Xpress.com Review: The Real Deal When It Comes To Casual Hookups

This is my complete and honest xpress.com review which was created to test the top adult dating sites online and to see if they are the real deal or just a bunch of hype.

Beautiful girls on here, only go for the Gold membership.


Quick Xpress.com Review (4/5)

Really easy to signup and get started, unlike other sites I’ve been using.

Great searching capabilities, messaging and live video chatting with girls which was AWESOME! I noticed that the quality of women was very high and a number of high quality women in my area, happy with that.

Thought the Automatch search feature was very cool, allowing me to enter a few details about what I liked and then it sending me any new girls that signed up throughout the week.

Number of women: 4/5
Quality of women: 4/5
Features: 4/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Price: 5/5

In-depth Xpress review

If you’re anything like me and have no clue about what to put on your profile, then I highly recommend that you read through the adult dating tips guide and use everything it teaches.

The search

Just one of the girls I was talking to…

So I signed up, filled in my profile and snooped around the site just looking for my type of girls. After 30 minutes I found… well not a lot, a few cute girls but not the types of girls I was looking for.

Then I realised I was using the Silver account membership, so decided to upgrade to Gold and voila… the results were plentiful. I had 56 girls I liked, saved them all and decided to contact the top 10 to save time.

Throwing out the bait

After choosing my girls, I messaged them all separately with different messages and just waited for a bit. Once I’d read through the welcome email I noticed the instant video chat feature and also noticed the girl I liked the most was online, so I asked her if she wanted to chat.

Which she did… BAM!

Building rapport

We loaded up the video chat through the site, started chatting and got to know each other. She asked the usual questions… are you a crazy person, why are you on this site… blah blah.

After about an hour, I thought it was a good time to see if she wanted to meet up, so suggested a drink at a bar which was smack in the middle between where we both lived in Central London.


By this time I’d had 4 girls stay in touch with me by email, but none towards the end of the week that wanted to meet, other than the one girl I spoke to on video chat. Looks like I’ll be using that more!

So I met this girl (Ellie) outside the bar, she was a very slim brunette, big green eyes, amazing skin and long sexy legs. I like big breasts personally and she had perky small ones, which was OK no biggies.

Getting laid

She ended up being way more sexual in person than she was on the web chat, she said that she found the site a little creepy and thought that she wouldn’t find any normal guys on there.

We spent just under an hour at the bar talking about everything, but mostly sex. She told me her fantasies and what she wanted to do to me etc.

I said “Ok, let’s head back to mine I live 15 minutes away, we can continue drinking there..” which she agreed to and we headed back in a taxi I pre-booked.

Got back to mine… key in the door… shut the door… she pounced on me like a crazy nutcase and said “fuck me”. I obliged and we had awesome sex, she actually spent the night because she was seriously horny… couldn’t stop sucking my dick and saying the filthiest things. I loved it :)

Once I get my energy back I’ll have to get back to the other girls that contacted me on there.

Pros (what’s real good)

  • Instant video chat – Such a great feature, you can see which girls are online and hit the video chat button which fires up a new window
  • The talent – I saw some beautiful girls on there. Just as good if not better than the other sites I’ve used, maybe because it has like 20 million users I think.
  • Decent ratio of women – There were more men, but I’d say about 35% were women, which is great considering these sites usually have a 90/10 ratio in favour of the men.

Cons (what’s real bad)

  • Support isn’t fast – I emailed support a couple of times because I didn’t get the welcome email and I wanted to upgrade to gold but couldn’t see an easy way to do it. They were quite slow to respond and got back to me a day later, after I’d found the email in my spam folder and managed to upgrade on my own. Note: These sites often end up in the spam folder, so you need to check there when you sign up.

Final thoughts

This is my second favourite adult site so far and I’d use it again if I had no other options. If they upgrade the site design and make it a littler easier to do things I think this could be a market leader again.

So that’s my Xpress.com review, I hope you liked it!