10 Clear Signs She Wants Sex Tonight

For many men, figuring out a woman feels like the world's most impossible task. Females are complex beings with countless emotions coursing through their veins at any given moment.

But the confusion isn't due to man's lack of equal passions. Sometimes, it's just a simple biological difference that makes sex hard to get.


Thus, most guys play guessing games and end up getting shut down. She wants to know you're into her, but she doesn't want to feel like sex is all you're after.

The thin line between "too much" and "not enough" aggression can either get you lucky or get you thrown in the friend zone. So, how do you know whether she wants to sleep with you or not?

The key is to attune yourself to her natural rhythms, mannerisms, and preferences. However, those aren't the only things you should be focusing on. In general, women give subtle signals when they're willing to have sex with someone. That means it's your job to recognize those signals and use them to your advantage.

10 Obvious Signs She Wants to Have Sex With You

Communication in a sexual relationship can be complicated, especially if you're a new couple and most assuredly if you're not a couple at all. In nature, all animals perform a mating ritual that tells potential mates to come and get it. So, if your female counterpart is doing any of these 10 things, chances are she wants to get it on: 

#1. She will try to show off her goods to you, meaning she'll go out of her way to look sexy.

It might not happen when she's alone, but as soon as she knows she's going to be in your presence she'll perk up or try to make herself more attractive in your eyes. Her behaviors and appearance will likely be based on what she already knows about you, so pay close attention to what you tell her about your views of the opposite sex.

#2. She'll make random contact with your body, especially your hands, legs, and neck.

Holding hands is a clear sign of established intimacy, but so are gentle brushes against your body. The seemingly innocent points of contact paint a picture of how much she wants to feel your body. So, if she frequently touches your hand, rubs your leg, or tickles the back of your neck, it's likely go-time.

#3. She might flex her physical fitness in your presence.

Giving you a show is one thing, but showing her physical prowess is another. You see, sexual behavior is closely linked to fertility and humankind's need to procreate is written into our genetic code. Thus, a woman's attempt to demonstrate her physical fitness is sometimes a sign that she wants to essentially mate. It's rather primal.

#4. Her conversations might include references to a romantic TV show, movie, or song.

Telling someone how you feel or that you want to have sex can be difficult and awkward. So, just like everyone else, women may use poetry, scripts, and song lyrics to express themselves more clearly. In fact, some women will directly reference a movie, song, or TV show that's known for romance just to calibrate your reaction to it.

#5. You'll start getting asked whether you're cold and/or comfortable.

It's not necessarily because you look cold or uncomfortable, but a woman in the mood for sex will often open the door to snuggling with a quick question about one or the other. She'll want to know if you're cozy and may even stand ready to make you feel better. In most cases, she assumes the best medicine is a sweet spooning session (or more).

#6. You might catch her checking you out (or even staring at your crotch).

Females are complex visual creatures, which means they like to peer at good-looking men like visitors look at paintings in a museum. So, if you see her looking at you with those "bedroom eyes" or catch her zooming in on your zipper, she may be wondering what lies beneath. Play your cards right and you could end up showing her tonight.

#7. She'll begin to linger when it seems time to say goodbye.

It's so hard to say goodbye. It's even harder to walk out the door when you're hoping for some good sex. She'll change the subject, start up a new conversation, ask leading questions, and generally loiter until it's either clear that there will be no action or you ask her to leave. Either way, getting in her presence is 50% of the battle, so use it wisely.

#8. Her invitations to hang out will involve lots of alone time.

Anyone who wants to hang out with you all alone has an ulterior motive. They either have a secret they want to share, need your quiet company, or want to do or say something that's not appropriate to do or say around others. In many cases, that inappropriate something is foreplay and/or sex. So, watch for her invites to hang out exclusively.

#9. She may become extremely suggestive with her words and humor.

Her words are likely edited before they come out in some attempt to maintain a level of vanity. Therefore, you can bet she wants your bod if she frequently refers to suggestive subjects or makes sexual jokes in your presence. And considering how modern society perpetuates those same social norms, she's likely not really kidding when she says those things.

#10. She might even come right out and say she wants to have sex.

Believe it or not, many women are extremely direct individuals who don't like to play guessing games, be subtle, or mince words. Instead, they'll just come right out and let you know their desires and intentions. And if you can handle that type of aggressive behavior from the assumed gentler sex, you could end up between the sheets in no time.

Quick Tip

Remember, all women are different and this is by no means an exhaustive list of their subtle signals for sex. Your best bet is to get to know the girl you want to sleep with. So, ask about her interests and make an effort to learn more as often as you can. Then, demonstrate how well you paid attention by recalling small details later on.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

No two women are the same, so how they view sexual behavior is bound to connect with their personalities.

Thus, it's important not to get carried away on sexist practices that deviate from accepted social norms. For example, it's okay to show chivalry if she's comfortable with that. But it's never okay to make her feel incapable of anything.

Moreover, you should be brushing up on your interpersonal communication skills in the meantime because that's how you find out what's really going on underneath. If you can't have an open and honest conversation with your potential mates, it's probably not the right time to have sex with them anyway.

Important Note

Communication is crucial because it helps you both determine your boundaries before they're busted. Boundaries are the things that you will and won't do with a mate in the bedroom. So, they're important to discuss if you want to have sex with the same person twice or build trust for a future relationship.

Keep in mind that patience is a major virtue when you're dealing with sex and women. Most women don't want to feel obligated to have sex or guilty for not putting out. If you make her feel either of those emotions, she'll likely disappear from your presence as quickly as possible to never return. Ask her for a list of criteria for good measure.

NOTE: Try not to let your emotions and insecurities get in the way of hearing and accepting what she has to say about you.

How to Make Her Want You Even More

Looking to make her want you so bad that it's blatantly obvious? While you're practicing your abilities to pick up on her seductive signs, work on these vital areas of attraction: 

  • Make sure your personal hygiene is always on point. Cologne, deodorant, and fresh breath will take you places. 
  • Find small but meaningful ways to be her hero, provider, protector, or confidante. 
  • Try to make her laugh, but not just with silly gestures and goofiness. Get intellectual with it. 
  • Look for little opportunities to make her feel special, unique, or admired. 
  • Tailor your efforts to the girl you're after. Don't treat her the way you treat everyone else. 

The Final Verdict

The girl of your dreams may not come right out and say she wants sex, but what if she does? Will you be ready for that kind of action? Better yet will you even pick up on her subtle signs before she tosses you in the friend zone? With these 10 tips in your back pocket, your chances of getting lucky tonight are so much better. 

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