How To Sexually Escalate With A Girl I’ve Known Years (Reader Question)


Man up dude… she’s waiting for you.

Got a question from a reader of the blog today, he’s having some trouble sexually escalating with a girl he’s known for a good few years. This is such a common problems it’s on the verge of being cliche.

Anyhoo… let’s take a look at what he has to say and then I’ll give my advice at the end: [Read more...]

The Mind: 2 Cutting-Edge Ways to Generate Attraction for the Intelligent Man


Smart attraction works.

This is a guest post by Colin at Dating Coach Singapore. If you’d like to learn more about navigating social relationships, then head over to

I always espouse a top-down approach when it comes to learning how to generate attraction from women. Today, I’m going to take you away from the gimmicks, tricks and little gambits that you probably are already familiar with. I’m going to talk about two ways in which we can harness our knowledge of the human mind, and revolutionise the way we approach being attractive. [Read more...]

5 Things You Can Say And Do To Increase The Sexual Tension With Girls


Every woman wants you to act like this…

Attraction is all about the way you make a girl feel, but what about sexual tension? Well that happens all by itself when you do a series of things all designed to spike her levels of arousal towards you.

Subtle gestures, words and physical contact can do wonders for the amount of sexual energy you have with a girl. [Read more...]

A Girl Has Suddenly Lost Interest In You? Do This… Quickly!


Keep her interest with these simple tips.

There will be a moment in your life when you’re chatting up a girl, she’s digging you… the vibe is strong and you feel a connection. Then for whatever reason, she’ll just… lose interest!

Now this could be on the same day, evening or even after a few days/weeks.

The end result is the same, she’s not responding to you and it feels like she’s gone cold turkey on yo ass. [Read more...]

5 Signs You’re In A Controlling Relationship And Why You Should Stop It


Stop being controlling…

Being in a controlling relationship is a very bad place to be as a man. Now I’m not talking about the GIRL controlling you, I’m talking about YOU controlling the girl.

This is a tricky subject to touch on, because men who are in these types of relationships have no idea they are being controlling of their girlfriend. They re-frame it as they are being protective and caring for the girl, because they don’t want anything to happen to them. [Read more...]

What To Do When Her Friend Keeps Cock-blocking You (Reader Question)


End this cock blocking madness!

Received an interesting email the other day from a guy wanting to get to the bottom of why this girl he’s been flirting with is always so willing be taken away by her cock blocking friend.

It’s something that’s happened to the best of us, but on multiple occasions with the same girl? Mmmm, something funky is going on here. [Read more...]

Why You Suck At Closing And How To Fix That… Right Now


She’s losing interest bro!

Closing and getting a girls number or even taking her home to bed is equally as challenging for some guys as opening is. It takes a lot of balls to ask for the number, because you know that there’s always a possibility you might get shot down.

Now I know you’ve been rejected before when asking for the number, so what do you think went wrong?

Why did she say no after all that effort? [Read more...]

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Ride the wave and get the courage son!

Your comfort zone is that squishy, cuddly, warm part of your life that is seriously destroying your chances of getting laid. Not to mention… killing your confidence, crucifying your manhood and stripping your attractiveness bare.

Just outside of your comfort zone, is that little devil we all hate… fear.

Take one step outside and you’ll feel your gut fill up with nerves, your palms start to sweat, your face become red and your heart begin to beat faster than it should. [Read more...]

5 Ways To Tell You’re Doing Kino Wrong

Doing kino wrong

Wrong move buddy!

Kino is essential for building comfort, rapport and most importantly sexual tension. If you don’t use kino on a girl, then you can run the risk of falling in the friend zone.

Most guys start out by completely screwing up kino and end up touching a girl in a way that makes you look like a creep. Remember that touching is a very personal thing that requires some level of trust to begin with, so less is more when starting out. [Read more...]

7 Rookie Mistakes That Will Lead To Less Poontang


C’mon, stop making these!

The better you get at meeting and attracting women, the easier it is to spot when someone makes a rookie mistake. Having said that, it’s also easy to forget where you came from.

The funny thing is, even though you get better the more you practice, you’ll always find yourself making a rookie mistake every now and again. [Read more...]