Too Proud to Beg? How to Nab Sexy Nude Selfies From Girls (Without Begging!)

Here’s the deal. Up to 33 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 admit to sending at least one sext in their lives. Whether it is a text or a video, it’s always fun to get a girl to send you nudes.

Hot girl taking a naked selfie.

Want nudes like this?

Not sure how to get nude selfies? If so, I’m here to help.

Let’s be honest: what guy doesn’t love getting sexy nude selfies? Well today you’re going to learn how to get a girl to send nudes without having to grovel (yes, it’s possible!). [Read more…]

PEBible Review: How I Enlarged My Dick by 1.4 Inches In 6 Weeks And You Can Too

An in-depth PEBible review, discussing the all natural penis enlargement guide created by John Colins. Do the techniques in this guide work and is it worth the money?

Screenshot of PE Bible

Learn the secrets that pornstars use to get bigger and stronger erections while on set.

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Summary Price: $47
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There are many different techniques you can use to get a bigger dick, knowing which method, technique or route to take is another story altogether. PE Bible is packed full of all-natural techniques that you can use in the comfort of your own home to add between 1-4 inches within weeks.

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PEBible Review

I’ve had the guide for a little over three months now and I must say I’m very surprised at the level of detail it goes into with each technique. [Read more…]

How To Make Your Own Antibacterial Homemade Hand Sanitizer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we start, if you think you might be experiencing symptoms and want to check if you have the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) then you should go to: immediately.

Hi guys!

Val Dodds here.

Today, we’re going to be making our own antibacterial hand sanitizer that you can make from home using a few simple ingredients.

First thing is to get the ingredients, so let’s do that. [Read more…]

What is the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety? Top 7 Oils Reviewed

What is the best CBD oil for anxiety on the market?

I’ve reviewed the ten most popular oils that are intended to put you in an instant state of relaxation, which suppresses the biggest problem most guys have with women, the dreaded approach anxiety.

Man using a CBD oil with a tincture.

Your guide to the best CBD oil for anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety when you’re around women (especially pretty ones) then using an aid to help battle the nerves is a must. [Read more…]

How the #MeToo Backlash is Harming Good Men

The #MeToo backlash is ruining the dating game for normal good men. Feminists don’t understand that honest normal guys don’t want to approach women anymore from fear of being labeled a sexual predator.

Feminist wearing a pink Pussy Power hat.

#MeToo backlash and the damage it’s caused to men

I have a question.

What the fuck are single unattractive men supposed to do?

I’m very happy that I’m not a single guy right now. I’m also very happy that I sold my dating advice company in August 2019. [Read more…]

How To Regrow Foreskin In 8-12 Months Naturally (+ Foreskin Restoration Results)

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to regrow foreskin, so that it covers the head of your penis entirely.

Foreskin restoration sounds like a ridiculous concept on the face of it. While circumcision is slowly falling out of favor in many Western countries, most people believe that once a man is circumcised, there’s no way for him to recover his foreskin.

Foreskin Restoration Techniques

Can’t ejaculate during sex? Try re-growing your foreskin.

However, it is possible to regain foreskin functionality in as little as under a year using noninvasive, safe techniques. Here’s why you should consider foreskin restoration and how you can do it safely and easily. [Read more…]

How to Make a Girl Jealous So She Chases You

Making a girl jealous can be one of the best things you can do as a single man or even if you’re in a relationship. Too much jealousy can cause bad blood and potentially ruin a good thing. But just the right amount… can be an incredible attraction booster.

Make A Girl Jealous

One of the most powerful seduction techniques you can use.

Conventional wisdom says that jealousy is a bad thing, and it is… for you. But if you’re a man, you can leverage your girlfriend’s jealousy to make her more attracted to you. [Read more…]

5 Things Women Do That Men Absolutely Hate

It’s a common refrain from Cosmo, Buzzfeed, and other mainstream sites: constant complaints from women about things men do that they hate.

Things Men Hate

Do you agree fellas?

From growing beards to playing video games to not answering texts quickly enough, there’s a laundry list of things that supposedly annoy women like crazy. [Read more…]

Instagram Game: How To Pickup Women With Instagram (Proven Techniques)

Whether you like it or not, social media is a necessity for gaming these days. Women use it to vet potential men that they want to sleep with and they also like to post useless crap that nobody really cares about, just to get pointless likes from thirsty men… but that’s another story for another time.

Instagram Game

Build a life where women find and contact YOU.

Regardless of how you feel about Instagram, it’s a platform that can take your sex life from nothing to… well, unlimited amounts of women on tap if you want. It just depends on how tight your IG game is. [Read more…]

21 Ways to Spot if a Girl is Promiscuous… and Not Worth Pursuing

It’s no secret that modern society encourages women to be sluts. A constant torrent of you-go-grrl propaganda, feminist ideology, and technology encourages women to be promiscuous. While a slut might be fun for a night or two, you don’t want to shack up with one since it will just end in misery for you.

21 Slut Flags

These hoes aint loooyal!

Here are 21 easy ways you can tell if a woman is a slut… [Read more…]