Top 5 Sex Books For Men That Will Make You A God In Bed


Get her to BEG you for sex!

Learning how to get women into bed is one thing, but knowing what to do when they are actually there is a whole other story. If you are mediocre in the bedroom, then you can bet that she’ll never be back for seconds. It takes guts to approach and close a smoking hot woman, but it takes serious stamina to please her so much in the sheets that she begs you for more. [Read more…]

The 60 Second Guide To Making Women Cum With Just Your Mouth


Never be a victim of a fake orgasm AGAIN!

Making a woman cum can be a little overwhelming when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Either you’re incredibly young and inexperienced… or you think your good but in actual fact you’re terrible and girls are faking it, because they don’t want to hurt your little feelings.

So today I want to give you a VERY quick guide, so quick that you’ll be able to whizz through it in 60 seconds or less and get an idea of what you need to do with your mouth in order to make a woman cum in a matter of minutes. [Read more…]

Daygame Or Nightgame? The Pros And Cons Of Both


You decide…

The age old debate in the PUA community is “what’s better… daygame or night game?” Now obviously this question is relative, the answer really is… neither.

For me personally I prefer night game. After years of hard graft I can honestly say that I’ve mastered it.

But for close friends of mine, they would say with 100% conviction that daygame is better. [Read more…]

I’m A Loner… What Can I Do? (Reader Question)


Snap out of it and enjoy life!

Recently I received a question from a read on being a loner and someone who doesn’t have any friends. Where do you start? How to you make new friends quickly? I give some decent advice in my response, so make sure you read everything. [Read more…]

Game For The Older Guy: How To Pick Up Women When Your 40+


Yes… you can STILL get hotties at 40!

The best thing about being a man is that you have about 40 years where if you don’t get married, you can seriously do some damage on the dating scene.

I mean dating all types of women, of all different ages, no matter your age. As the cliched saying goes… “Men are like a fine wine, they just get better with age”.

Now depending on the age of woman you want to date, there are several things you need to consider. [Read more…]

When Does No REALLY Mean No?


Not sure why she LMR’d? Read this…

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time a girl said no to you when you tried to have sex with her? Last week? Last month? Maybe even last year?

Chances are you’ve had multiple women say no to you in your life in the bedroom. [Read more…]

Is She A Cocktease? Or Does She Like Me? (Read Question)


Find out before you get in too deep…

A lot of men seem to have trouble when it comes to fully knowing if a girl is into them. Especially when the girl appears to be leading them on… like a cock tease.

This type of girl is the worst kind, because as it stands you’re never going to sleep with her. So you can either do one of two things. 1) Cut ties with her and walk away or 2) Change things up with how you treat her and try to cause some attraction spikes so that she begins to think differently about you, instead of just treating you like a friend (yuk!). [Read more…]

4 Signs Girls Give When They Are NOT Interested In You


It’s all in the eyes!…. And a bunch of other things too

I get a lot of emails from guys saying things like “I’ve been really persistent with this girl for months now and she’s not responding the way I want” or “Hey man, I need to know how I can make this girl like me, she’s being distant”.

This type of message always makes me think “Seriously dude? Are you kidding me?”. [Read more…]

How To Sexually Escalate With A Girl I’ve Known Years (Reader Question)


Man up dude… she’s waiting for you.

Got a question from a reader of the blog today, he’s having some trouble sexually escalating with a girl he’s known for a good few years. This is such a common problems it’s on the verge of being cliche.

Anyhoo… let’s take a look at what he has to say and then I’ll give my advice at the end: [Read more…]

The Mind: 2 Cutting-Edge Ways to Generate Attraction for the Intelligent Man


Smart attraction works.

This is a guest post by Colin at Dating Coach Singapore. If you’d like to learn more about navigating social relationships, then head over to

I always espouse a top-down approach when it comes to learning how to generate attraction from women. Today, I’m going to take you away from the gimmicks, tricks and little gambits that you probably are already familiar with. I’m going to talk about two ways in which we can harness our knowledge of the human mind, and revolutionise the way we approach being attractive. [Read more…]