Stealth Attraction Review: Will This Program Get You Laid?

Stealth Attraction Review - Screenshot of the members area.

A sneak-peek inside the members area. The most detailed course on picking up women I’ve ever come across.

Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or you just want to get laid like a rockstar, this program claims to have everything you need to attract a woman. In this full Stealth Attraction review, I’m going to go into detail on what the program is, how it can help you and if it’s worth the money. So let’s get into it!

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Stealth Attraction Review
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Stealth Attraction is primarily a home training video program that focuses on helping guys meet, attract and eventually sleep with more women. It’s centred around one man, Richard La Ruina, who’s a self proclaimed “pick up artist” and best selling author, who has slept with his fair share of women.

My Stealth Attraction Review

Guy bored in an office.

Not me. But exactly the way I was feeling everyday :(

Late last year I was bored.

Bored of life, of the same old surroundings, my job, friends… everything. I’d had enough and felt like I needed a change.

My love life wasn’t anything to get excited about either.

I hadn’t gotten laid in over eight months and wasn’t much of a clubber, so never ventured out of my comfort zone.

Because I’m a freelancer, I work from home, so as you can imagine it was next to impossible to meet women, unless I forced myself.

How I got laid before this course was basically going to the pub with friends, getting drunk and then talking in drunken slurred words to any female within 10ft of me.

Did it work? Sure, I’d have sex maybe one or two time a year.

The girls weren’t great, but hey I’m no Clooney!

Anyway, back to being bored.

One night I was eating a curry at home and downing my second bottle of Heinken, when I sat up and said “F*ck this!” I’m not sure why I said that, but what I meant was, I’m tired of this life and I want some adventure.

Let the Googling begin.

In my semi drunk state, I searched for a whole range of things.

How to get laid more… best countries for women… why am I such a loser. You get the idea.

Anyway, down the rabbit hole I went and after around thirty minutes of clicking around, I came across a video on You Tube titled:

The Dating Guru Who Says British Women Are ‘Overweight’ and ‘Entitled’

I’m not sure why I clicked on this video.

Maybe because I too think a lot British women are overweight and entitled or because or because of the dating guru part.

Or… maybe it’s because this guy had balls to go on national TV against the biggest ass in media.

Either way, I clicked, watched and wasn’t disappointed.

The video is essentially a British guy by the name of Richard La Ruina, getting roasted by Piers Morgan and his gaggle of women.

Richard made some great points.

This led me down an even deeper rabbit hole that lasted four hours.

Long story short, I had my credit card out and was buying Stealth Attraction. Richards’s flagship program for getting the ladddiesssss.

It was at this point that I passed out on the sofa.

Waking up the next day, I’d realised that I drank too much and I’d purchased a course that was totally out of character. I was drunk, so I don’t blame myself haha.

Curious and feeling a little worse for wear, logged into the members area.

And THAT is where my insane journey begins.

It’s been roughly one year since that night and buying the Stealth Attraction course and honestly…

It was the best investment I’ve ever made.

I know that’s a big statement, so let me explain…

Within the very first week of trying the techniques laid out in the course, I had 8 new numbers and got laid… wait for it… TWICE!

From two times in one year, to twice in one week is unheard of for me.

I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I kept at it. Working on my approaching, conversational skills and “closing” (code for getting laid).

Yes I got rejected a lot, but I also started to get laid a lot.

I suddenly had a surge of confidence, like I had some kind of power that was always there, I just didn’t know how to use it.

Women that would walk past me in the street or in bars were now fair game, whereas before I’d just think “She’s cute, wish I could bang her”.

I’d be stopping women, without any fear or hesitation.

Conversations would be super flirty, instead of dry and her making an excuse to leave.

Women were actually texting me and asking if I had plans.

It was surreal.

I’d be listening to the audio’s during my working hours in the living room, taking notes in my Moleskine journal and then practicing after I’d finished with work, either in the local bars or shopping mall.

My fashion changed too.

Before I’d be happy wearing an old baggy t-shirt and jeans. Now I was buying accessories, fitted t-shirts and jeans.

I even started to care about fitness because my confidence was growing and well, the gym is a great place to meet women too, so that helps with motivation.

Sitting here today, I can hand on heart say my life has changed since going through Stealth Attraction.

Richard’s techniques are pure gold and work tremendously well if you implement them.

Whether you’re single and depressed like I was or fresh out of a relationship and looking to mingle, this program will help, you just need to try everything he suggests and be willing to experience rejection (which by the way, isn’t that bad at all).

The most interesting part?

I sent my membership login to two friends of mine.

One of them now has a girlfriend and the other (Derek you dirty rascal) is sleeping with a new girl, pretty much every night!

Oh an one more thing, you get a full 60 day money back guarantee.

So if you don’t like the course, members area, videos… anything. You can just get your money back. Very transparent and honest I thought.

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What’s in the course:

Core 4 training – 5 hours of step-by-step technics that show you how to meet and attract women. How they think, act and what they look for in a man. How to talk to them, touch them and date them or just bang them.

Core 4 training screenshot.

Great fundamental training.

Master Pickup Artist (MPUAU) – Once you buy the course, you’re enrolled into a monthly program which you can cancel at any time (no questions asked). It has interviews with top seducers, other attraction techniques and a lot of material that’s not a part of the core training.

Master Pick Up Artist University screenshot.

Awesome interviews with respected seducers.

5 bonuses – They are mention in the video, but the bonuses are AMAZING. Professionally designed PDFs that cover very specific topics like text game, squirting orgasms and even magic words used for stealth conversations.

Master toolkit bonuses screenshot.

This is the money shot. AMAZING bonuses completely free.

Pros: What’s good

  • Practical advice – Each training video is around 1 hour and packed with information on how to interact with women. From the approach, to building rapport, to closing (getting laid). VERY in-depth all the way through.
  • Great interviews – Aside from Richard teaching you. He brings in male and female trainers to give you their perceptive on dating which is really cool. I liked the interview with the strippers :)
  • Supporting material – Each module comes with a PDF and MP3 which you can download, which is awesome for referencing the material later or listening on the train.
  • Thriving community – Each module has a comment section which seems to be bustling with guys eager to learn.
    Easy to use members area – The members are is clean, easy to navigate and use.

Cons: What’s bad

  • Can’t download videos – I’m not sure if this is a piracy feature, but you can only stream the videos. No download option for any device which is a little frustrating if you want to watch them on the go without a WIFI or mobile connection/
  • More club/bar focused – Although the techniques outlined in the course are suited to most situations, they really are geared towards a bar and club environment. So if you don’t like partying, this might not be for you. Having said that, the Master Pickup Artist (MPUAU) subscription does cover daygame and other attraction techniques outside of clubs.

Final conclusion: Should you get it?

If you’re genuinely struggling in your love life and can’t seem to get out of a rut, then I wholeheartedly recommend it. It can help with getting over nerves when approaching women, known what to say during conversations and even how to escalate when you have a girl in your apartment.

It’s an incredibly detailed program with a lot of attention to detail. It’s worth the price if you use the material and techniques outlined. Otherwise, it’s not worth buying if you’re just looking for a quick confidence boost.

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