Sexting Tips For Guys: 3 Dirty Texts You Should Send A Girl If You Want To Make Her Horny

Thumb power = Getting laid!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a girl turned on so much within 20 minutes that she was basically pleading with you to let her come over so you could satisfy her?

Not only that, but you’re doing all this just by relaxing at home… chillin in your sweats AND you even have multiple girls on the go at the same time, all texting you…

naked pics… things they want you to do to them.

Well let me tell you, this is totally possible when you know what to text a girl and I’ve got a bunch of sexting tips for guys that will make you a superstar texter within just 1 day.

Sound good?

Awesome, let’s begin.

Quick Note: There are 4 types of text messages you should NEVER send if you want to get laid. Here they are. Bottom line is text game seduction works, so you should use it every time you get a girls number.

Why dirty texting is so effective

Here’s why I think dirty text messages are so freakin cool and appeal to the lazier man:

  • Women get turned on by words – Women are serial fantasists, which mean that get massively aroused by words and imagining sexual scenarios. This can give you tremendous power.
  • It’s private – Your phone is private to you, so noone is going to read those texts unless you want them to. This allows her to be very sexual and naughty without her friends finding out and calling her a slut.
  • Low pressure – There aren’t any cockblocks, social pressures or uncomfortable silences which means that she will be open to say things much faster than she would in person, without the same thought process of a high pressure situation.
  • You set the tone and pace – It’s up to you how fast or slow you want to build things up sexually with a text and no matter how long you leave it before you reply, you will always start from that point. Meaning you won’t have to start the whole sexual build up all over again.

So now you know why a dirty text can be effective, let’s move onto the actual dirty texts to send girls to get them all hot and bothered.

3 dirty texts examples that will get her turned on fast

I’ve put these examples into 3 types. From mild to aggressive, all of them work so it’s up to you to try them out and see which works best for you. You can also mix them up with different girls based on how sexual they are too.

Naughty but nice (Flirty banter, always a sexual undertone)

  • Her: Hey you, how’s your day going? x
  • You: Well hello my cheeky little fuzzy chicken… a little boring if I’m honest. Need some excitement today x
  • Her: What kind of excitement? :)
  • You: Dunno, like a submissive maid who’s does everything I ask… x
  • Her: Shall I get the outfit out of my closet for you? x
  • You: Yes… and make sure you pick up my dry cleaning on the way… otherwise daddy will be angry.
  • Her: Is it bad that I like it when daddy is angry? x
  • You: Yes. And for that I’m going to have to put you over my knee you naughty girl.

Blah blah, you get the picture. She basically loves the tease, because it’s naughty… you’re leading the texts and she’s being submissive.

The hunter (No fluff, just straight to the point)

  • You: So it’s Thursday evening… work almost done and I’ve got an overwhelming erection, what is a man to do? x
  • Her: Get some ice ;) x
  • You: Now now missy, that’s naughty. You weren’t given lips like that for nothing… get the high heels, some red lipstick and get to my place sharpish
  • Her: And if I don’t? x
  • You: I will find you… kidnap you… blind fold you, tie you to my bed and have my way with you… even when you can’t take it anymore.
  • Her: See you at 10… x

The fantasist (Building up a sexual story in her mind that will keep her horny all day long)

  • You: Just been to see Batman… What a badass x
  • Her: Oh yeah? x
  • You: Yep, that deep voice, crazy ninja moves and rock hard six pack… ooooo
  • Her: You got the hots for Batman? x
  • You: Are you telling me that if Batman grabbed you, took you back to his lair, whispered dirty words in that deep gravely voice and dominated you… you wouldn’t like it? x
  • Her: Mmmm… ok I’m in x
  • You: Damn. it’s 11pm, where the hell can I get a bat suit at this hour…
  • Her: Forget the bat suit, just bring the gravely voice! x
  • You: On my way miss…

3 simple sexting tips for guys

Here are some helpful sexting tips that will keep you on track and not feel like you’re stuck after the first bump.

Don’t jump the gun

Let’s get something straight here, women like guys who are sure of themselves and their actions. So you need to be that guy when texting, however this doesn’t mean that you want to be too brash with your words.

For example, you don’t want to say something like:

“Nice meeting you yesterday, can’t wait to f**k your brains out this week”

This isn’t going to work on any girl, there’s no sizzle or flirting, it’s just too direct and she will think that you think she’s a slut. Game over.

A better example would be:

“Nice meeting you last night… can’t stop thinking about that sexy little bum… Not getting any work done today, you’re a bad influence young lady! x”

If you offend her, just move on

There will be a point during your dirty texting session that you may offend her, this is totally fine as you need to see where the line is with each girl. But what you don’t want to do is apologise like a needy little bitch.

You need to give an underhanded apology, like this…

Her: “Erm… ok that was a little rude”
You: “Ooo I didn’t hurt your feelings did I? Ok you get one spank and that’s it… ok two, but that’s my final offer.”

Set a sexual frame early on

Most guys are too afraid to turn on the sexual vibe with text messages in case they screw it up. My advice is, don’t worry about screwing it up… if you did a decent job when you met her, then a text message won’t ruin the attraction unless you’re a total tard. So you can introduce something with the text opener.

Switch on the naughty stuff and keep dialling it up from the very first text.

Always try and turn things into a sexual innuendo, it’s much more exciting than a boring “how’s your day going” text.

That’s it fellas… a rundown of simple sexting tips for guys. Do you have any examples you want to share? Leave them in the comments below dude.

Did she flake?

Quick pro tip: When a girl doesn’t text back, it doesn’t always mean she’s not interested. It just means you haven’t created the right amount of attraction yet. Master the text messaging game, so you never get another flake again – check this out.

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  1. I am ok

  2. best article thanks for sharing with us

  3. Angela M. Wingler says

    Yes this is excellent advice and gets me aroused by the way

  4. 0O7kucensefor fun says

    I’m looking for women that are honest. I speak my mind and if it seem it won’t work I wii
    Be up front about it I don’t play games.

  5. What the fuck this is not what you want to do unless they really are a slut

  6. Hey I just wanted to say thank u for this information it’s very much appreciated.

  7. Female opinion says

    Okay I’m Canadian and I’m assuming this is a British man speaking sooo I struggled with some of the phrasing… But please don’t call the girl your “fuzzy little chicken”… “Babe, sweetheart, cutie, even hot stuff works. Chickens, no. (Everything else was okay, not really “do me now” material though

    • You would be surprised how many girls like chicken as a term of endearment. Having said that & most importantly, it would need to be said verbally first or one just looks a complete twat.

  8. Socialkenny PUA says

    The art of sexting lol :lol:

    I consider myself the originator of sexting since I was an avid phone sex guy wince a kid (although I wasn’t getting laid until much later when I entered the world of pickup).

    Good advice though Gambler!

  9. Roxanne says

    I started reading this blog while I was in the middle of my own “sext fest”. The advise you gave turned me on way more than my guys “sexy” messages.

  10. i’ve been using this kind of stuff on my own recently, just came here for suggestions. works great, right now i’ve got a 20 year old literally begging me to let her be my sex slave

  11. I’m a woman reading through your blog posts and i’m sitting here thinking “how does he know EXACTLY what I like??”….I don’t know how you do it, but you’re a genius!!…if only all men were born with all this knowledge about women implanted in their brains. Now I just need to figure out a way to get my bf to read all these posts. Any suggestions (other than just telling him too of course)?

  12. Witchdoctor says

    ” if you did a decent job when you met her, then a text message won’t ruin the attraction unless you’re a total tard.”

    You’ve got it all wrong. If a text message would ruin the attraction, then she’s a total tard. Besides, good for you that you found out early on, on to the next one :)

  13. Hey, do you use these on girls you’ve literally just met on the street or girls that you’ve been out with a couple of times? Great post!

    • PUA Training says

      Can be either, depending on how well your interaction in person goes. You usually pick up a vibe from the girl on how intense your texts should be.

  14. I can’t get enough of this stuff ..the more I watch and read the beter I’m getting daily..where were you guys in my 20’s…

  15. Hey Richard, just wanted to thank you for the advice on Day Game. Today, for the first time, I approached the three hottest girls I’ve ever spoken to in my life (all blondes, GREAT bodies) and did a direct opener, “Hi, I just saw you, and wanted to tell you you’re beautiful.” I didn’t really plan on continuing with small talk, but the third one started asking me questions as I started to walk away, and I ended up getting her number. This is just the beginning of doing something different, in order to get something different, but already I can feel my confidence MUCH MUCH higher than before, and I’ve got a new found sense of adventure. I feel I’m slowly getting things into perspective and am eager to take things further and further till I sleep with the women that I truly want in my life. Your information is much appreciated :)

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