Seeking Arrangement Review: Is It Legit Or Should You Stay Away?

There are dozens of websites out there looking to help men and women find virtually any sort of relationship they could possibly want. These range from "hookup" sites such as Tinder to dating sites catering to individuals in their senior years.

None of them have quite attracted as much controversy as Seeking Arrangement, founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade.

Screenshot of Seeking Arrangement.

As far as who Seeking Arrangement is designed for — well, the website says it all. It's designed for "established men" to meet "attractive women." It's also listed as "the elite dating site for millionaires to meet their matches."

The question to be answered is whether or not Seeking Arrangement is worth your time.

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eHarmony Review: Can You Really Find Your Soulmate?

Today, it seems like there are a million dating sites and apps out there that claim to help you find that 'special someone.' With so many options, it can initially seem daunting choosing which one to go with.

eHarmony has been around since 2000, with its tagline claiming that "every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eHarmony."

While I can't say for sure how accurate this stat is, I will say that eHarmony has been one of the go-to sites for those looking for something long-term for a long time. While it does come with its flaws, it's been around for 20 years because it works!

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OkCupid Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?

Since online dating is no longer the "for losers only" experience it once was, dating sites have exploded. Some cater to the infamous "one-night stand" while others look to match users for something more long-term.

Home page screenshot.

Although it's actually under the umbrella of the Match family, OkCupid is one of those dating sites offering quite a bit of bang for the buck, providing you know how to best use it. Sure, it might not be perfect, but let's face it, guy — there isn't a single dating site online that doesn't have a few downsides to it.

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How Do Pornstars Last So Long? (7 Ways To Get And Stay Hard)

Anyone who’s ever watched a porno movie has probably noticed that the men in it seem to be able to stay hard for hours. (Look, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’ve watched porn, okay? We’re all grown-ups here.)

It turns out they have a variety of techniques they use in order to maintain their erection and you can learn from the experts. After all, those guys aren’t always attracted to their costars and since they’re actually on a film set, there are dozens of distractions they need to contend with.

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text (9 Easy To Spot Signs)

When it comes to finding out if a girl likes you, it’s fairly easy to spot if you’re with her. She’ll be looking at you, smiling at you, possibly toying with her hair and reaching over and touching you.

Things might get a little more complicated, though, when it comes to figuring out if she likes you when the two of you are texting back and forth. Luckily, there are some easy-to-spot signs to help you figure things out.

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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (Without Sounding Pathetic)

So here you are, finding yourself spending more and more time with a girl and you’ve decided that you want to put yourself out there and tell her that you like her.

The only problem is that when you’ve done this in the past, it hasn’t worked out the way you’d like and you’re wondering if the problem is with you or with the way that you told the girl that you liked her.

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl The Right Way

When you're interested in dating and finding someone to be in a relationship with, one of the first steps you have to take is learning how to start a conversation with a girl.

You may not know how to break the ice and can feel intimidated by approaching different types of women in new settings.

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Ex-Teacher Turned Baddie Nashali Blu Earns $30,000+ Per Month On OnlyFans

It’s no secret that you can make some SERIOUS money on OnlyFans and what is a pretty girl who used to be a teacher to do when the world is plunged into a lockdown?

Anyone for some juicy coconuts?

Teach online or start an OnlyFans account and make bank. [Read more…]

High-school Teacher Quits Job, Becomes OnlyFans Model And Makes $54,000 Per Month!

Did you ever sit in class and fantasize about your teacher? I know I did. I have no idea what I’d do if I found out she switched from teaching to selling nudes on OnlyFans. Oh wait, I’d subscribe!

Jeanette Guzman in the swimming pool.

I wouldn’t have learned a damn thing in school!

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7 Effective Dating Tips for Men in a Post-COVID World

Are you finding it really hard to meet anyone in a post-COVID world? The dating scene has changed significantly. Although it doesn’t always seem like it, many of the differences are for the better.

Dating tips for men after covid-19

Where are all the sanitized chica’s?

Here are some of the best post-COVID dating tips for men, from working on yourself first to supporting your potential date.

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