WM Doll Review – Don’t Let The Price Fool You

If you want a quality sex doll that will last for a long time while still giving quality stimulation, then you need to be ready to commit to your investment. Pleasure and quality aren’t cheap, but the right doll can certainly make up for the price.

WM Doll Review

WM Doll is one of the top manufacturers of lifelike sex dolls out there with years of experience and plenty of customization. This WM Doll review will tell you everything you need to know before purchasing your doll.

An In-Depth WM Doll Review

The company is just as important to learn about as the doll, and seeing how the company handles its business aspects can be very telling as to the quality you’ll be receiving.

The Company

WM Doll has been in the sex doll manufacturing business for years and operates out of Guangzhou, China. They have an established website with a lot of thought put into it, and have clients worldwide to show for it.

Their website is top-notch, and you’ll likely have difficulty making your choice. They have an extensive gallery showing off their dolls in various positions and outfits. Visually seeing the maneuverability and differing styles the dolls can pull off is a great way to help customers find the styles they are interested in.

If none of their current dolls are to your liking, they have a deep well of customization options that can fulfill just about any fetish. Their limit is truly the customer’s imagination. It’s obvious that WM Doll’s primary goal is customer satisfaction.

The Dolls

The dolls created by WM Doll excel in both realism and customization. It’s clear they want their dolls to create an unforgettable experience with their customers and fulfill even the most niche fantasies.

You can customize your doll to the point that they custom make it for you from scratch. Everything from the bust, butt size, height, hair, skin color, pubic hair, eye color, and even nail color can be tailored to fit your needs.

Dolls created by WM Doll are primarily made from TPE materials, which gives them a realistic look and feel and incredible maneuverability. The dolls are capable of being in just about any position they need to be and will show no signs of stretching or tearing afterward.


Here’s an overview of the WM Doll’s features.


Each doll made by WM Doll is incredibly lifelike. They have talented artists that pour their skills into making sure that each doll is unique and realistic. There are no cookie-cutter models that get sent out, so each doll has a different look from the last.

Their pre-made doll models aren’t the only options. You can easily custom make a doll to look almost any way you want. They even have options for certain fetishes like elf ears for a fantasy feel or detachable penises for shemale options.

Every detail on the dolls is painstakingly realistic to provide an accurate sensory experience. The look and feel of intricate body parts such as the nipples and labia make it difficult to even tell that it’s a sex doll.

Even the accessories have the same attention to detail as the body. The wigs and pubic hair have very realistic textures, and the interchangeable heads fit seamlessly onto the body. WM Doll even goes out of their way to give each doll the option to have painted finger and toenails, giving each one the tiny details necessary to seem lifelike.


WM Doll, like many other sex doll manufacturers, uses two primary materials for their dolls. Each one has various pros or cons, and choosing which type to go with is entirely up to the customer.


Silicone is the most durable material you can ask for in a sex doll and yet is also safe and gentle for your skin. This makes it very popular in the medical field, not just for dolls. Another plus of silicone is how realistic it looks when compared to real skin. It’s hard to tell the difference.

The main downside to silicone is the feel of it. It’s not abrasive or uncomfortable by any means, but it just doesn’t feel as realistic as the other material. This is the only real downside, though, as the durability means that a silicone doll will easily pass the test of time.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

TPE is the go-to material for sex dolls and not just those made by WM Doll. TPE is much more elastic than silicone and provides incredibly realistic sensations. It conforms and clings to you in a way that can even rival the real deal.

TPE dolls are also known for their realistic reactions when touched. It jiggles and ripples like a real person and adds a crucial layer of realism that can make or break the overall experience. While not as durable as silicone, the gap isn’t very large, and a TPE doll will still last for a very long time.


WM Doll makes sure that there are plenty of options for even the most choosy of customers to pick from. While they have a vast array of ready to ship dolls with some incredible variety between them, the ability to customize your own doll is where they shine.

You can fully build your doll from the ground up. WM Doll has a very interactive process to take in any preferences or details so that their artists can get to work crafting the perfect doll. It does take a while for them to integrate designs and fully create the doll, but the end result is very much worth the wait.

Pros (What I Like)

  • Website – WM Doll has an amazing website that is incredibly user friendly. Huge galleries of ready to ship dolls in a multitude of positions and outfits give users plenty of information to help with their decisions.
  • Price – While the amount is high enough to be a significant investment, it’s still very cheap compared to other companies. The quality for the price is absolutely incredible.
  • Discreet Shipping and Billing – While there’s no need to be ashamed of this type of purchase, some customers aren’t as confident about being public with it. WM Doll offers discreet options so that customers can enjoy their products without having to worry about it.
  • Incredible Customization – WM Doll offers an absurd amount of customization, and getting what you want is an easy task. They dive into the details and ensure that everything looks and feels incredibly realistic.
  • 24 Hour Forgiveness – For a full day after receiving your doll, they will fix any issues completely free. Even if you have to ship the doll back for a critical repair, they will handle all shipping and expenses to get you your correct product back as soon as possible.

Cons (What I Don’t Like)

  • Long Creation Process – While their customization options are nice, building a doll from the ground up does take them a long time. It leads to better quality, but the time from purchase to receiving your doll can make even the most patient person antsy.
  • Male Oriented – The market is notably male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t potential female customers. Unfortunately, WM Doll doesn’t really have options for female customers to choose from. This forces women to turn their searches elsewhere and miss out on the amazing quality that WM Doll produces.

Most Common Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions I came across on WM Dolls.

How do I clean my sex doll?

Staying on top of your doll’s hygiene is critical since she cannot clean herself. She needs to be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned before and after each use. Storing her in a space where she will be safe from any dust or particles is crucial to making sure she lasts.

Simple soap and water will be more than enough to flush out and clean your doll’s canals. Doing this after every use is critical to avoid infection and less effective sensations. If you opted to get a detachable vagina for your doll, then the cleaning process becomes infinitely easier.

Any chemicals stronger than mild soap should not be used. Using something too harsh can potentially ruin your doll. While not necessary, using a condom during intercourse makes the cleaning process much faster and easier.

How do I care for the doll?

Treat this doll as a real woman.

If a position or joint position would harm or injure a real person, then don’t try it with your doll. They are meant to be flexible, not boneless.

She is a doll, so her skin will not grow back if damaged. Don’t drag your doll over rough surfaces, and don’t get too rough if using your teeth or sharp BDSM tools. These superficial injuries will stack up quickly if you’re not careful.

What if there’s a problem with the doll?

WM Doll thoroughly inspects each doll before shipping them out. The odds of there being an issue once received are incredibly low.

All sales are final, and returning the doll is not an option. Because of this, they give you 24 hours after receiving to thoroughly inspect your doll. If it’s not up to par or if there are any issues, you can get it fixed or replaced for free.

Final Thoughts

WM Doll produces high-quality dolls with a complete focus on customer satisfaction. The testing and inspection process means that each doll they send out is perfect, with very few exceptions. They have no hidden fees, and the price you see is the price you pay.

Everything is discreet, so if you’re a bit shy about your purchase, you have nothing to fear. It’s hard to argue against the quality and care that WM Doll puts into their products. Hopefully, this WM Doll review helps you to make your decision on your future playmate.

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