Why Am I Rejected By Every Girl?

Rejection hurts. It hurts some more than others, but getting shot down is painful no matter who you are. Sadly, this is the reality for some guys more than others. Some men seem to get lucky with any girl he goes after, while others get the letdown time after time.

Many men who struggle with low self-esteem, no motivation, and bad life habits, tend to have trouble grabbing and keeping women’s attention. Women want confident, sexy, and strong men to sweep them off their feet.

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10 Clear Signs She Wants Sex Tonight

For many men, figuring out a woman feels like the world's most impossible task. Females are complex beings with countless emotions coursing through their veins at any given moment.

But the confusion isn't due to man's lack of equal passions. Sometimes, it's just a simple biological difference that makes sex hard to get.

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Alpha Male vs Beta Male: What’s The Difference?

Traditionally, being an alpha male has meant that you are a man who has a lot -- maybe an overabundance - of confidence, and that you don’t let anything stop you from going after you want.

Alpha males are known for standing up to challenges, having courage in the face of adversity, and relentlessly striving for their goals. If that sounds like you, you definitely have alpha male qualities.

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How To Meet Women: Best Places And Situations For Meeting Chicks

To meet women you have to put yourself out there. Being out and about, even just around your neighborhood, gives you every chance of meeting some really great women. In a world of 960 million females, there are loads of women for you to meet, and who would love to meet you too!
We get it.

The pandemic has made everyone’s dating life come to a grinding halt. Meeting women has been more difficult than ever. But as things slowly come back to normal, you’re going to have to get back out there sooner or later.

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Why Do Women Give Mixed Signals?

We all know a guy who was really into a woman when she suddenly threw him for a loop. He thought everything was perfect until her mixed signals set him back. Today we’re breaking down why women give mixed signals and what you can do about them.

There are tons of different mixed signals a guy might get from a woman. You’ll read all about them below, as well as learn why these signals are given off in the first place. Finally, you’ll learn how to respond to these signals in a way that keeps you smart, stable, and sane.

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend To Lose Weight?

You love your girlfriend and you are or were very attracted to her. That's how you entered this relationship in the first place, but something has changed and it's not her personality.

Her weight has noticeably increased and you're concerned for a multitude of reasons. That's to be expected and you're not a jerk for thinking it.

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Why Do Women Test Men?

We've all been there. Out on a date, when you start feeling like, "Whoa, is she testing me?"
Ever wonder what you're supposed to do when that happens? I did. So, I spent some time digging around to find out why women test us like that.

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Why Does My Girlfriend Just Want to Be Friends?

Did you know that about 60% of exes remain friends after a breakup? That means only 40% of couples stop communicating completely.

Yet, those statistics don't make it any easier to deal with your girlfriend shoving you unwillingly into the Friend Zone. Losing the romantic affections of your sweetie can be painful, so listen up.

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Can a Woman Cheat and Still be in Love?

It's a reasonable question to ask: can a woman cheat and still be in love? Heck, can anyone cheat and still be in love? If you asked this question to a number of people on the streets, there's little doubt that many of them would answer no.

Can a Woman Cheat and Still be in Love?
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Do Women Like Long Hair On Men?

Well, the short answer is yes, but it’s not for everyone. Women seem to either be really attracted to guys with long hair, or they hate it.

Let's explore this topic a little further!

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