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In this review, I talk about why I think this slick looking cam site is one of the best kept secrets in the cam industry and why you should be getting in on the action right now. Seriously, if you have 5 minutes spare… read this full review and then give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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So many hot chicks to choose from!

My honest in-depth review.

  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Models
  • Price
  • Value for money


Streamate is growing in popularity day by day for a reason… it’s ROCKS! The models are hot and the amount online right now will leave you with “choice overload”. Bit pricey at times, but the HD cameras are awesome.

My review

In all honesty I’d never even heard of Streamate up until a few weeks back when my buddy over at one of the leading cam sites told me to check them out. He said they were growing in popularity and that some of the hottest cam stars are going on there. So naturally I thought… meh, what the heck, I’ll sign up for a little test drive.

Was I disappointed? Haha, hell no. The girls are smoking… the features are great and the support is awesome. I had more choice than I knew what to do with. So naturally I spent a nice few hundred treating myself on a late Thursday night. What’s a single man to do when he’s home alone and bored right?

I had a hungering for an Eastern European chick, and not just any old Russian broad… oh no. She needed to be filthy and do exactly as I wanted. I can assure you, I was not ready for this…

This hottie was not leaving the chat without pleasing me to the full!

This hottie was not leaving the chat without pleasing me to the full!

Ok, so in the end I went for 3 more chicks in my ahem.. test. I went exclusive with the Russian, an Italian and a black chick that had a filthy mouth (which I loved). All in all, they were awesome. The HD cams are bountiful and the amount of performers on at the same time is a bonus.

Having said that, I was surprised how easy it was to spend money on here. There was a moment when I thought I was getting hustled, but I made it clear to the model that I needed to see more before I spent more… she was eager and please me. So I was happy in the end.

Unlike sites like Livejasmin, there isn’t an online community which I do like to see nowadays. There are over 2,000 live performers and 10,000+ in total (and growing right now), so it’s very possible to get yourself a bargain if you look hard enough. When the performer numbers are on the rise, it means the site is gaining in popularity and it will soon be crappy.. so jump on it while you can.

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The pros

  • Good amount of models: Like I said, there are 2,000 online at any given time, so that’s more than enough to get yourself started. There are all types of women too, so it won’t be hard to find your type.
  • Plenty of HD cams (high speed): Just like IMlive, the models here are catching on and understanding that HD cams with high speed internet will get them more business. There wasn’t a real shortage of HD cams on this site, so I was very happy indeed.
  • Simple to use interface: The interface is clean, modern and very easy to use. So you won’t feel like you’re tripping back in the 90’s like on some cam sites.
  • Short freebies available: Some models offer freebies, so you can take a peek inside their show and see if you like them or not. I always like this, over having to just ask them for a private show.

The cons

  • iPhone/iPad support sucks: Streamate need to get with the times and create way better compatibility with iPhones and iPads. I had trouble with the mobile side of things, both with streaming cams and using the site. If you’re a mobile user only, then this site isn’t for you.
  • Expensive with some models: Some of the models like hustle the guys, so you need to be careful. If they keep asking for credits, don’t give them any. Only girls that have some class and get you off, deserve the money.
  • No community to shoot the sh*t: I like the community on some of the other chat sites, it’s nice to chat to guys and ask them their opinions on the types of models they have had good experiences with. Streamate has NO community, which is a little annoying.

Final review comments: Conclusion

My final thoughts would be this… when you find a site that has many models to choose from, isn’t overridden with skanks and you can find hot models that are willing to get you off for a reasonable price.

I say go for it, before it’s too late and the prices rise. It’s honestly one of the best adult webcam site in terms of size. What you will get with these types of sites is some models are hot and they know how to perform… so they will start to get cocky and raise their prices, this is when it becomes less fun and more pricey.

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