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Welcome To PUA Training

PUA Training was started way back in 2007 with one simple idea. Help men become the kind of guy that women want to sleep with and obsess over.

You know, that guy that seems to sleep with multiple women a week, has his life in order, looks great, has a decent job and just oozes confidence.

The history of PUA Training is simple. The idea was inspired by a book called "The Game" written by Neil Strauss (AKA Style). He was the guy that really started the whole pick up artist movement and changed so many lives with his advice.

After the book was released, it was like everyone wanted to become pickup artists. Several names in this seduction industry sprang up.

Mystery (Mystery Method and Venusian Arts) , Tyler Durden (Real Social Dynamics), Art Of Seduction, Julien Blanc, Carlos Xuma, Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo and David Wygant to name a few.

Since then, our pick up artist training guides, boot camps and methods have helped thousands of men all over the world devlop their self confidence and become better with women.

So What Is A PUA Exactly?

The term "PUA" stands for Pick Up Artist, it was something that a bunch of introverted shy guys came up with to help them figure out an "exact science" to getting laid. For some of them it became a serious thing known as pickup artistry. We don't really advocate you calling yourself a pick up artist as it sounds cheesy.

Just think of it as a man that successfully seduces women naturally. No gimmicks, tricks or sleezy behaviour.

Our Pickup Artist Training Guides

There are several stages you need to go through as a man or student of seduction on this journey, before you can call yourself a master seducer or pick up artist.

Having the knowledge is one thing, but using it in the real world is quite another if you want success with women. So make sure you read everything in these guides and then go out and apply the knowledge.

How To Be A Man

The ultimate guide to being a man that EVERY woman craves. From body language to mindset, everything is here.

Best Pick Up Lines

Ever been stumped at a party, bar or even in the street for what to say? Now you'll always have a one liner ready to go.

Make Women Squirt

Become the sex god between the sheets that she needs. Learn how to make her squirt. Just wash the sheets after.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Sick of being a player and want that one hottie to come home to? Here's a step by step plan to getting a girlfriend.

Sex Tips

For the man who needs that extra kick in the bedroom. Women need a guy that knows how to handle them in bed... this guide will show you everything you need to know.

Best Hookup Apps

Sometimes it's easier to just sit at home in your pants and swipe right. These apps will get you laid if you use them wisely.

Best Adult Dating Sites

There are several sites out there with women looking for guys to have a one night stand with, these are the top ones.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

The secret to getting your ex back. Who's got time for another female friend? Hell no.

How To Eat Pussy Like A Pro

Once you learn how to eat a girl out, she will do whatever you want. The power of the tongue cannot be denied.

Other Guides You Should Read

These are guides that aren't directly related to dating tips, getting a girlfriend or seducing women. But they're still worth a read as they will help you along your journey to being a better man.

  • Best sex dolls - No more last minute resistance, messing up a cold approach or needing a dating coach. Just take her out of the closet and smash.
  • How to get a bigger dick - If you're not the right size, she won't orgasm. It's that simple bro.
  • Best testosterone boosters - If your T-levels are low, then you run the risk of developing some serious healthy issues.
  • Best cam sites - Call your wing man and tell him you're not coming out tonight, there's a live video of a smokeshow with a toy that needs your attention.
  • Best free porn site - It's Friday night, do you want to spend your hard earned cash on a few rounds at the bar or stay home and bust a free nut?

Recent Product Reviews

This seduction industry is full of characters. Some want to help you and others want to take your money. From time to time, the PUA Training team review products that are geared towards men, these are honest and unbiased reviews.

  • Models Book Review - One of the most interesting takes on seducing women since pick up artists became extinct.
  • Stealth Attraction - The program that has helped over 100,000 men to date, Stealth Attraction takes you through the most crucial phases of meeting and seducing women.
  • The Game Book Review - The book that launched the seduction industry as we know it today, changed countless lives and made terms like "approach anxiety" famous.
  • The Natural Book Review - Ever wondered how some guys just get women without any effort? Well this book explains it in detail. Based on science and one of the most well known pick up artists out there.