How To Beat Depression Naturally: 10 Real Ways For A Man To Be Much Happier

A lot of guys who are bad with girls are depressed. Being depressed is definitely going to mess up your chances with women, and not getting women is often a cause of depression. It’s a vicious circle. [Read more…]

5 Things You Should Do When Touching Down In A New City…. Immediately


The good life… in a different city.

This post is intended for guys who have NOTHING pre-planned and are visiting a city that is in another country for a short/medium period of time. So from a couple of weeks to say 3 months. [Read more…]

How To Date Models, All The Time, Written By The Guy Who Has Dated Hundreds


It’s easier than you think!

It’s a dream of lots of guys to be able to date models. Even guys who say “models are all stupid” are probably just saying that because they know they won’t have a chance.

Fact is, any beautiful girl who is offered lots of money to travel and have her photo taken would jump at the chance. That’s why I have met many models who are very intelligent and would make great girlfriends. [Read more…]

How To Keep A F**k Buddy For As Long As You Can


Don’t lose that guaranteed lay!

It’s a sad fact that the girl you primed for so long and have been happily banging casually for months, is most likely going to ditch you soon.

Even though f**k buddies are great, they don’t last long. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get The Kiss


Pucker up big boy!

I’ve spoken about how you can go in for the kiss and actually get it, with minimal failure before. But today I want to touch on a few reasons why you may not be getting the kiss each and every time you go for it.

There are some guys that go in for the kiss and get immediate rejection… some times harsh rejection. [Read more…]

Picking Up Girls On A Budget: The Poor Man’s Guide To Getting Laid


It can be cheap if you try.

I get a lot of guys emailing me asking about learning game and sleeping with women, but on a budget… meaning they don’t want to spend much money because they are either out of work or just not earning enough to spend money on women.

My answer is always the same. [Read more…]

How To Make Beautiful Women Chase You… Without Being Rich Or Famous


Not possible? Think again…

Usually it’s the guy chasing the girl, that’s how history has unfolded for men. A guy sees a stunning woman and essentially joins a queue of dozens of other men all wanting the same woman.

If you’re a woman and you’re pretty, you will be rewarded with countless men, gifts, amazing nights out, free drinks and basically a pretty easy life. [Read more…]

6 Things You Should Be Doing On The First Date


Do these 6 things and you’ll be fine.

There are multiple things you need to be doing on a first date. But none are as important as the ones I’m going to mention below. Make it your sole mission to master these 6 things and I guarantee you, she will want to meet up with you again. [Read more…]

Value Scale: What Hot Women Demand That Average Women Don’t

I’ve spoken before about settling for normal women… average women… even ugly women, just to get laid. What I said was, you don’t need to and shouldn’t settle for average women, you should always strive for more and push yourself with the level of quality you’re not used to.


Know your value.

That’s the only way you will continually get better. [Read more…]

Why You Should Never Tell A Woman Your True Feelings… Initially


Don’t do it dude…


The moment you see a pretty girl who shows the slightest bit of interest in you, what do you do? You crumble into a needy little boy, who seeks approval from her and decides the best way to get her attracted to you is by divulging your deepest feelings that you have towards her. [Read more…]