How To Finger A Girl: 6 Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

How to finger a girl

Make her beg for more.

Buckle up big boy, this isn’t just another “how to finger a girl” guide with sissy tips… this is some serious sh*t that will make you stand out from all the other chumps out there.

So you want to know the best way to finger a girl huh? Not a problem. I’m a pro in this area and will tell you everything you need to know to make your girl scream, groan and gasp in the bedroom. [Read more…]

Top 10 Anal Sex Positions That Will Make Her Scream With Pleasure… Not Pain

Make her beg you for butt sex!

Make her beg you for butt sex!

When it comes to anal sex, most guys do it wrong. This in turn puts women off the idea of exploring anal sex, because of the trauma they have been put through with previous guys.

Butt (yes pun intended) if you do it right… not only will she orgasm, you will too. Plus she’ll actually suggest it to you in future romping sessions, which is always a surprise to hear. [Read more…]

Influencing Girls And Other People To Do What You Want

How cool would it be to influence someone to do whatever you want them to do?

Well, it’s very possible and I’m going to teach you the techniques I use to do precisely that. I’ve been using persuasion for years now and it’s helped me to bed models, help friends lose weight, bring shy friends out of their shells and just live a happier life. [Read more…]

How To Make Her Want You As More Than Just A “Friend With Benefits”


Make her yours.

I’ve spoken in detail before about how you can find girls who are willing to be your f**k buddy and in reality it’s a lot easier than you might think. The hard part is trying to keep her as a friend with benefits, because 90% of the time, it’s the girl that starts to develop real feelings for the guy and wants more.

But what if it’s the other way around? [Read more…]

4 Seduction Styles That Get You Laid

Pick one and roll with it.

Pick one and roll with it.

I’ve spoken on several occasions about seduction characteristics and what qualities really attract women. But today I want to talk about seduction styles and how adopting just one style will be everything you need to get laid.

If you’re new to game, then absolutely need to work out what kind of style works for you, before pursuing any girl. For me when I started out, I didn’t know what would work best for me. I knew I wasn’t the gimmick type or incredibly outgoing, so I needed something that would play to my natural strengths, you need to do the same. [Read more…]

Tinder Dating: How To Get Her Out On A First Date With Minimal Flaking

Stand out from the chumps.

Stand out from the chumps.

So we’ve spoken about ways in which  you can initiate a conversion with a girl on Tinder. Today I want to talk about how you can firstly transition away from Tinder (thus solidifying the number) and secondly setup the first dates, so that she says yes, but also doesn’t flake at the last minute (a common problem with dating apps). [Read more…]

How To Stay Motivated: The Ultimate 11 Step Checklist For Unstoppable Motivation

It's far easier than you think.

It’s far easier than you think.

As we’re fast approaching the end of the year, it’s only right that we discuss a topic that a lot of people have problems with…. MOTIVATION. It’s very easy to set goals and have a plan that looks good on paper, but when you actually get around to trying to achieve something, it can be very hard.

Today I want to give you a checklist of things you can do that will help you to stay motivated and to keep momentum in your journey of bettering yourself. [Read more…]

The Simplest And Most Effective Ways To Start A Conversation With Girls On Tinder

Start Tinder Conversations

You might eve get laid bro.

Over the years, I’ve managed to befriend a lot of beautiful women. These are the kind of women that will turn heads when they walk into a club and have countless men trying to approach them throughout the night.

The benefit of having hot girl friends that you don’t sleep with (obviously because you’re choosing not to) is to learn from other guys mistakes. When you see what kind of men are approaching these women and what they’re saying… patterns begin to emerge. [Read more…]

The Best Ways To Get Over Sexual Anxiety With Women

Sexual Anxiety

Stay hard BROTHER!

Sexual anxiety will make you appear inexperienced and is a real turn off for women.

Remember that women love confidence right? Well you can’t hide anxiety and that just emits a seriously bad vibe on your part. It will hurt the attraction in most cases (unless you meet an older girl and you’re a younger guy, she will very likely comfort you if you’re honest). [Read more…]

The Value Game: Why It’s Important To Master It And How To Play It

Value Game

This is how to really play the game.

Your value will determine your notch count.

The higher value male you are the more options you will have and the hotter the women you will sleep with. That’s game in a nutshell really. Forget the lines, forget the rapport… it’s all irrelevant if your value is that high. [Read more…]