How To Get Harder Erections Naturally: 7 Guaranteed Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Problems

How To Get Harder Erections

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, then you’re one lucky man. Not because of your floppy boner, but more so because you’re reading this page right now, which is full of the top tecqhniues that have been proven “by science” to help you get rock hard erections.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to get harder erections naturally, that will not only make the women in your life happy (to the point of begging you to bang them), it will sky rocket your confidence and self-esteem.

I hope you’re ready… this is going to be good.

Before we get into the nitty gritty. I have a question for you…

Do you know what the number #1 cause is for erectile dysfunction?

Nope it’s not smoking… too much alcohol or even an hereditary issue, it’s actually something called penile sensitivity. More men than ever are going under the knife and chopping off their foreskin in an effort to conform to society’s standards.

As a result circumcision has been shown to be the leading cause for limp dick in men as young as 19. If you are circumcised, then unfortunately you’re 4X more likely to experience erectile dysfunction in your life. Bummer right?

But why does slicing your foreskin off have an impact on your boner?

Well, this is because over 80% of your penile nerves are located in your foreskin! Not to mention, the head of your penis is usually protected by the foreskin and over time due to it being exposed, will start to develop tiny calluses that remove up to 30% of the sexual pleasure. Crazyness.

This loss of sensation leads to less pleasure, which leads to less mental stimulation, which eventually leads to a floppy cock and the cycle continues.

Ok, so now you know the cause. Let’s get onto how you can stop it from happening again…

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Get Stronger Erections

1. Eat watermelon

Studies have shown that eating fresh watermelon can help give you stronger erections and has been called a natural viagra by some. According to Dr. Greger of Nutrition Facts, “watermelon may help treat the symptoms of pelvic atherosclerosis, but it’s better to get to the root of the problem and clear out the arterial plaque”.

Eating watermelon (which has L-Citrulline) will trigger a chain of events in the body that results in both unclogging arterial plaque and increasing natural blood flow to the penis. Cool huh?

2. Experiment with condoms

Condoms are amazing at preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing your risk of contracting an STD and keeping your winkle clean. But sadly, they also kill your sensitivity. The thicker the condom, the more chance of you feeling absolutely NOTHING during sex.

But there are some brands out there that make thinner condoms also, plus you might want to try other materials instead of latex. Experiment with a few brands and sizes to see what feels most natural.

3. Keep things exciting

One of the most common reasons for a soft erection is lack of variety. You might have sex with your girlfriend in the same way a few times a week and this is just boring the crap out of you sexually. Same goes for single guys, you’re probably doing the same thing with one night hookups… same position etc.

Make things more exciting in the bedroom. Try foreplay, oils, massaging, different kinds of oral sex, sex toys… the list is endless. When you’re excited, the last thing you will be thinking of is keeping an erection!

4. Take Panax Ginseng supplements

Panax Ginseng has been studied on with a variety of men over the years and has shown tremendous results when it comes to improving sexual function. Don’t confuse Panax Ginseng with the more common types which are American Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng, they are not the same.

One known side effect of Ginseng however is insomnia, so if you find it hard to get to sleep then you might want to skip this.

5. Try restricting blood flow

When you get an erection, your penis is being engorged with blood which causes coproral tissue to expand and swell. When this blood flow and natural swelling is apparent, there is a trick you can use to keep that erection rock solid. It’s called “trapping the blood”.

By restricting the blood flow from moving down, you stand more of a chance of maintaining a strong erection. To restrict the flow of blood, all you need to do is squeeze the base of your penis. Now you can do this with your fingers, a cock ring or even an elastic band (not the best option) either way, it will have the same immediate effect.

6. Don’t masturbate so much

Masturbation is great for many things (stress relief, premature ejaculation management, prostate cancer prevention, sperm motility etc). But if you’re struggling to get an erection, then you may be masturbating too much. What this is doing is training your mind to perform during a private session rather than during real sex with a woman.

Try sustaining from masturbation for the next 30 days (I know not having an orgasm is hard) and only have sex instead. You’ll find that you want to release so much that you will remain harder than you usually do, due to excitement.

7. Eat a mostly plant based diet

It has been proven that a plant based diet can prevent a number of diseases, ailments and issues. One of the issues that a plant based diet can help to prevent AND cure is erectile dysfunction (also help you cum more too). I’m not saying you need to be a full blown vegan or anything, but consume at least 80% more veggies and cut down on the meat by a lot. Also skip saturated fat, dairy and eggs so you can give your arteries and blood vessels a rest.

So there you have it. That’s how to get harder erections naturally, without having to pop penis pills or undergo invasive surgery. Having said that, each of the above techniques above take time to implement and you won’t see immediate results. If you’re eager to cure your limp dick and be able to keep an erection for HOURS… then you need to check this out.

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