Fling.com Review: How I Got Laid Within 3 Hours Using This Site

This is my honest fling.com review (a casual dating site) which last 17 days in total. I go into detail about one specific scenario which happened just 3 hours after signing up… you need to read this.

A healthy selection of average women, but still totally possible to get laid.

Quick Fling.com Review (4/5)

Site looks REALLY nice, easy to navigate and sign up… which I did within about 2 minutes flat. Liked the search features, they were simple to use and browse the around.

If I’m completely honest though, I didn’t see a huge amount of cute girls, I mean sure there were a few hundred in my area that I could contact but out of those, there were like 8 girls in total that I wanted to contact.

However… something I wasn’t expecting happened… read more below in the in-depth review.

In-Depth Fling Review

So I grabbed a cup of coffee… my handy adult dating advice guide and started searching like a deranged perverted little boy.

It’s a Friday night so I was expecting some horny girls to be online.

The Search

Got my profile in order (ya know… 5 shots, bio, 1 video etc) and started with a basic search. Nothing came back.

So I went to the advanced search, over 200 results for my area… ok that’s better.

I began flicking through the pages… 1, 2, 3…10. No hot girls, WTF?!

Out of 200 girls I found 8 girls that I liked.

Throwing Out The Bait

I was in the middle of contacting the 3rd girl with an awesome custom message and I see a message come in…

It’s from a girl I haven’t contacted (SMOKING hot too!).

The message says…

Subject: Fancy meeting up?

“Hey cutie!

I just saw your profile… it’s not like the other guys, so thought I’d send you a message. I’m in Central London tonight for a friends birthday in like an hour but then I’m free at 9pm.

Do you fancy meeting up tonight?

Sarah x”


So I stopped what I was doing and replied to her message, asked her to talk on the phone for a few minutes just to make sure she wasn’t a hooker or a weirdo (you can never be too careful).

Building Rapport On The Phone

She gave me her number and I called her… the conversation was about 10 minutes, and I just said to her straight up that I wanted to make sure she wasn’t a nutcase or anything.

She laughed and said it was her first time on the site… blah blah.

We arranged to meetup in Covent Garden at 9pm and take it from there.

The First Meetup

9pm it is (2 hours after signing up to Fling by the way).

I’m waiting at the station… look up and then see a girl (exactly as she described) walking over to me smiling.

She was a tall brunette, English from Leeds, blue eyes, lovely long hair, very slim and big boobs. I had lucked out!

From the moment I met her I could tell that she was seriously horny, she just had an energy about her. So I said…

“What would you prefer… a bottle of wine back at my place which is 10 minutes away or a few drinks in a bar nearby and a taxi back to mine?”

Then she said… “wine and back to yours…” with a huge smile on her face, looking all sexy and cute.

We both hopped in a taxi and headed back to mine.

I opened the front door… grabbed the bottle of wine with 2 glasses and we headed straight for my bedroom.

We didn’t even get to the wine, we just both ripped each other clothes off and started having sex like it had an expiry date attached to it.

So within 3 hours of signing up to Fling I was banging a super hot chick who lived 30 minutes away from me… cool huh??

Other Girls

So I didn’t really get any action (sex that is) after the one night stand. I met up with 2 girls, one didn’t look like her profile picture at all and I made an excuse, then just left… the other girl bailed on me and didn’t text me back so it was just the one girl I’m afraid.

Pros (What’s REAL Good)

  • Clean looking site – It’s really easy to navigate, loads fast and it’s current so feels up to date. A lot of the other sites are SOOO old, it feels like you’re looking around a site that was made in 1998.
  • Quick search – The quick search is pretty cool if you don’t want to waste any time, the advanced search is also very good if you’re specific about the girls you want to sleep with.
  • Cheapest 3 day trial around, it’s like $4.95 which is nothing to test the thing out.

Cond (What’s REAL Bad)

  • Lack of hot girls – I was on there for 17 days and although I found a handful of hot girls, there wasn’t as many as the other dating sites. So if you’re not bothered by hooking up with average chicks, then you might find Fling to be more than adequate.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure if my crazy one night stand was just a lucky break or not, because it didn’t happen again with any other girls after that in the time I was signed up to Fling.

Having said that I would suggest giving it a shot, at least for the trial period and seeing if you can get any action.

So that’s my honest Fling.com review. If you’re interested, here’s how list of the best hookup sites.

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