7 Facebook Mistakes Most Guys Make (And Wonder Why They Don’t Get Laid)

My Facebook profile.

Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook game.

How’s your game on Facebook?

I’m guessing it’s not that great.

Most guys make a right mess of the whole Facebook profile thing and they wonder why they don’t get laid on a regularly basis. [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You’re Scaring Women Away (Hint: It’s To Do With Self Sabotage)

You're Too Angry

If you’re an angry little man… women won’t like you.

Are you the aggressive type? Do you find yourself snapping at women if they give you a shit test? Does your blood boil when a girl doesn’t respond to your text or isn’t (by your definition) polite?

Then I’m afraid you may have some serious issues that you need to deal with dude.

I once knew a guy that was self sabotaging his success with women. [Read more...]

5 Steps To Better Twitter Game (The Art Of Attracting And Sleeping With Multiple Women On Twitter)

Get better with gaming girls on Twitter.

She’s just a tweet away…

Twitter is a beast.

I use Facebook to enhance my game, by utilising the whole social proof approach which works great. But tweeting to attract women… that’ s a whole other story.

Recently I’ve been open a little more to trying out the whole social media dating approach by using dating apps like Tinder and scouting sites like Model Mayhem to meet some stunning women. [Read more...]

The 18 Things Women Want In A Guy (Interview With A Beautiful Woman)

The elusive question that has been pondering the minds of guys all over the world for many years… what do women want?

Well today I’ve got Lylia with me (back by popular demand) and I’m going to grill her with a bunch of questions so I can found out what it is women really want. This is from the mind of a VERY attractive woman that gets approached by lots of guys, so it’s solid information that you can apply immediately. [Read more...]

Nightclub Game Question: Why Can’t I Pickup Any Women In Clubs?

Girls sitting around a nightclub table.

Having problems with club game?

I recently received this question from a guy who was really frustrated with his results in nightclubs and not feeling as though his game was consistent.

This is a very common problem with guys and one that I used to have myself too. Nowadays however I’m rock solid when it comes to club game and can have my pick of women in any club. But that’s only because I discovered what worked and applied the techniques I’m going to show you in my answer below… EVERY time I went out. [Read more...]

6 Universal Attractive Male Qualities Every Woman Looks For In A Man

No matter what country you’re in, how old you are or what you look like you can still attract women by displaying a handful of “attractive qualities” that almost every woman looks for instinctively.

Whether or not you believe them to be true is irrelevant, because they have been proven time and time again. I adopt these qualities and I strongly advise you to adopt them also. [Read more...]

The 5 Beliefs And Actions You Need To Think About Before Approaching Any Woman

Approaching Beliefs & Actions

Your mindset is key… and so are your actions!

If you’re in the refining stage of approaching, meaning you’ve started approach more than you did prior to learning about game and you’re just tweaking your approach, these tips should help you.

Today I’m going to be talking about the beliefs you should have burned into your mind and the actions you should be doing as you’re approaching the girl. [Read more...]

What Is Natural Game And Why Do Some Guys Just “Have” It?

What is natural game?

The ultimate natural in action…

Isn’t it annoying when you see a naturally charismatic, funny and confident guy who seems to just effortlessly attract women. He bounces from table to table in a club. He’s always seen with smoking hot women and is seemingly living the life that you would love to live.

What is it that this type of guy has that you don’t? [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why She Won’t Have Sex With You… Even Though She’s In Your Bed

Hot girl in your bed

There should never be a fully clothed girl on your bed.

We’ve all been there.

Don’t even think about denying it.

You know what I’m talking about… a girl you’ve been working on all night at a friends party ends up back at your place, in your bedroom… sitting on your bed and you STILL can’t close her. [Read more...]

Should I Only Date 9’s and 10’s Instead Of 6’s Or Above?

Smoking hot 10

Stop Chasing Girls…

I recently received an email with the following question:

Hey Gambler,

I’ve been learning about game for the past 5 or so months now, dong well, picking up doe cute girls here and there and just taking my time on the areas I’m struggling with most so I can refine my overall game. [Read more...]