The Dreaded Friend Zone: How To Take A Friend to A Girlfriend

The dreaded friend zone can be a scary place, if you are too nice she’ll be a friend for life… if you’re too full on, she’ll lose interest. Here’s how to bust out of the friend zone and make her your girlfriend.

First, I want to say that if you don’t have women in your social circle, you need to get some, it’s weird to only have male friends, especially if they also don’t have any female friends!  Start meeting women and get their numbers to hang out with them, even if they aren’t so attractive just so you can have some female energy
around you.

So, you’ve got a girl that you are attracted to, she’s in your social circle and considers you a friend, but you would like something more.  How do you turn things sexual or at least express your interest?  You definitely don’t do what most guys do and say “You know, I’ve always loves you and would like to be with you forever, please love me!” or something similar.  She will be freaked out!  So here’s what to do:

1. Use Attraction Builders

If you are interacting with her on the same level as her females friends, her auntie, and her  gay best friend, it is no wonder she doesn’t consider you for a potential boyfriend.

Build attraction by teasing her: make fun of her – the desired response is that she laughs and hits you at the same time.  Use challenges – ask her challenging questions about her character and what kind of person she is and either approve or disapprove of her answers.  Alternate breaking rapport and connecting – break rapport on surface level interests – if she likes Harry Potter, feel free to say that it is lame.  If she has something you genuinely like, tell her. Mix

things up.

2. Present Yourself as a High-Value, Sexual Male

Pursue other women, talk about your love life, your wants, girls you are attracted to.  Do not be a-sexual, show that you are a sexual being.  Have passions and interests and communicate them, make your world interesting and exciting and maybe a little mysterious.

3. When The Time Comes, Transition Correctly

So, you’ve built some attraction and interest if it wasn’t there already, now it’s time for action.  You need to get her on her own, preferably in the night time, and you need to escalate physically.  BUT, you need to do it playfully.  Tease, poke, prod, tiggle, play-fight.  This is just as good for building sexual tensions as other types of touching but is more non-threatening and low pressure.  After a while, stop, look at her, and feel if it is on or not.  If it is, the kiss can happen.

4. It has to “Just Happen”

If she has already classified you as a friend, it’ll be a big shock to suddenly have you declare your love.  It needs to “just happen” instead and this is how to do it.  If you try this and it isn’t on, then you haven’t risked a huge amount and don’t have to lose your friendship – she can always introduce you to her friends!

So that’s how you can get out of the friend zone, if you follow the steps above you’ll easily be able to break out.

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  1. Omg…i tried this to a friend of mine…it was yesterday…it worked…i couldn’t believe it was that simple..thank you!!!

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  4. Thank's for information.
    I need more like this….

  5. Gerisim says:

    Friends How are u gays
    what going on…

  6. Well as for my good advice is..
    Just whn u r around ur friend chat with her about some sexy things or thinks.And instead of saying to her u look nice to, say u look quiet hot in that or a bit of erotic words not like i wanna bite u or have sex with u now but but let her think for a bit that she feel sexy near u.
    It will take a time but it mostly work and u will see changes…

  7. man leav her nd find some one else if she cant use up the chance..she lose! mne i ve bin wiz her for 3 years nd we ve in lots of zat stupid things..we ve wanted to kiss each ozer at diferent times , at time she wants ..i dont nd i want she just dont..lots of complicated things and i dont want to get burn there i am leaving her and more than enough i gave her..i ve 2 mov e2 z next life and enjoy..she lose! may b me..ha

  8. jah!! IM EVEN WORSE!! i have this friend, and she is georgeus, (sorry for my language but i have troubles with english, im venezuelan jeje) well, i have created the moment, i have done a lot of things, even getting closer… but she doesn't let me any chance to scalate physically, it's like she don't like to be touched (she told me) but its weird… i have done everything, even so, i started to this seduction thing… i have use it in a lot of womens, but i cant with her… why?

    i tested myself for the onenitis, and i dont have it… i even try the thing about just happened, but it didnt happened (lol), even i tried the confession line, the one that's "i wont change anything" and she changed, of course… it was easy… but at this point i donno what to do… how can i deal this "i dont like to be touched" thing?

  9. @Mike srab
    In 3. you find the right moment when you are both having fun, you suddenly slow down and look her deeply in the eyes and say "do you ever take any chances". This really opens up a girl for anything. If she's still looking you in the eyes you lean in for the kiss. Don't worry if the kiss doesn't actually happen. At least it'll be a real sexual/romantic moment for you both, that will feel like it "just happened" for her. You will get the kiss later if you just keep plowing.

  10. MAN am i having a problem with this one! someone help me!
    3. When The Time Comes, Transition Correctly: in regard to that i have tickled her and have created sexual tension BUT i know if i go in for the kiss its going to be rejection. why? well iam like a Surrogate Boyfriend;, a male friend who takes the place of a boyfriend when she is single. Generally speaking, a close male friend who is there emotionally, but is not receiving physical pleasure from the relationship. i dont no what to do

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    You don't look for the girl. Do what our ancestors did. BE A MAN AND TAKE WHAT YOU LIKE!

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  15. ALL THESE THEORIES AND INFORMATION! isnt it better to 'just do it'?

  16. cool. an out the blue declaration of love is super cheesy.

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