The 3 Best Testosterone Boosters Right Now In 2020

I’m about to share with you a closely guarded secret that bodybuilders, male models and gym freaks use EVERYDAY to get lean ripped muscles in the shortest amount of time possible… like 3 to 4 weeks max.

That’s right… these are the top testosterone boosters on the market today.

Man doing a dead lift at the gym.

Your body NEEDS more.

Why do you need supplements? (Read Carefully)

Let me ask you a question.

Do you seriously think you can get ripped naturally quickly?

Haha, don’t be silly.

We’re talking 2 to 3 years of working out every damn day (sweating your nuts off), sticking to a clean diet 24/7 and no cheating whatsoever.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love a slice of pizza… the odd cheeseburger, even a cheeky ice cold beer.

So there’s no way I’m going to eat 100% clean, just to get a body that women go crazy for. F**k that!

Listen… when you see guys at the gym who are ripped.

Ya know the bulging pecs, huge hulk like arms and the insane six pack… what do you immediately think?

“Man, I could never look like that dude”.


“Jeez, I bet that guy gets so much p*ssy”.

Well that’s what most guys are thinking when they see a ripped up dude in the gym.

Life is too damn short to be worrying about going to the gym for 5 hours a day.

And like most guys, our genetics aren’t designed to build muscle quickly.

Which is why we need a little… ahem… help.

That help.

The secret sauce.

Is… Testosterone.

Yep, you heard me right.

That manly substance whizzing around your body right now is the KEY to building muscle super fast.

The more you have of this stuff in your body… the bigger you will get and the faster it will happen.

So let’s get into the hard facts…

What is the best testosterone booster on the market?

Bottle of Testogen.There are a ton of testosterone booster supplements out there that claim to give you the hulk like levels that Arni would have had in his prime as Mr Universe.

But… most of them are just sugar pills and potions that take advantage of the placebo effect in your mind.

There are only a handful of testosterone boosters which will give you the explosive power to lift the biggest and baddest weights in the gym.

And of those chosen few, there is one champion… one boosting supplement that dominates the rest and will get you shredded FAST.

Testogen – This badboy is THE top rated testosterone booster of enhancing formulas and will have that muscle juice coursing through your veins in minutes.

Other products to consider:

Most trusted – Crazy Bulk

Just as the name suggests, this little tub of goodness will add crazy bulk in a very short amount of time. Forget sticking that nasty tasting whey protein in your system, this is all you need. If you can’t afford Pro Testosterone then this is the second best.

Most affordable – Pro Testosterone

If you’re looking for that edge… that genetic edge that makes your muscles explode, whilst other guys in the gym struggle to gain mass and you can’t afford to pay a lot. Then this is the only supplement you should take. Mass gains, minimal effort.

Some other boosters to consider:

Testosterone booster side effects you need to know about

As with any dietary supplement, there will of course be some side effects in some men (but not all). The most common side effects are acne or a small outbreak of spots, usually in the back area… check hair (always a good thing) aggressive behaviour (known as roid rage) this massively depends on your character as a person anyway.

The most important thing to consider is your iron levels when taking testosterone enhancers. It’s possible to become anemic, so keep that B12 handy and take at least 1000mcg per day to keep the blood cells bouncing around your body as they should.

6 ways to increase testosterone levels naturally in 30 days or less

If you’re on the fence about trying to boost your testosterone with supplements, then you can also try the natural route, which obviously takes longer.

What you don’t want to do is NOTHING. Meaning you avoid taking measures to increase your levels over time.

As men, we NEED testosterone in order to function properly. Studies have proven that men with low levels of testosterone experience problems in the following areas:

  • Horribly low energy levels: From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you will feel tired and lethargic.
  • Weight gain: You will likely gain weight and find it hard to keep off.
  • Decreased muscle mass: Your muscles will actually get smaller over time, making you appear skinny and unhealthy.
  • Lower sex drive/libido: Most painfully of all, you will experience a much lower sex drive and maybe even impotence.

As you can see, having low testosterone sucks for a mans health.

However it’s very reversible and you can increase your testosterone levels to incredible heights within a very short period of time. Usually around the 30 day mark, just by following these tips.

1. Cut down or quit drinking beer

If you’re a beer drinker, this will be painful to hear. Beer has been proven to lower testosterone in men. Mainly the hops which are used to make beer are known to have a detrimental effect on testosterone levels due to the amount of estrogen found in them. Stick to the clearer alcohol like Vodka if you’re going to drink anything. In an ideal world, you shouldn’t drink any alcohol.

2. Don’t masturbate so much

A research team at Zhejiang University discovered that ejaculation caused men to see a fall in testosterone levels, however something even more fascinating was that when you remain abstinent for 7 full days, your testosterone will shoot up on the 7th day. Their team found a massive 146% increase on the 7th day. Crazy right?

3. Take vitamin D3

Taking 3000 to 5000 mg of Vitamin D3 the moment you wake up (on an empty stomach) and before you go to bed. Studies have shown that men who have higher levels of Vitamin D in their body, tend to have more testosterone.

4. Workout HARD

Exercise is great for many things, but two of the most important factors regarding testosterone are keeping your body fat down and stress levels at a good level. Both higher percentages of body fat and stress has been known to directly correlate to much lower rates of testosterone in men. You should focus on both cardio and weights to get the full health benefits of each.

5. Reduce your sugar intake

Sugar is rapidly becoming the most talked about health concern in the western world today. A study claims that sugar, once ingested in the form of sweetened drinks does have a detrimental effect on testosterone in men. Depending on your glucose tolerance, some men may experience a rapid change, whilst other men will not notice that much of a change. It’s advised that you watch how much refined sugar you’re consuming.

6. Eat a lot of protein (and some nuts)

Did you know that testosterone is derived from cholesterol? Well if you didn’t, now you do. This means you need to be chowing down on whole eggs, not just the egg whites. Also red meat is very good at helping to raise testosterone. Not only that, eating just 6 brazil nuts a day can also boost the old levels.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a natural testosterone booster that works as well as supplements?

    In a word. No.

    Sure you can lose weight, cut out alcohol, hit the cardio HARD, chow down on the Zinc tablets, dramatically reduce your stress levels, up your vitamin D, remove all sugar from your diet, eat only healthy fats and include a lot more branch chain amino acids in your diet. Basically have a 100% clean diet.

    But, c’mon... who the hell has time for that?!!

    Not to mention, going down the natural testosterone boosters route will take several weeks (if not months) to take effect and you have to keep having your blood tested to see if your levels are rising as they should.

  • Do they work or are they a scam?

    Ah, the age old question. Do testosterone boosters work...

    They absolutely work, no doubt about it dude. Not only do they work for getting ripped... but they also help in the bedroom.

    Of course there are some scammy pills out there that you should avoid, but if you do your research and only look for certain brands (like the ones mentioned on this page) then you will be fine.

  • What is testosterone?

    It's a naturally occurring hormone found in all humans (yes women too). Men have higher levels of course and the majority is stored in the testicles, where it's made. It's a vital hormone in men and decreases as we get older, usually after 30 years old.

So there you have it… the best testosterone boosters on the market right now as recommended by the PUAT training team. Do you agree?