How I Sexually Escalate With A Girl On A First Date… And Beyond


From the first date to the bedroom… I’m escalating.


Sexually escalating is very important, but it’s never MORE important than on the first date. This is the time when she’ll be deciding whether or not she wants to sleep you with you or she wants to put you in the friend zone where so many other guys have been before. [Read more…]

5 Things You Can Do Way Better During Night Game


Women want a high value male.


Club game like any other element of game can be conquered if you apply yourself. It took me a good few years of going out 7 nights a week to master clubs. But when I did, I had an endless supply of women. Girls would approach and initiate sex with me, because I was displaying a lot more value over the other men in the club.

When you get a hang of night game, you will be able to have your pick of the best girls in the club. Even girls that have boyfriends, it won’t matter, because women love nothing more than to sleep with a high value male. [Read more…]

6 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels And Why You Need To Do It


Be healthier and more manly.


As men, we NEED testosterone in order to function properly. I’m not talking about getting big muscles and looking like a roided up douchebag.

I’m saying that as a man, it’s essential that you have normal levels of testosterone whizzing around your body, because if you don’t the results could be disastrous for your health. [Read more…]

The Harsh Reasons Why You Can’t Bang 9’s And 10’s


Wouldn’t you just love to bang this??


I get guys emailing me who are somewhat good at game, they have been practicing for a couple of years, doing both daygame and night game. They can open, build rapport, sexually escalate and have sex without many issues or sticking points.

However they all seem to have one thing in common and this happens after you’ve slept with a bunch of girls… [Read more…]

3 Positive (But Subtle) Responses You Want A Girl To Do

Subtle Responses From Girls

Read these signs… and get laid.


In Stealth Attraction I discuss micro signals and subtle things that women do to communicate they are attracted to you. I also explain how you can do the same back to them, to ramp up the sexual tension. Today I want to discuss some positive signs of attraction that are so subtle, most guys will miss them completely. [Read more…]

3 Tips For Calming Your Nerves During The Approach

Be calm dude!

Be calm dude!

Approaching a girl you’re attracted to, will do many things… you will start to think strange thoughts, sweat profusely, feel a surge of nerves flood your body, your stomach will flip, maybe you will even turn red because of potential embarrassment.

It’s horrible, no wonder most guys struggle with it (yes even me). [Read more…]

The Truth To Getting Over Your Fears Quickly (The Brutal Self Help Approach)

Getting Over Fears Quickly

Hard, but fast methods.


Self help is a MASSIVE topic. It’s so big that you can totally get lost in one area, by just consuming an immense amount of theory. But the problem with that, is you end up just reading, watching and listening to a certain self help topic, without actually doing the part that’s going to bring you the most results… action. [Read more…]

What’s The Point In Learning Game, When You Can Just Sleep With A Prostitute?


Is it worth it?


I see this topic as being a touch taboo with some men in the community, which is all the more reason to discuss it. While some guys believe that there’s nothing wrong with paying a prostitute to sleep with them, others are disgusted by the thought and think it’s an easy way out. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Call Women Out On Their Bullshit


What are you waiting for? Call her out dude.


Women say dumb shit, a lot of the time.

Now I urge you to call them out on their bullshit when it happens. The reasons why will become clear very soon, but first I want to explain my thoughts behind why I think modern day women are increasingly saying stupid things that are not only hypocritical, but just damaging for future generations. [Read more…]

What To Do If A Woman Becomes Too Clingy… Or Even Obsessive


Set the boundaries FIRST!


The better you become at game, the more you will have the problem of women becoming overly clingy when they’re around you or even in some cases… obsessive.

This is very unhealthy for both you and her, so it’s best to nip it in the bud before it goes too far. There are two options that you have in this situation. [Read more…]