How To Think More Abundantly: Which Will Lead To More Women

Think More Abundantly

Focus… let’s become more abundant.

As you approach more women, game them and sleep with them… you will notice certain patterns that emerge. These patterns will allow you to sleep with more women as a result, because you can run the same game that worked the last time on new girls.

However as you learn and grow… sleep with hotter women, your standards will naturally go up and you won’t settle for women that don’t meet your requirements. Even physically. [Read more…]

Why Your Mood Is The Secret To Killing Approach Anxiety

Killing Approach Anxiety

Girls NEED you to approach.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a stunning girl that you like walking down the street only to have her walk off into the distance, because you didn’t have the balls to approach.

I’ve already spoken about how you can get over approach anxiety and even tips on getting over crippling approach anxiety.

But I’ve never touched on why how your feeling is the key to approaching women. [Read more…]

Why Can’t I Get 8’s Or Above? (Question From A Reader)


Are you ready to get hotties?

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re settling for women? Maybe you’re just picking up the scraps because you’re too scared to approach the stunners? In today’s post I explore those questions and answer one of my readers, who’s frustrated with getting the same “average” girls again and again. [Read more…]

The Single Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Game Right Now

Biggest Mistake

I’m gong to throw a curve ball at you today, so I want you to pay attention. Once you fully understand what I’m trying to get at, you will feel a sense of empowerment because you will finally realise why you’re screwing up.

Not only will I give you examples of you using this mistake, I’ll also give you techniques that I use to get incredible results with women. [Read more…]

Can You Win Back A Lost Set Or Interaction?

Win Back A Set

If you don’t work hard at pickup…. you won’t get laid.

I’m sure it’s happened to you before, like it has to me many times in the past. You’re in an interaction with a beautiful girl, trying your hardest not to keep thinking about how hot she is and how you can’t screw this one up… but eventually you just do, big time.

You say something that makes her pull a funny face or stop talking and look away because it just killed any attraction she had for you stone dead. [Read more…]

What To Do If She Doesn’t Want To See You Again After The First Date

We’ve all been there… you go on a date with a girl you’ve been texting for a few days (even a few weeks), things are going well… she’s smiling, laughing at your jokes, even touching you and then the night comes to a close… you don’t kiss her or take her home, but agree to meet up again.

You text her that same night “Hey, had a good time tonight… will see you soon.”. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why You Must Plan Every Date From Start To Finish


Women want strong, confident men who are leaders.

Most guys don’t plan their dates, they think it’s corny or way over the top and just too much effort. But little do they know that planning a date… EVERY date will help you get laid more often than not. Let me explain…

Women like to be lead. [Read more…]

Mens Weight Loss Before And After: How To Lose Fat Fast… And Start Dating A Model?

How To Lose Fat Fast For Men

Mens Weight Loss Before And After: My best mate Alex.

A few years ago, I was very worried about my good friend Alex. He was 103kg/227 pounds, smoked 20+ cigarettes day, and used to be exhausted and sweating from climbing a flight of stairs or just walking a few blocks. [Read more…]

How To Give A Girl An Erotic Massage That Always Leads To Sex

Lots of guys struggle with turning things physical and sexual. A beautiful bridge between a normal conversation and passionate sex is a massage. [Read more…]

How To Talk To Women Confidently Without Running Out Of Things To Say (Conversation Control)

Pity me as a teacher! Conversation is one of the things that guys always want to learn, but is the hardest to teach. Why?

First simply because each girl and each situation is different and so requires a different conversation. Second because it’s possible to pick up a girl by being very funny, and not connecting, or by connecting and not making one joke, by talking a lot, or by not saying much. [Read more…]