Zaaman Abbas (DJ Complexion) and Ayaz Aftab Hussain (Yaz Beats) Music Licensing Record Label Scam

Recently I was scammed by Zaaman Abbas who goes by the name DJ Complexion and Ayaz Aftab Hussain otherwise known as Yaz Beats in a fake music licensing deal for my game Super Seducer.

Music Licensing Scam

The story so far of how I’m being scammed for a music licensing deal on my game.

  • Zaaman Abbas (DJ Complexion) and Ayaz Hussain as Future Beats Records licensed my company music for use in our computer game Super Seducer.
  • Soon after release, one artist contacted us and said that Future Beats did not have the rights to grant a license and extorted me for a considerable sum of money.
  • Zaaman Abbas and Ayaz Hussain have since avoided my calls and messages and not attempted to remedy the situation.
    Abbas is better known as DJ Complexion and has a weekly show called “The Future Beats Show” on Soundcloud
  • The invoice for the licensing fee was paid to Ashian Consultants Ltd whose director Asghar Hussain I assume is a relative of Ayaz.

Background: What’s Happened So Far

As a fan Complexion’s show, I got in touch when we needed music for our computer game. We found songs that were listed as being part of their record label on Soundcloud, drew up an agreement and licensed the tracks.

DJ Complexion Contract

Part 1 of the contract.

I was very happy with the music and was sharing actively on my Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote their show and remind everyone that it was their music in the game.

Shortly after release, I was contacted by one of the artists who threatened to take the game down from sale on Steam, remove all the YouTube videos with the DMCA process, and any other associated content that featured his tracks.

This type of “DMCA” claim is not to be taken lightly so we entered a period of negotiation and settled the matter to his benefit.

Ayaz Aftan Hussain (Yaz Beats) - Scammer

Ayaz Aftan Hussain AKA Yaz Beats (photo credit: Facebook)

Ayaz who signed the original contract did not respond to my emails and my Facebook messages went unread.

Zaaman Abbas (DJ Complexion) - Scammer

Zaaman Abbas (photo credit: Facebook)

I am not sure if the artist, Zaaman Abbas, and Ayaz Hussain were in cahoots the whole time but Abbas co-operated, gave me his phone number, spoke to me, and was in contact until a settlement with the artist was made.

After this he has been unreachable by phone, email, iMessage, and Facebook despite continuing to regularly post.

At the time of this article, I have not heard from him for 13 days, I will update the article to reflect any new information, otherwise please assume that I have not heard from Complexion since 28th April 2018.

Zaaman Abbas (DJ Complexion) Facebook Messages

Conversation with Zaaman Abbas AKA DJ Complexion on iMessage

I am very disappointed with the whole situation. I wanted to show love to a DJ whose music I had listened to for years and who sounded like a good dude on his show. I would never imagine that it would turn out to be a scam to extort money.

I’d like to warn everyone away from doing business with these unscrupulous people who:

  • Made a false agreement with me where they affirmed that they had the rights to these tracks.
  • Did not pass on the money received from the deal to their artists.
  • Made themselves unavailable and in no way attempted to help me solve the issue amicably.
  • Caused me lots of undue stress and financial loss.

These men are attempting to run various businesses, signing artists and licensing music. Whichever part of the industry you work on, you should be aware that fraudulent activities rarely occur in isolation, they show a person’s true character.

It is very clear that Zaaman Abbas (DJ Complexion) and Ayaz Hussain did not simply license me music that they had not right to license in error. If this was a simple mistake, they would have worked with me to correct the matter, and handled their artist.

At the same time, the artist in question told me that he was not speaking to Future Beats Records about the issue because it wasn’t relevant. I was surprised by this but now can only assume that it was part of the plan.

My conclusion is that the parties worked together to extort me and share the proceeds.

Final part of the contract

Contract (Part 2)

The Future Beats Records company is now dissolved, and I am not sure what legal recourse I have. I would have been very happy to settle amicably, even at a loss, but was not offered the opportunity.

We will be more careful with contracts and licensing in future, even if the people seem like “nice guys” or we are their fans. Needless to say Super Seducer 2 will not have any music connected with Future Beats and we’ll make sure we check that the licensing entity owns all the rights that they assign us.