3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Ride the wave and get the courage son!

Your comfort zone is that squishy, cuddly, warm part of your life that is seriously destroying your chances of getting laid. Not to mention… killing your confidence, crucifying your manhood and stripping your attractiveness bare.

Just outside of your comfort zone, is that little devil we all hate… fear.

Take one step outside and you’ll feel your gut fill up with nerves, your palms start to sweat, your face become red and your heart begin to beat faster than it should. [Read more...]

5 Ways To Tell You’re Doing Kino Wrong

Doing kino wrong

Wrong move buddy!

Kino is essential for building comfort, rapport and most importantly sexual tension. If you don’t use kino on a girl, then you can run the risk of falling in the friend zone.

Most guys start out by completely screwing up kino and end up touching a girl in a way that makes you look like a creep. Remember that touching is a very personal thing that requires some level of trust to begin with, so less is more when starting out. [Read more...]

7 Rookie Mistakes That Will Lead To Less Poontang


C’mon, stop making these!

The better you get at meeting and attracting women, the easier it is to spot when someone makes a rookie mistake. Having said that, it’s also easy to forget where you came from.

The funny thing is, even though you get better the more you practice, you’ll always find yourself making a rookie mistake every now and again. [Read more...]

Better Yourself First… Then Get The Girls (The Harsh Truth Of Game)


Do you really think you can get a perfect 10?

Ethics and conscience isn’t something that people naturally associate with the Pick Up Community. At first glance Game is about tricks and gimmicks…the ultimate result of which is to punch way above your weight and get a girl that you could never normally get. While this may be true for many in the short term, let’s look further ahead shall we? [Read more...]

One Of The MOST Important Relationship Lessons You Will Ever Learn


Don’t do this… and lose the girl forever.

I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot recently, in fact I’ve kind of been thinking about it for the past few years after realising that I had made this mistake with a really great girl. My actions thereafter meant that I had learnt my lesson and would never do it again, however it’s only in the last few months that I have really broke it down into its fundamentals. Time to share it. [Read more...]

How Do I Become A Great Conversationalist With Women?

Girl laughing

Hot girls really dig a great conversation.

When you are learning pick up you are taught so many different methods, techniques and ideologies. Type in Mystery Method, The Game, PUA Training or Neil Strauss into Google or YouTube and you will get thousands of results. One thing however that I keep being asked about is the art of conversation. [Read more...]

Service With A (Misconceived) Smile: Does She Like You Or Is She Just Being Polite?


Does she really like you?

How many times have you been at a restaurant and convinced yourself that the waitress likes you or is flirting with you? How many times have your lines been met with the smile of a barmaid only to me let down in the nicest of ways when you ask her out?

I thought so! Here’s a little rule that has saved me a lot of time over the over the years; part of working in the service industry means that you HAVE to talk to, and be nice to, your customers. A hairdresser, air hostess or receptionist is just doing their job. [Read more...]

How To Work With What You’ve Already Got… And Still Attract Women


Beardy man!

We all have hangups about our self. It’s part of our nature, especially with the amount of pressure that is increasingly put upon us in today’s self analytical world.

We think we need to look a certain way to make ourselves more attractive to women. [Read more...]

5 Things Women Wish Every Guy Had But Understand Most Guys Don’t


Increase your luck with women… adopt these qualities. NOW.

Women tend to create wild and crazy love fantasises in their head that are never going to materialise in real life. Why? Because they are not “real” they are taken from fictional novels or rom-coms that are designed to make you feel all gushy inside.

They are somewhat delusional in thinking that a white knight is going to sweep them off their feet and marry them. I think this is something that’s instilled at a young age and then develops into “finding Mr right” as they get older. [Read more...]

How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl (And Guarantee A Response From Her)


Use these openers to get the conversation started…

Starting a text conversation with a girl can be tricky. It usually depends on the why, which helps you to setup the frame of the text and craft an opening text that will pretty much force her to reply.

The key to getting girls to reply from the very first text is to evoke an emotion that compels them to do so. If you’re text DOES NOT evoke humour or curiosity then you can bet that she will flake. [Read more...]