3 Counterintuitive Things You Can Do To Make Women Want You More


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As habitual creatures, us humans like to run patterns over and over in the same way, even if they are in fact bad for us and can cause us long term harm.

These patterns go on for years and are so ingrained in our minds that we begin to justify them. For example, how many times have you gone to a bar or club, headed straight for the bar… got a drink and just stood there in one spot or grabbed a chair and sat their the whole night, until you were completely drunk? [Read more…]

The Most Powerful Mindset Shift You Can Have For Nightclub Game


Use my techniques… and get the girl you want.


I want to share something quite profound that I’ve noticed over the years, from visiting hundreds of nightclubs. Now you might not agree with this and that’s ok. Frankly I don’t care… because it’s true to me. [Read more…]

How To Deal With Objections Like A Pro


Dealing with objections is easy.


Objections will come up with every woman in almost every interaction at some point, which by the way is a GOOD thing. If you’re with a girl and she doesn’t object to anything, then you need to worry. Having said that, if you get objections frequently, then you’re game just needs to be super tight. [Read more…]

5 Signs That Mean You Need To Get Out Of The Pickup Community

The pickup community can do one of two things:

It can help you to realise that the reason you currently suck with women is because you’re not being the kind of man that women find attractive. This will in-turn make you more curious, you will learn which methods work for attraction, how to dress, how to act/speak, why confidence is so important etc. [Read more…]

Stop Doing These Things Right Now And Your Game Will Improve… I Promise


I promise that if you stop doing these dumb things, you will get laid more.


You are stuck in a shit storm of habitual patterns that are destroying your chances with women and I’m about to give you the steps that will stop you from committing these acts of madness, immediately.

The results? [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why You’re Setting Yourself Up To Fail With Women


You’ve failed before even starting…


Your failure is a direct result of how you are approaching game both mentally and physically. Your level of game depends on you and you only, not other people. Below are reasons why a lot of guys tend to fail with women and why they can’t seem to get any better. [Read more…]

Why You’re Not Getting Any Better… Even Though You’re Trying HARD


The truth will hurt.


Many guys I speak to and read about on forums, find it hard to gradually get better with game. In fact, in a lot of cases, they end up getting worse over time which is just bizarre.

How can you possibly get worse, if you’re putting in the hard work and the hours? [Read more…]

How I Sexually Escalate With A Girl On A First Date… And Beyond


From the first date to the bedroom… I’m escalating.


Sexually escalating is very important, but it’s never MORE important than on the first date. This is the time when she’ll be deciding whether or not she wants to sleep you with you or she wants to put you in the friend zone where so many other guys have been before. [Read more…]

5 Things You Can Do Way Better During Night Game


Women want a high value male.


Club game like any other element of game can be conquered if you apply yourself. It took me a good few years of going out 7 nights a week to master clubs. But when I did, I had an endless supply of women. Girls would approach and initiate sex with me, because I was displaying a lot more value over the other men in the club.

When you get a hang of night game, you will be able to have your pick of the best girls in the club. Even girls that have boyfriends, it won’t matter, because women love nothing more than to sleep with a high value male. [Read more…]

6 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels And Why You Need To Do It


Be healthier and more manly.


As men, we NEED testosterone in order to function properly. I’m not talking about getting big muscles and looking like a roided up douchebag.

I’m saying that as a man, it’s essential that you have normal levels of testosterone whizzing around your body, because if you don’t the results could be disastrous for your health. [Read more…]