Ultimate Natural Game

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    • Why the so-called ‘gurus’ are just dead-wrong in their ridiculous theories on “attraction”… and how to use what really works to immediately start getting the hottest women in any bar, club or coffee shop chasing after you… the next time you hit the field!


    • A very simple tactic to double your open rate practically overnight. (An astonishingly easy technique used by the master Trainers at PUA Training…but ignored by 99% of all other players)


    • How to “force feed” unshakable confidence directly into your brain (giving you the inner-game of the “Ultimate Natural” and a kind of seductive power that practically no ‘PUA’ out there can ever compete with)


    • How to walk up to any woman during the day time – no matter who she’s with or what she’s doing – and get her number in just minutes.


    • Astonishingly effective “Ultimate Natural Body language” that practically forces groups of women to approach you and clamor for your attention. It’s a non-verbal trick that uses “mob mentality” against them – signaling to them that you’re the “top dog” in the club and the only guy entitled to take them home.


    • The secret of mega-consistent “MLC” escalation that will have you consistently taking your interactions from first glance to “don’t forget your pants” in just minutes when it used to take you hours… or even days (You’d better get used to multiple girls in a night because when you can ramp things up this fast, the sky is the limit)


    • How to destroy all your male competition in the bar or club, even if they are rich, famous, good looking, and have tight game


    • How to get and stay inside “The Zone” during every night out… so you get the outcome you want from every single set, every single time (the kind of results that builds on itself into a mountain of massive confidence)


    • How to number close obscenely hot girls – even in situations where she’s in front of all of her friends and she’s JUST met you!


    • How to be flexible and have the perfect response in every situation… without needing to memorize or practice a single scripted line or routine. Instead, you will instantly “force feed” astonishingly simple skills into your system… which give a style of game no other PUA can even imagine.


    • “Power closing tactics” that give the hottest girls in any environment NO OTHER CHOICE but to comply with your every request and actually go home with you… FAST. (Secrets that took my team and I four years to perfect!)


    • A unique “spin” on rapport building that will increase the power of your mid-game so fast that you’ll triple your lay rate almost immediately! (You’ve got to make sure that you don’t overdo it with this technique because women will instantly start thinking you are their soul mate)


    • How to combine stealth kino tactics and social proof in the same set to trigger mass- attraction in dozens of women in the room… all at the same time (No one else has figured this out!)


  • Crucial details most PUA’s never learn about what it takes to sleep with 10-20 women simultaneously… and have them all be OK with! (Not 1 PUA out of 1,000 really understands this)…

…and much, much more!

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