Anal Sex Tips And Rules: Woah There Cowboy… Did You Say Anal Sex With My Woman?

Yep it’s that time… anal sex tips that you sure as hell didn’t learn in school!

For those of you who have commented on the blog and emailed me asking about tips on anal sex, so you could get a little more freaky with your girl… today is that day.

I’m going to show you how to approach the whole anal sex “thing” and how to make it a pleasurable experience for both you and her.

I’ll also answer some common questions and give you rules that you must follow if you want it go well and not turn into horror show that will put you both off for life.

Why would you even consider the butt?

I know that some guys will be horrified by the idea of anal sex, whereas other guys go crazy for it.

But here’s the truth… more and more women are reporting that they are experiencing intense orgasms from adopting anal sex with their partner. Plus it’s still considered “naughty” and a bit taboo, so it makes it all the more enjoyable for both you and the girl.

Anal sex rules

1. Make sure she is completely relaxed

Don’t expect a 5 minute anal quickie (unless she’s a pro of course) because women need to be fully relaxed for anal sex to be enjoyable.

Analingus (yep that’s a real word) is most enjoyed when the anus area is soft and relaxed (more specifically the sphincter muscles), if it’s tight and dry then don’t even think about sticking anything in there.

Make sure your room smells nice, the sheets are clean and the lighting is just right. Maybe even throw a couple of candles in there for good measure.

2. Use foreplay to get her mind ready

Yep, you still need to use plenty of foreplay before even thinking about attempting anal sex. So get the warm wet cloth ready and the lube. You should begin by kissing her… then massaging her slowly… then begin licking her pussy.

There’s a bunch foreplay techniques you could use to get her excited. After about 20 minutes of foreplay, you can then decide whether you’d like to attempt anal sex first of after vaginal sex.

3. Always use water-based lube (lot’s and lot’s of lube)

If you like lube and use it a lot during sex, then you’re going LOVE the stuff when it comes to anal sex. Simply because her butt won’t produce any natural fluids that help you penetrate her, so lube is an added aid for making the whole experience much less painful and easy.

4. Take it slow…

You might want to have normal vaginal intercourse to begin with so that she’s into it, instead of going straight for the butt. Then during sex you can slip a digit slowly into her butt and finger her whilst still penetrating her vagina.

You could also use an anal sex toy to stimulate that area, there are some that vibrate and slot nicely into her butt, so you could even leave it there whilst doing all kinds of sex positions.

5. Does she like it? Try other positions

The last step is to try other positions, if she likes it of course. If she doesn’t then you can just stop and go back to vaginal sex (only do this if you change condoms, don’t attempt to go from anal sex to vaginal sex if you’re not wearing protection as this could lead to infections).

But if she wants more, then you should try the following…

Best anal sex positions

Assisted doggy

We all know the “doggystyle” position. But assisted doggy is a little different, so listen up. Get her to assume the normal doggy stance, then take both hands, place them on her waist and pull her hips up so her bum goes downwards, giving you more purchase and easier access to her anus.

Slowly slide your schlong inside her butt and at the same time take her feet and place them behind your butt and tell her to push push your butt in as way of guiding the speed.

Thrusted reverse frog

Ok so this one is easy and will allow you to get REALLY deep. To begin, you need to assume the standard missionary position, then take her legs… place your hands behind the back of her legs so you’re holding them down (this will cause her butt to go up in the air).

And finally place a pillow under the small of her back, so that you don’t have to lift half her body up. Then simply slide your plonker in and away you go

Anal sex tips

  • Excessive douching can be bad – Don’t make her over clean the anus, this can actually cause extreme dryness and could potentially increase your chances of passing on STI’s due to micro-abrasions that occur.
  • Don’t jump in – Remember this.. Clean up, lube up and take it slow with the foreplay. This will help her to relax. If you jump in without any lube or foreplay, it will be a disaster and extremely painful for her.
  • Use a condom – Anal sex is well known for being more susceptible to STI’s than vaginal sex, so it’s always a good thing to wear a condom.
  • Have a wash cloth ready – Having a bowl of warm water with a damp cloth is both good for pleasuring the girl with foreplay (slowly wipe around her anus almost massing that area) it’s also good for cleaning up before and after.
  • Don’t use oil based lube – Especially if you’re using a condom. The oils in the lube will break down the latex and will eventually crack or split the condom.

Common questions guys ask…

Should I use a condom?

For the most part, yes you should. That means even if you’re with your girlfriend, because it’s a lot safer that way. But if you both get checked out for STI’s and you’re all clean, as long as you follow the rules above you should be fine to have unprotected anal sex. However if it’s a one night stand with a freaky girl, USE ONE!

Do women like anal sex?

Yep, for sure. More than ever actually and they are becoming way more open about it too. So don’t be afraid to ask her whilst you’re having sex, or introduce the idea of it outside of the bedroom.

What’s the best type of lube to use?

Water based, always use water based lube. It’s easy to wash of, lasts a long time, doesn’t smell too bad and doesn’t ruin condoms.

Can women orgasm from anal sex?

Not directly no, but they can still have an orgasm based on two things. 1) They are stimulated mentally which is a HUGE part of orgasms with women and 2) You can actually hit the deep spot from the anal canal in the deeper part of the vagina, so it’s a kind of a shortcut route. And because the area between the anal canal and the vagina is so thin, it makes it much easier to hit the g-spot from the back.

So that’s it dude! Really easy to follow anal sex tips right? Make sure you follow the rules and utilise the tips, it’s a great way to master the whole anal thing.

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