Review: My Honest Feedback – You Should Read This…

If you’re in two minds about signing up for this new cam site then you will need to read all the way to the end of this article, because I give you an in-depth, no holds bared, honest Cams Creative review that will help you to make the decision. Ready to roll? Let’s get started then.

I’m serious when I say you must read all the way to the end or if you have 5 minutes, check out our list of the best adult cam sites. Review - Screenshot of the cam site

My honest review.

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My cams creative review

Last week a friend DM’d me and said… “Dude, check this new cam site out, it’s SIIICK!”.

One of my eyebrows naturally raised with curiosity as I read the name: Cams Creative. Mmmm, I thought. Let’s check this out and see what he’s all excited for.

I opened a new tab, fired up the website and… WOAH. What the hell is this??

Nothing like I’ve ever seen before, cartoon like design, interesting looking women and free shows of up to 150 minutes if I just paid the $4.95 registration fee. That’s it? I’m all in son.

I paid the fee and I was in. So the selection of women was a little lacking because this service is apparently very new, so they are racking up business.

But boy was I not disappointed in the girl I chose…


How sexy is she??

Click Here To Check Out Cams Creative

A sexy Russian chick with a body to die for a smile that would give you an erection.

After 48 minutes, I was a satisfied man and I can assure you I got my money’s worth.

I close the tab, reply to my friend “That site is deadly…” and call it a night.

The Pros

  • High value for money: You pay just $4.95 registration fee and they give you a massive 150 minutes of live shows for free (IMlive is much cheaper by the way). Which is pretty amazing. I’ve never seen this kind of value before.
  • Simple but cool design: Again this is something I’ve not seen before, the design is like a cartoon and each woman is very unique in the talents they offer on cam.
  • Awesome support: Because the site isn’t really busy, the support are pretty fantastic to say the least.

The Cons

  • Streaming was slow on first couple of tries: I put this down to the new service, but it was hard to load the first girl. Once it loaded however, I was off to the races.
  • Limited models: Again because of the new launch, they are trying to get new models to the site every day. So be patient over the next few months with this.

Final comments: Review

I’d say this is one of the best adult cam sites now, no joke. I’ve been on a ton of cam sites lately and each one offers something unique, but nothing like this, it’s completely different.

When logged in and checking out the talent I saw creative cams like “In the gym” and “romantic dinner”. These are the ones you can use your free minutes on. So the girls will be working out, or eating a romantic dinner etc. Pretty cool huh?

Get your tissue ready and head over to the site right now… you won’t be disappointed.