The Best Pheromones To Attract Women And How To Use Them To Get Laid

A bottle of pheromone sprayWant to know what the best pheromones to attract women are?

Well I’m going to show you… because I’ve done a ton of research over several months (more on that below) but first let’s talk about what pheromones actually are and how they can help you attract women.

What are pheromones and how do they work?

Pheromones are a natural chemical substance that’s produced and eventually released by a human or animal, which acts as an aphrodisiac and affects the behaviour or physiology of others (that being women).

Human pheromones have been said to exist, but are not strong enough to be picked up by the VNO gland (Vomeronasal organ) due to everyday smog and evolution not depending on it quite as much.

Although there are skeptics, sex pheromones do work and I’m living proof of that.

Once applied to the hot spots on the body, they will get you noticed… you’ll stand out in a crowd of dudes and women just won’t be able to resist.

Yep you heard me.

They will make you more attractive to women, who will feel more compelled to talk to you, flirt with you and basically jump your bones.


Well I certainly was when I found out about them. Which is why I decided to buy every synthetic pheromone for men on the market, to see if it was pure B.S or not.

The results? I’ll reveal them shortly :)

But first, here are the different types that I found…

2 types of pheromones men can use

There are actually two different types of pheromones that guys can use:

1. Spray cologne – Pheromone cologne is awesome and the only type that I recommend, it’s easy to apply and the smell is great. Most of the top pheromones for men come with a scent, but it’s possible to get some without.

Some guys prefer no scent so they can where the stuff with their normal cologne, which is understandable. To be honest I just wanted the stuff to work so didn’t care if it came with a scent or not!

2. Oil based – I did try a few oil based pheromones which were crap. Not only did one of them stain my shirt, but it also feels horrible on your neck and wrists. Always go for the spray option.

The best pheromones to attract women on the market right now

Ok so I mentioned that I had some results, here they are…

  • Products tried: 8
  • Products that worked: 3
  • Women bedded (WITH): 9
  • Women bedded (WITHOUT): 3

So as you can see the ones I was wore REALLY made a difference to my game. This all happened in a 30 day period… and I went out 5 nights a week for that month.

Ok, here are my top pheromones for men:

1. Pheromone Advantage (5/5)

Pheromone Advantage screenshot

We had the best results with this pheromone cologne.

Wow! This stuff rocks! Not only did Pheromone Advantage arrive on my doorstep within 2 days, I got laid the first night wore it and had a threesome in the same week. Can my game really be that good? Well I’m no rockstar I can tell you that!

2. Secret Seduction Spray (4/5)

Secret Seduction Spray screenshot.

Super effective and high quality product.

My second choice of the bunch. Secret Seduction Spray smells lovely and I had a ton of compliments whilst wearing it. Kinda made me feel more confident when I was wearing it too. Only downside it it wore off very quickly.

Most common questions men have

  • What can I expect to happen when wearing pheromones?

    Nothing magical. You won’t just walk into a bar and have women jumping over people and running towards you in slow motion… but you will see women being WAY more flirty, touchy and even downright slutty when they’re near you.

  • What do pheromones smell like?

    The synthetic pheromones themselves don’t have a scent, it’s added later. Natural pheromones don't smell of anything.

  • Where should I wear them?

    The best places or (hot spots as I like to call them) are on your wrists, neck and chest area. Be sparing, you don't need to go crazy. As long as you're in close proximity to a girl, she will smell it.

  • Do human pheromones exist?

    There hasn’t been a single study to date that has confirmed the existence of human sex pheromones and their role in sexual attraction. However many experts and researchers have looked into pheromones and do believe that they play a role.

  • Is this real or placebo?

    It's no lie that the placebo effect is incredibly powerful. So let me ask you this, if it were a placebo effect and you still got laid more by wearing a pheromone, would you still use it? I would.

  • Which pheromones work the best?

    We've found two that work way better than the others in our research. Pheromone Advantage and Secret Seduction Spray.

Conclusion: Are pheromones worth it?

Pheromone products are very powerful if used with good game. No matter how good looking you are, you can still fail miserably with women. Good non-verbal game and some help from a pheromone will help you attract women in almost any situation.

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