How To Start A Conversation With A Girl The Right Way

When you're interested in dating and finding someone to be in a relationship with, one of the first steps you have to take is learning how to start a conversation with a girl.

You may not know how to break the ice and can feel intimidated by approaching different types of women in new settings.

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Ex-Teacher Turned Baddie Nashali Blu Earns $30,000+ Per Month On OnlyFans

It’s no secret that you can make some SERIOUS money on OnlyFans and what is a pretty girl who used to be a teacher to do when the world is plunged into a lockdown?

Anyone for some juicy coconuts?

Teach online or start an OnlyFans account and make bank. [Read more…]

High-school Teacher Quits Job, Becomes OnlyFans Model And Makes $54,000 Per Month!

Did you ever sit in class and fantasize about your teacher? I know I did. I have no idea what I’d do if I found out she switched from teaching to selling nudes on OnlyFans. Oh wait, I’d subscribe!

Jeanette Guzman in the swimming pool.

I wouldn’t have learned a damn thing in school!

If you’ve ever wondered how easy it is for pretty women to make money from only fans, then you’re not alone. [Read more…]

7 Effective Dating Tips for Men in a Post-COVID World

Are you finding it really hard to meet anyone in a post-COVID world? The dating scene has changed significantly. Although it doesn’t always seem like it, many of the differences are for the better.

Dating tips for men after covid-19

Where are all the sanitized chica’s?

Here are some of the best post-COVID dating tips for men, from working on yourself first to supporting your potential date.

Take a look at how to navigate the dating world as the health crisis settles down. [Read more…]

Erotic Hypnosis: An Easy Guide For Absolute Beginners

Throughout human history, men and women have looked for ways to become more attractive to the opposite sex and spice things up in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, that need for better sex usually ends with watching porn or using a trendy sex toy.

Erotic Hypnosis

Are you ready for the best sex ever?

If you’re going through a boring sex phase, this guide to erotic hypnosis will really help. Of course, hypnosis can be used for entertainment, therapeutic purposes, and guided self-discovery. [Read more…]

What Is A Sigma Male? Everything You Need To Know

If you are seeking a specific sigma male definition, a sigma male is a male who is neither an alpha male (strong no-nonsense leaders) nor a beta male (those who are eager to follow the directions of the alpha males), and instead, march to the beat of their own drums.

What is a sigma male?

10 things that all sigmas have.

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A Truthful Guide To Penis Enlargement Surgery – Is It Worth It?

A significant amount of male culture is tied to penis size. While men often joke about the size of their penis, this is also a source of both self-confidence and self-esteem. Men who have a small penis could be concerned about their performance in the bedroom.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Seriously thinking about going under the knife? Think again.

Those who need proof simply need to take a look at the multitude of television commercials that play on these exact points as they reference ways to get a bigger dick.

There are penis pills sold all of the time that promote penis enlargement. Some men even tie weights to their penis in an effort to stretch it. [Read more…]

Am I Being Catfished? How To Tell if Your Online Date is Fake

In the past, you could only interact with those close to their physical location. However, the internet has changed human interaction significantly.

Am I being catfished?

Girls can be anyone they want online… be VERY cautious.

With social networks like Facebook and online dating platforms like Tinder, you can connect with strangers from miles away. Unfortunately, the convenient outlets also come with scams. Cat fishing is one of the most common ones. [Read more…]

What Is The Best Penis Pump? The Top 5 Penis Pumps

Do you want to grow your penis without risking the side effects of penis enlargement fixes?

One in five men feels unsatisfied with their penis sizes. Penis pumps can give you the enlargement closest to natural, though it’s not a permanent fix.  With a penis pump, your greatest risk is bruising on your penis, and that’s if you used it on an already injured penis.

Best penis pumps

What are top rated male enhancement pumps right now?

Though penis pumps are some of the safest solutions for penis growth, you want to get the best penis pump for you. Below, we have a list of 5 of the best penis pumps on the market. Read on to know which one will suit you best. [Read more…]

How to Cum More (in Both Volume and Quantity): A Tell-All Guide For Men Who Want More!

Believe it or not, almost 70 percent of people between 13 and 24 enjoy watching pornography at least once a week. Does this sound familiar, you horny little devil? If that’s the case, then chances are that you’ve also wondered how to bust a HUGE load right?

How to cum more: Girl drinking milk

Learn how to cum mores, so you explode… instead of dribble on your girl.

Be honest: do you want a bigger load for you or to make every girl you bang go “Holy crap that’s a lot of cum” as she wipes it from her face? Yeah, I already know which one you are :) This guide is going to teach you EXACTLY how to naturally increase your semen volume so you can paint as many faces as you like.

If you’re one of those impatient men that needs results NOW. Then you should grab yourself a bottle of these. You should see an increase in semen volume within weeks.

Anyway, onto the guide…
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