Super Seducer Twitch Play Commands

Click story mode button in the main menu.
1 to 10
Select the chapter (if available) with the respective number in the chapter selection menu.
Play the chosen chapter in the chapter brief menu.
Back from the brief chapter menu to the selection chapter.
A or a
choose option A.
B or b
choose option B.
C or c
choose option C.
D or d
choose option D.
E or e
choose option E.
F or f
choose option F.
G or g
choose option G.
Return from result screen to chapter selection menu.
Restart the current chapter.
Goes to the next chapter.

Twitch Play Mode

To enter this mode you need to put your channel name and oauth authentication in the settings menu then click in the connect, if the game can connect button. If Twitch then the button will be green. You need to be signed up in a Twitch account to enable this mode.

Main Menu

When Twitch Play Mode is on, the game will show you the chapter selection menu. The chapters buttons will scroll automatically and the chapters counter will appear at the top right corner of the screen. The counter will start when the first player puts a valid number in the Twitch chat. The set of valid numbers depends on the unlocked chapters.

When the counter reaches 0, the level with the highest amount of votes will be selected. If two or more chapters have the same amount of votes, one will be randomly chosen.

Then, in the Brief Chapter panel the player can choose between ‘play’ to begin the selected chapter or ‘back’ to return to the Chapter Selection menu.


As in the chapter selection menu, each chapter will have a poll for every choice . The poll starts as soon as the first player votes. When the counter reaches 0, the option with the highest amount of votes will be selected. Aside from this the flow of the chapters remains unchanged.

Results Screen

In this screen the player can use 3 commands: “restart”, “chapters” and “next”. These 3 commands have the same behavior of the buttons. In this screen, the button “Main Menu” changes to “Chapters Selection”.

Buttons in normal mode:

Buttons in normal mode:

Twitch Chat Messages

The following table shows the different messages that are sent from the game to the Twitch chat and the moment when that happens. Those messages are for interaction with the players.

Player is in the chapter select menu
"Lets vote for our favourite and unlocked chapter. From 1 to 10."
Player is in the brief chapter panel
"Do you want to 'play' or 'back' ?."
The options can be chosen
Play the chosen chapter in the chapter brief menu.
An invalid option is sent it in the chat
Invalid option  + " isn't a seductive answer."
The options poll is finished
Survey results: + A: #, B: #, ……
The chapters poll is finished
Survey results: + CH1: #, CH2: #, ……
Is in the results menu
“chapters” to choose another chapter. “restart” to play the same level. “next” to play the next chapter.