kiss. Most movie theaters nowadays do not sell alcohol so be sure that the temptation is definitely left out. And since movies usually don’t allow too much space and time for chatting, we would highly recommend a coffee shop to take your date to after.

3. Ice skating

If you live somewhere where it is warm or even hot, you might consider searching high and low for this one, but it is definitely possible! Up north it is probably a more common occurrence. In this way, ice skating is an activity, in which both fun and healthy silliness are rolled into one.

That’s why don’t be embarrassed if you fall! Staying on your feet will become your focus while you and your romantic partner enjoy a perfect night on your date.

4. Holiday Christmas village walk-through (in wintertime)

There are always fun, amusing Christmas-themed villages settled around during the winter holidays. These usually include decorations, live shows… and hot chocolate with cookies!

That’s why, feel the holiday spirit and use such a perfect opportunity for a totally sober date night. Take a stroll, talk, and spend some good time in a true winter wonderland that is not only soothing for the heart and soul but also brings a couple closer together.

5. Comedy show

Is there anything better than a proper belly laugh? This is one of the best things you can ever do with your significant other. In fact, you can also do it with a group of friends too. Just know that comedy shows can be sometimes held at bars, so just be advised as there may be alcohol.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to drink! In this way, look up the local comics and stand-up comedians in your area and see when their shows are on, then get tickets, and go laugh your asses off!

6. Sporting event

We already mentioned the activities like bowling and ice skating, however, if participating in active sports is not really your dream time out, you could always decide to watch a live sporting event.

What’s even more, the sober date idea of this kind isn’t limited to professional sports only. For example, you could engage in a surfing competition, a tennis tournament, or any other open-air competition.

7. Amusement park

Six Flags, Dutch Wonderland, Dorney Park, Busch Gardens, Disneyland – whatever happens to be near you, just go! Ride roller coasters, laugh in the tilt-a-whirl, and play all kinds of games that will keep the two of you busy for an entire day.

And, by the way, amusement parks are not supplied with liquor or drugs. It’s a perfect place you can visit to have a fun time, get a healthy adrenaline rush, and, of course, reconnect with your lover.

8. Hiking

Hiking is an outstanding option for all romantic couples who enjoy fitness and spending time outside. Depending on the difficulty level of the hike, it may not be as intense as an ordinary sport or yoga class.

When out in nature, you will be able to strike up a nice talk as you hike, and enjoy the views around. Breaking a sweat on a romantic date is an effective way to get out of the static restaurant-cinema-bar dating scene.

9. Picnic in the park

Any grassy spot near you will suffice. So, load up your picnic basket with your favorite snacks, add a sparkling water flavor, and don’t forget a blanket and you are 100% ready for a laid back day with your significant other in the park. Also, it actually makes a decent option for when you’re searching for some quiet time to reconnect with your romantic partner.

10. Coffee shop

Dates don’t have to involve attending parties or pounding at nightclubs. Oh yes, coffee! It actually comes in a range of delicious forms, making a coffee shop a real hotspot for relaxation and gossip. We’d recommend visiting a local coffee shop for a comfortable and sober date.

In this case, places like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are just awesome. Get a muffin, your favorite coffee drink, and enjoy your romantic date night with your beloved person.