Review: How I Matched With A 19yo Beauty Within 10 Minutes

In this in-depth review, you’re going to learn why Victoria Hearts is probably one if the best dating sites I’ve used in a LONG WHILE!

Victoria Hearts

Probably one the best dating sites I’ve been on in a while.

Sick and tired of dating sites that offer nothing but robot chats, fake profiles and outdated features?

Yep, so was I.

But you know what… I might just have found the best dating site out there. Seriously.

Victoria Hearts is a dating website that actually seems to be the real deal. There are thousands of active members (men and women) all vetted, verified and eager to find a serious match.

Not only that, but they are very up to date with offering advanced communication and filtering. Allowing you to meet the type of girl you’ve always wanted in a fraction of the time. Review: Are they any good?

Eugenia VA

Why hello there…

After yet another unsuccessful batch of Tinder dates, I decided to check out VA as recommended to me by a friend.

At first glance, in all honesty I wasn’t’ expecting much.

But I’m always open to trying new sites that promise to make the whole dating game a little easier. So I signed up.

Took me two minutes and I was ready to start meeting single women.

I uploaded 5 of my best photos and clicked around to see what was what. Ten minutes in and I receive a message…

“Eugenia is interested in you”.

I immediately think to myself “Yeah right… here we go again”, thinking that it’s a chat bot. So I click on the message, see her profile, obviously she’s smoking hot.

21 year old living in Poland, loves to travel and looking for a strong man.

Great, that’s me ;)

I think what the hell and decide to message her. BUT not a generic message, I want to make sure it’s not a bot, so use the old bait message:

“Hey! Quick question, what’s going on in your second photo, the one with the dog?”.

Here’s the kicker, she didn’t have a dog in any of the photos. A chat bot wouldn’t be able to answer that question so it gives you a quick indication as to whether you’re dealing with a legit site or not.

Victoria Hearts Search

Extended search is great.

Two minutes later… “you have received a message from Eugenia”.

I read it…

“Hey! I don’t have any dogs in my photos, what do you mean ;) x”.

BOOM. Not a bot, let the games begin!

After sending a few messages back and forth, I quickly realised she was a pretty cool girl. Loves traveling, currently studying at university, lives on her own in Krakow.

Seen as though I was already booked up to travel across Eastern Europe for 3 months, I arranged to meet up with her. NOTE: I’ll update on what happens when I meet her.

Not only did I arrange to meet Eugenia, I was also chatting to four other chicks at the same time, from all over. One from Russia, another from the Ukraine, London and New York.

After spending a few hours on Victoria Hearts, I can safely say that it’s the REAL DEAL and I’d gladly recommend it.

Now let’s get serious…

Pros (What I liked)

Victoria Hearts Account Stats

Notice the amount of likes and messages after just one week ;)

Chat features – Their chat and messaging tools are great. Very easy to use, allowing you to chat to multiple women at one time. No need to flip back between messages and waste time.

Search filters – There’s nothing worse than having to scroll through thousands of profiles, skimming through ones you don’t like. Their filter is a great for whittling out the bad profiles and just giving you what you want so you can message handfuls at a time.

Support – I had a few questions for support just to make sure they were real and cared about their customers. I got replies to three messages about different issues within an hour of contacting them. Very happy with the level of service.

Safety advice – I like that they kept offering safety tips and reassuring me that safety was a priority. There are TONS of dating sites out there that don’t care about your safety or verify your profile even… these guys do.

Very secure – They are certified with Norton, McAfee and encrypted with the latest SSL certificates, so you can feel safe that your credit card and any of your sensitive details are hacker proof.

Who’s interested in you – This is a cool feature, it allows you to see who’s viewed your profile and who’s actually interested in you without messaging them. It saves SOOOOO much time, very useful.

Cons (What I didn’t like)

Design – The design feels a little dated, I hope they spruce things up a little and make it more modern.

Meeting requests – I don’t see the point in actually sending out a meeting request, seems a little dated and odd to me. But I’m sure some guys might find it useful.

Honestly, aside from those two things. I really liked using VA, it’s quite refreshing to see a dating site doing things right for once.

Common questions about VA

Victoria Hearts Girls

Just some of the stunners…

Here are a bunch of questions that I thought most guys would have before signing up. If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to below. The best thing to do is get in touch with them directly and one of their support team will get back to you.

Are my details safe?

YES! As stated above in the pros section, they are very up to date and serious about keeping the site and it’s members safe and secure. So you don’t need to worry about your account getting hacked or anything.

Where are the girls from?

I noticed a lot of the girls were from Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Poland, Russia etc. However there were plenty from other countries also.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, there’s an option to close the account when you log in, in the settings.

Do I have to pay before I can message a girl?

Yes. It’s free to sign up and set your account up, but you need to actually pay before you can start messaging girls. You will still receive interests, favourites and messages from women, but you can’t read them or reciprocate without paying. However you can view their profile for free.

Is this a hookup or mail order bride site?

It’s definitely NOT a hookup or mail order bride site. It’s a legit dating site for guys that want to actually meet a nice girl they could potentially start dating.

Conclusion: Should you use them?

In my opinion after using the site for a few weeks… YES. It’s a great service, that for the most part are well worth the money.

My advice to you before signing up though is to make sure you have really good photos. I speak to guys and friends actually all the time that don’t get anywhere on dating sites (Tinder mostly) and it’s because they have terrible photos.

Sign up now, get your photos uploaded, account verified and start meeting some of the best looking women, you’ll EVER meet ;)

Victoria Hearts is a great site, but there are many others that are equally as good. Here’s a list of all dating sites we recommend.

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