How To Save Your Marriage Before It’s Too Damn Late (All Men Should Read This)

Better hurry up bro...

Better hurry up bro…

I want you to answer this question very honestly. Are you ready?

How much do you love your wife if you had to rate your love from 1 to 10? With 1 being you couldn’t care less and 10 being you feel like you’re 14 again and you’re dating the hottest girl in school. [Read more…]

Dating Tips For Older Men: How To Date Younger Or Older Women

Dating Tips For Older Men

Women date up, not down. You still have time.

If you’re 50 or above, then you’re considered old (in the west that is) I can’t speak for other areas of the world. But you’re definitely ‘written off’ as you get older, which can suck. Having said that, men have the gift of growing old gracefully and can actually reinvent themselves as they get older, to attract women of any age… even 20 year old chicks if you want.

Today, I’m going to give you some tips on dating if you’re between the ages of 50 and 70. Seriously. [Read more…]

Divorce Recovery: How To Get Back In The Game After Divorcing Your Wife

Don't settle, get back in the game!

Don’t settle, get back in the game!

Divorce can be brutal, especially in America. So if you’ve gone through a divorce and it was a tough one, don’t worry. Time will allow you to get over it and you will be able to live a normal life again, I promise. Not only that, you are now free to bang young hot daddy hungry chicks all day long if you wish. [Read more…]

My Girlfriend Wants Me To Talk Dirty To Her In Bed… But I Don’t Like It

Girlfriend Likes Dirty Talk

Give her what she wants.

Some women are freaks in the bedroom, they like it rough and they like you to talk to them in a dirty manner. This is all well and good… if you like it rough yourself and actually enjoy talking filthy.

But what if you don’t? What if you find it distracting when she asks you to pull her hair and tell her how good her pussy feels on your dick? [Read more…]

ATTENTION: If You’re A Rich Dude With No Game, Then This Will Save Your Sex Life

Rich Guy Game

Make money, get bitches.

Wait a minute, if you’re rich you don’t need ANY game, all you need to do is flash the cash and women will come running right? Well, not entirely.

If you’re a rich guy then you have an obvious advantage. Take Dan Bilzerian for example.

You can surround yourself with beautiful women all day long if you choose and still get laid without a good level of game. Whereas most guys that earn a fraction of your wealth have to learn game through trial and error, pounding the streets, going to clubs, crowded bars, getting rejected frequently every day until they reach a level of game that grants them with sex. [Read more…]

6 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making With Your F**K Buddies

Fuck Buddy Mistakes

Keep those mistakes up and watch her leave son.

So you’ve been sleeping with a girl (your f**k buddy) for the past 6 months. Now all of a sudden, she sends you this text:

“Hey, it’s been fun hanging out with you, but it’s probably not a good idea we continue seeing each other anymore xx”

I know she’s only a f**k buddy, but that’s a source of regular sex that has now dried up for good. That has to sting a little no? [Read more…]

13 Things You Should Never Text An Ex Girlfriend If You Want To Get Back With Her

Things You Should Never Text Your Ex Girlfriend

Stop screwing things up dude.

So you recently split up with your girlfriend and you still have her number. You want to get back with her because you love her… mmmmm, what should you do?

I know! Text her useless shit that will make you look like an annoying troll and see if that will convince her to jump back into your bed. [Read more…]

Does Penis Size Matter? And Do Women Really Care?

Does Penis Size Matter

Look at that “cheeky” smile.

The question that every guy (who doesn’t naturally have a 13 inch shlong) wants to know the answer too, but is too damn afraid to ask. It’s that question you can’t really ask your mum, your best mate or your ex-girlfriend… but for some reason it’s eating you up inside, because you NEED to know!

Well, today…. you’re finally going to get an answer to that question. [Read more…]

How To Stop My Girlfriend From Dumping Me (Question From A Reader)

It can be stopped.

It can be stopped.

Call it intuition… call it insecurity… call it what you will. When you begin feeling as though you’re about to get dumped by a girl you’ve been seeing for a while (and you really like her) this can cause nothing but thoughts of impending doom, that will shake your confidence and lead you into a mental decline very quickly.

The good news is that you can stop this from happening. The dumping that is. But first, you have to get an understanding of why you think you’re about to get dumped. [Read more…]

How To Get The Spark Back In Your Relationship (Even If It’s Been Years Since You Had Sex)

She wants you... take her.

She wants you… take her.

Whether you’ve been in a relationship with your girl for decades or you’ve only been seeing each other for a year. Chances are at some point during your time together, you will hit a wall of boredom.

You’ll notice that one day… the spark is gone and you’re no longer feeling the urge to rip her clothes off and smash her backdoors in. [Read more…]