10 Possible Reasons Why She Didn’t Text You Back


This kinda girl has multiple guys texting her at once.

So you’ve got the number… awesome.

You text her in the hope that you can setup a date with this girl, because you think she’s hot.

After a few texts back and forth, it fizzles out and she just stops responding. WTF? [Read more...]

8 Bar Bets And Tricks That Will Break The Ice With Any Girl… Guaranteed


Tricks get the girls…

Ok, so let me set one thing straight before I continue. I’m not a fan of tricks or magic in the hope of getting a girls attention or impressing her, because it feels like a crutch to me.

Having said that, I’m fully aware that some guys flourish with tricks and it suits their personality perfectly. [Read more...]

Just Got Rejected? Stop… Think Of The 7 Out Of 10 Rule… Then Keep Approaching


Just think, the 8th time could be this girl!

I recently received an interesting observational email from a reader that was so good, I had to post it here. He’s from the states, so makes a baseball reference which makes perfect sense and should keep you from feeling down after getting rejected… which will most likely happen very soon if you’re actively approaching every day.

Read it, then re-read it and read it again at least once per week. Why? Because I want the information to sink in and have an impact on your subconscious mind. When it does, you should see a major change in the way you approach women… you should start to care a lot less. [Read more...]

MASTERCLASS TRAINING: The Art Of Being A “Foreplay Tease” And Why It Drives Women Crazy In Bed


Ready to tease her?

I’ve discussed becoming a legend of foreplay before in great detail and I’ve had some amazing feedback on the tips in that post, so I highly suggest you take a look at that.

But what I didn’t mention in that post is the “build up”. [Read more...]

7 Ways To Tell If You’re Moving To The Dark Side Of Pickup


Stop being angry dude.

The dark side of pickup or game is a scary place. It’s full of sad, lonely, hateful men that will only make you a worse human being if you hang out with them and adopt their beliefs.

Guys are usually fast tracked to the dark side for one of two reasons:

1. They have tried some pickup techniques with no luck, they got rejected pretty badly and were to weak to carry on.
2. They were already broken to begin with… mentally. [Read more...]

7 Things Experienced PUA’s With Strong Game Still Do… Which Holds Them Back


Don’t get lazy son!

In the beginning, learning game is exciting.

You’re finding out certain things that most guys don’t know… the techniques, mindsets and psychological advantages that will most certainly help you to get laid. [Read more...]

How To Divert A Womans Interest To You… Instead Of Another Guy (Before It’s Too Late)


Don’t lose her to another guy…

I recently received a question from a reader which struck a nerve… several nerves actually, because it’s happened to me more than once :)

So I thought it would be a good idea to address the question in a post so that it could help others guys too, as I know there are many many men who this happens to regularly.

Ok, let’s get into it… [Read more...]

11 Essential Ingredients You Need To Get Really Good At Daygame


Dat ass though…


Summertime day game is unlike anything you’ll experience in the club.

There are beautiful women EVERYWHERE. The subway, the bus, the street, starbucks, convenient stores… all over the damn place. You only need to walk 10 blocks in New York and you’ll spot a handful of smoke-shows you can easily approach and number close (even instant date if you catch the right girl). [Read more...]

How To Pickup A Bartender… Even If She Is Smoking Hot And Rejects Guys Constantly


She can be all yours…

Bartenders are some of the hottest women in the club and they know it. Club and bar owners know that if they employ super hot women to serve drinks, men will hang around to drool over them and buy more drinks as the night guys on. It’s a proven formula for getting dumb men to spend more money.

Hot girl who flirts with customer = more money in the bank and makes the establishment look good. [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Break Rapport During Conversion


Oh yeah, she’s definitely attracted….

Breaking rapport is one of the most important ingredients during the seduction process and is an essential element that takes the attraction a girl has for you from 0 to 100, if you do it correctly.

Without breaking rapport, you fall into the comfort trap. Meaning she will put you in the dreaded friend zone! Now I know you don’t want that, so that’s why I want to stress the importance of why breaking rapport is so damn crucial for getting that girl attracted to you. [Read more...]