The Value Game: Why It’s Important To Master It And How To Play It

Value Game

This is how to really play the game.

Your value will determine your notch count.

The higher value male you are the more options you will have and the hotter the women you will sleep with. That’s game in a nutshell really. Forget the lines, forget the rapport… it’s all irrelevant if your value is that high. [Read more…]

The Art Of Closing: What To Do And Why it’s So Damn Important


Oh yeah… she’s ready!

When it comes to getting laid there are obviously a whole heap of factors that come into play. You need to open without being creepy, keep the conversation flowing so it doesn’t dry up, make sure you touch the girl in the right places at the right time, sexually escalate, re-ignite a lost lead, setup multiple dates so you have options, work a room on your own or with a wing, pass shit test… etc. [Read more…]

How To Take Your Mind Off That One Chick Who Isn’t Responding

That One Chick

Din’t be sad… it’s just a girl.

It’s going to happen at some point. You will meet a girl who is perfect for you… she’s really hot, well traveled, intelligent, laughs at your jokes and for whatever reason, doesn’t get back to you or hasn’t responded to numerous texts/calls over several days, even weeks.

What’s happening here is you’re developing “one-itis” when you’re fixated on the one girl and giving her only needy attention, that does nothing more than dry her vagina super fast. [Read more…]

The Real Reasons Why You’re Not Approaching Women

Why you don't approach women

It’s 100% down to you.

Over the years I’ve seen guys fumble, stutter and freeze on the spot when it’s time to approach a girl. She doesn’t even need to be attractive, it’s just something inside their head stopping them from approaching.

I’ve written about approach anxiety in detail, but today I want to touch on four finer points of the approach and why most men are still not following through with the approach… even if they have done it several times before.

Being a hassle

Some men feel as though they are being a hassle when approaching women. Like they are going to make their day worse somehow because they’re stopping them from going about their business. Here’s the thing with that mindset. In most cases, you’re not being a hassle. If you’re approaching women in a sincere and confident way, they will pick up on this and stay to chat.

The mindset you need to have is this “I am improving her life, because I’m a cool guy”. The only time you can possibly be a hassle is if you are trying to approach her when she’s doing something that clearly makes it harder for her to stop and chat to you.

For example, you may see this smokeshow walking down Broadway in NYC on the phone, trying to grab a taxi… I mean you can approach her, but chances are you’re not improving her day by stopping her in the middle of a street to talk to her.

Analyse the situation before going in and you’ll be fine.

The unknown

Fearing the unknown is a valid excuse for something like jumping into a cage in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of great white sharks possibly swimming around. Stopping a woman in a bar or on the street?

There’s nothing to fear at all. So what if you stop a girl and 2 minutes later her boyfriend arrives to meet her, it doesn’t mean shit. The fear of the approach should be irrelevant to you, it’s absolutely useless to be fearful.


Rejection is a small cause for concern, because if you’re rejected multiple times in a given day, this will have a negative impact on your mindset and overall confidence. The good news is, unless you look like the Elephant Man and your game sucks beyond belief, you’re not going to be getting rejected a lot.

Actually, you’re more likely going to experience subtle rejections more often than not. They come in the form of flakey numbers and no replies to texts.

There’s nothing you can do with rejection, aside from keep ploughing through it and when you eventually get the reward, you will understand that rejection is just part of the process of getting laid. It sucks, it will happen, but that’s life.


Your insecurities are incredibly important to figure out as soon as you can. Because this is something that transcends words and actually communicates through feeling and body language more than anything else. Women are amazing at picking up on your insecurities, so if you’re approaching women and not feel completely confident in your own skin, it will only hinder your success rate.


You’re always going to feel awkward, nervous, insecure and not really know what’s about to happen and guess what? There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. All you need to do is try your hardest to control your emotions in the moment so that you can create a level of consistency that helps you approach at least a handful of women. Aim for five a week at least.

How To Spot A Gold Digger In 7 Ways

Gold Digger

Gold diggers are more common now than they have ever been. Now obviously, not all women are gold diggers… but this is a growing trend, especially in younger generations growing up.

Our society in the west is placing women on a pedestal more than ever before and it’s changing the way younger women think for the worse. [Read more…]

How To Break A Negative Cycle In 4 Simple Steps

Negative Cycle

Keep that negativity quiet

Negativity breads negativity. You’ve heard that cliche saying right? It’s very true and can have a huge impact on your life if you let it. There are various ways negativity can start and prosper if left to do it’s own thing.

Here’s an example: You are on a night out with some buddies and you see a beautiful girl with her friends. With two beers inside you, your confidence is at a good level so you decide to approach her. You open with “hey” and within seconds she shuts you down, turns her back and you’ve blown your chance. [Read more…]

Paying For Sh*t: Should You Pay For Women All The Time?

Paying For Sh*t

Does she deserve your money?

Men have been paying for women since money was invented. Movie tickets, clothes, drinks, dinner, travel expenses etc…

Now as time has gone on, men have started to pay less and less. This is because feminism made it’s mark on the world and told us men that women want to be treated equally and so they can pay half of everything. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To More Traditional Countries

More Traditional Countries

South American Chica…

The world is slowly going mad and recently it seems to have gone bonkers. Right now if you’re a man in the Western part of the world… chances are you are going to suck with women.

Why? Because of several factors really. [Read more…]

How To Think More Abundantly: Which Will Lead To More Women

Think More Abundantly

Focus… let’s become more abundant.

As you approach more women, game them and sleep with them… you will notice certain patterns that emerge. These patterns will allow you to sleep with more women as a result, because you can run the same game that worked the last time on new girls.

However as you learn and grow… sleep with hotter women, your standards will naturally go up and you won’t settle for women that don’t meet your requirements. Even physically. [Read more…]

Why Your Mood Is The Secret To Killing Approach Anxiety

Killing Approach Anxiety

Girls NEED you to approach.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a stunning girl that you like walking down the street only to have her walk off into the distance, because you didn’t have the balls to approach.

I’ve already spoken about how you can get over approach anxiety and even tips on getting over crippling approach anxiety.

But I’ve never touched on why how your feeling is the key to approaching women. [Read more…]