“The Natural” Book Review: A Bestseller With 100,000+ Copies Sold

The Natural Book Review

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Most books on picking up women expect you to act like a robot that uses recycled, cheesy lines or pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s why “The Natural” is the welcome deviation all men need to read.

As its name implies, it gives you insight on what women like and don’t like to make you as “natural” as possible from the first conversation starter all the way to building a relationship with the woman of your dreams.

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Quick Summary

Richard La Ruina has made a reputation for himself as a true pick-up artist (PUA) by setting a real-life example of how he transformed himself from being a shy guy to a true master of seduction. In “The Natural,” he’s sharing his experience on how to attract women with a witty writing style that makes the book hard to put down.

Unlike many PUA training books, “The Natural” starts by laying out simple yet effective tips on how to take your life to the next level. Self-fulfillment is the most crucial aspect of having a happy life.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy; you just need to give your 100% to whatever you’re doing and be successful at it. That way, you’ll notice a significant boost to your confidence backed up by real achievements, rather than an unnatural act of confidence to impress a girl who will, at some point, see through the facade.

Throughout your journey with “The Natural,” you’ll never feel overwhelmed by unrealistic feats that the book expects you to do. Instead, you get a step by step guide, starting from the very first step of introducing yourself to the woman who caught your attention in a way that creates trust and instant connection between you two.

Furthermore, you get a companion that guides you through each step of the relationship road, from the moment you get the girl’s number to dating and building a happy life together.

My In-Depth “The Natural” Review

The Natural Book Author

This is Richard and his sidekick.

Personal Story

“The Natural” is one of the prime examples of introducing new audiences who have never been fond of getting their relationship advice from books to such a genre. This is achieved by having plenty of interesting personal stories sprinkled around to keep you immersed.

The author, Richard La Ruina, shares some of his life’s lows and how he managed to turn this around into the success he enjoys today. You get to live with him through his rough upbringing in London to his lonely youth when he didn’t have a girlfriend.

He continues to describe how his life kept on taking all the wrong turns when he had to drop out of college and lived in his mother’s house until the age of 25.

This thrilling journey builds up the suspense to keep readers intrigued by the turning point that changed La Ruina’s life. La Ruina is smart enough to use the readers’ anticipation as the catalyst that keeps them engaged and ready to open their minds to the book’s techniques.


First of all, the book managed to win me over thanks to its clear and realistic messages throughout its prologue. Change takes time and effort, so you shouldn’t expect to just read through “The Natural” in a couple of hours, and voila, you’ve got yourself a sociable person.

That’s why the inclusion of assignments and exercises that you can practice at home makes “The Natural” a more valuable package. Instead of just telling you what you need to do, the book actually encourages you to do it. Practice makes perfect, so it’ll help if you concentrate on a couple of life-changing tips at a time until you master them, then move to the next.

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Smart Build-Up Chapters

To me, the highlight of the first half of the book is a chapter called “The Attraction.” I like how La Ruina doesn’t shy away from acknowledging some of the cliche traits and characters that make men attractive.

It’s part of human nature that women are more attracted to good-looking, strong men who give the vibes that they’ll be able to provide for their families. Other similar books try to avoid the obvious not to alienate some of their readers; however, this proves to do more harm than good.

By addressing the attractive qualities that catch women’s eyes, you’re giving your readers the chance to make the most of such attributes and learn to find a way around any disadvantages they might have.

Though the introductory section spends a lot of time helping you develop yourself to become a natural girls’ magnet, I found many of the tips it presents to be disjointed.

It would have worked much better if we got a fleshed-out mindset through which readers can see life in a new light. In other words, rather than giving readers some advice about particular snippets of life, why not help them understand themselves better!

This way, the author empowers his readers to have more control over their lives and approach different situations in different ways that suit their personality, rather than just following the status quo.

Taking Action

The meat on bones of “The Natural” is how to actually approach women and win them over. It shines when it addresses relatable issues like anxiety and shyness around new people.

For instance, the section where it gives you tips on the best way to introduce yourself can be a game-changer for many people. Upon focusing your efforts on highlighting your best traits and making them front and center, you can leave a lasting first impression.

The social intelligence that you acquire isn’t just limited to letting you approach attractive women. In fact, such skills will help stir your life in the right direction, whether it’s at work or in other everyday interactions.

You now understand yourself and the people around you better. Understanding how subtle body language cues or charismatic remarks can paint a different picture of you in others’ eyes will help you take more calculated approaches to ensure you always have a strong presence no matter where you are.

Furthermore, many people are concerned that PUA books are just a means to manipulate women and objectify them into a game that men aim to “win” over. This is far from true here, as “The Natural” pushes you in the right direction to build a real connection with the woman you actually like.

Finally, I have a couple of complaints that would have made my experience with the book better. The author sometimes falls into the trap of generalization. Sure, he must be confident in his techniques; however, no matter how effective the approach is, there could be this one girl who doesn’t fall for it.

Also, some of the pick-up lines included sound a bit sleazy to my taste. It’s an irony that a book called “The Natural” includes some forced lines. Nevertheless, if you look past such shortcomings, you’re still getting a comprehensive package that can help you boost your social skills.

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Pros (What I Like)

  • The personal story makes the book fun to read through
  • Straightforward messaging that encourages you to invest more in yourself and exert effort to transform your life to the best
  • Realistic assignments that help you practice the skills you read about before trying them out in the real world
  • Promotes social intelligence and teaches you how to make the most of your best traits and find a way around your not so good ones
  • Doesn’t tip into the territory of manipulating women; instead, it aims at creating real connections built on trust and respect

Cons (What I Didn’t Like)

  • Some pick-up lines sound over the top
  • The over-confident tone that assumes that such tips and tricks will work on ALL women might put some readers off
  • Relatively short, and some sections would have benefited from more examples to support the author’s claims

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “The Natural” a Good Read From a Woman’s Perspective?

We’re always intrigued by finding out how the other gender thinks, and for this particular reason, “The Natural” can be an enjoyable read. On reading about what feats men go through to impress women, you get more insight into men’s minds.

Can You Get a Long-Term Relationship After Reading “the Natural”?

Yes, that’s the goal behind the book! Richard La Ruina warns his readers that the skills they gain from his book need to be governed by a moral compass. Yet, his comments come as a bit ironic since he continuously promotes that you can spend each night with a different woman as a way to boast about the effectiveness of his techniques.

Conclusion: Would I recommend it?

By now, you know exactly what to expect from “The Natural,” which gives you a much-needed heads up on how to approach the book and make the most of it.

The author isn’t trying to be deceptive by claiming that just reading through the book will change your life. On the contrary, he’s encouraging you to work on yourself and put in the effort to see the aspired results.

With such knowledge and skills at your disposal, the next time you try to approach an attractive girl, you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin and know how to impress her.

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