Why Does My Girlfriend Ignore Me?

We have all been there. Your girlfriend won't return your calls or sits in icy silence, leaving you in the cold.

Sometimes we have done something to offend or haven't been paying her feelings as much attention as we should. Other times, you might find it a complete mystery why your girlfriend is suddenly giving you the cold shoulder.

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Do Women Like Bald Men?

With almost half the male population suffering some degree of baldness by the age of 50, it is no surprise that men spend nearly $7 billion a year on surgical solutions to baldness.

In fact, a survey showed that in 2017, men spent more money on surgical procedures for baldness than AIDs or Malaria. Why does male baldness carry such a stigma, and do women like bald men?

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Why Do Women Like Tall Men?

We have all heard the universal adage of a lady seeking a man who is 'tall, dark and handsome,' and there seems there's more truth to the saying than meets the eye. Women tend to prefer taller men as their partners, but why?

Women like tall men for various reasons, such as adaptive evolutionary instincts, psychosocial preferences, and adaptive fear responses to external danger.

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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

If you’ve ever been dumped for a bad boy, you’re probably wondering why this happened to you.

I know because a lot of guys I know have experienced this. I hear them asking all our buddies why they think girls like bad boys and decided to get to the bottom of this debate once and for all.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of movies where the bad guy rides in on his Harley and steals the woman right from her man’s arms, but that just happens in the films, right?

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Match.com Review: Is It Worth The Money? (Unbiased Verdict)

This is an unbiased match.com review and based purely on facts from our own experiences.

There seems to be a dating site or app for every kind of dating or sexual desire out there. The problem is that most of them seem to lead absolutely nowhere... besides getting you fake pictures or an inbox of unread messages.

Photo of Match.com.

The biggest dating site out there... by far!

If you've found yourself worn down by the online dating site and about give up, don't! There's a good chance you've heard of Match but haven't tried it just yet.

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Zoosk Review: A Good Dating Site Or A Waste Of Time?

Today I'm going to be looking at a very popular dating site (and now app) that boasts over 20 million users! That's right, this Zoosk review will leave no room for confusion.

Just a straightforward honest review of the site. Let's get on with it!

Now you might be thinking... which dating site is actually not a waste of time?

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Seeking Arrangement Review: Is It Legit Or Should You Stay Away?

There are dozens of websites out there looking to help men and women find virtually any sort of relationship they could possibly want. These range from "hookup" sites such as Tinder to dating sites catering to individuals in their senior years.

None of them have quite attracted as much controversy as Seeking Arrangement, founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade.

Screenshot of Seeking Arrangement.

As far as who Seeking Arrangement is designed for — well, the website says it all. It's designed for "established men" to meet "attractive women." It's also listed as "the elite dating site for millionaires to meet their matches."

The question to be answered is whether or not Seeking Arrangement is worth your time.

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eHarmony Review: Can You Really Find Your Soulmate?

Today, it seems like there are a million dating sites and apps out there that claim to help you find that 'special someone.' With so many options, it can initially seem daunting choosing which one to go with.

eHarmony has been around since 2000, with its tagline claiming that "every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eHarmony."

While I can't say for sure how accurate this stat is, I will say that eHarmony has been one of the go-to sites for those looking for something long-term for a long time. While it does come with its flaws, it's been around for 20 years because it works!

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OkCupid Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?

Since online dating is no longer the "for losers only" experience it once was, dating sites have exploded. Some cater to the infamous "one-night stand" while others look to match users for something more long-term.

Home page screenshot.

Although it's actually under the umbrella of the Match family, OkCupid is one of those dating sites offering quite a bit of bang for the buck, providing you know how to best use it. Sure, it might not be perfect, but let's face it, guy — there isn't a single dating site online that doesn't have a few downsides to it.

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How Do Pornstars Last So Long? (7 Ways To Get And Stay Hard)

Anyone who’s ever watched a porno movie has probably noticed that the men in it seem to be able to stay hard for hours. (Look, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’ve watched porn, okay? We’re all grown-ups here.)

It turns out they have a variety of techniques they use in order to maintain their erection and you can learn from the experts. After all, those guys aren’t always attracted to their costars and since they’re actually on a film set, there are dozens of distractions they need to contend with.

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