Best OnlyFans Girls

There are lots of good-looking girls on OnlyFans: almost too many to count, honestly. Of course, that makes it difficult to know which subscriptions are the best to get.


Which ones are really worth the price?

Which ones are going to provide you with the greatest amount of hot content?

It's an understandable series of questions, which is why we've decided to compile a list of the best OnlyFans models of 2022.

We'll cover which models offer the most content, as well as which ones even allow free subscriptions!

Either way, we promise you'll have some great girls to check out by the time we're done here. So, let's get right into it!

In a hurry?

Here's a quick rundown of the most popular models

Model Name
Onlyfans Account
Monthly Cost

Riley Kwums

Attractive girls come in all shapes and sizes, but there's no denying that thick and curvy often take the cake in the eyes of the masses.

If you're looking for a curvaceous lady on OnlyFans, you won't do much better than Riley Kwums. She's "thicc", there's no doubt about that.

But there's more to her than being curvy. Riley is a champion of acceptance and self-appreciation, so she brings the good vibes to the table as well as an attractive body.

She's even willing to accept DMs from her dedicated fans, and she's more than willing to put out special content for an extra donation, so she can cater to your favorite needs.

To top it all off, Riley is currently offering a huge 90% discount on a month-long subscription, meaning you can get access to her gallery of 1400+ posts for an entire month for just $3. If you're looking for thick, curvy, and sweet, Riley Kwums is one of the best options on OnlyFans.

Top Features:

  • Willing to DM fans
  • Makes specialized content for extra donations
  • More than 1400 quality posts
  • Currently offering 30-day subscription for just $3

Kacy Black

OnlyFans has a ton of models with a ton of fans, but one of the most popular girls on the site is Kacy Black, with legions of fans across multiple social media platforms.

Perhaps she has so many fans because of the exclusive quality content she offers for the dedicated. Needless to say, she offers some of the most scandalous content on OnlyFans.

Moreover, she does this in no small quantity, with more than 1600 spicy posts for you to enjoy, and she adds more sexy content to the list every day.

Better yet, you can get a month-long subscription to her racy database of content for as little as $3 right now. That's a steal for one of the most popular OF girls out there right now!

There's really not much else to say: she offers some free sneak peeks of her OF account on her other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

So if you want to test the goods before you commit to spending money, just take a look. Then again, for a whopping three dollars, you're almost certainly getting your money's worth with Kacy Black.

Top Features

  • She offers sneak peeks of her OF content on other social media
  • One of the most popular girls on OF: for a good reason!
  • Impressive gallery of exclusive content: more than 1600+ pictures
  • Currently offering thirty days of subscription for just $3

Bella Bumzy

There's a certain appeal to a girl that shares the same hobbies as you. For gamers, the best "gamer girl" on OnlyFans is probably Bella Bumzy, a cute, young model who puts special focus on her derriere.

Needless to say, she appeals to more than one niche, making her a very popular model with more than 62,000 likes.

Basically, Bella has fully embraced the "gamer girl" aesthetic, making it her special selling point.

Combined with an innocent demeanor that hides a naughty secret, there's no denying that she aims her feminine wiles at a particular set of people. If you're looking for a bubbly girl with a bubbly rear, Bella Bumzy is your gal.

Of course, she's also down for requests from her fans, assuming they meet the right conditions: being a load of fun and worth the time.

Even if you don't want exclusive content made just for you, she has just over 1,000 posts on her account ready for your enjoyment, and she's adding more all the time.

Better yet, she's offering some great discounts for subscriptions right now, including the special $3 for thirty days option. But, there are also discounts on subscription bundles for several months, including 5%, 10%, and 35% off for 3, 6, and 12 months respectively.

Top Features:

  • Appeals to several niches, such as "gamer girl" and "pretend innocence"
  • Offers several subscription bundle discounts, including $3 for thirty days
  • Enjoys chatting with her fans and making exclusive content
  • Over 1000 exquisite posts to enjoy on her OF account

Sam Slayres

Lots of people like girls with large assets, but there are some cuties out there on the smaller side, and they deserve appreciation too.

If you're a connoisseur of the smaller side of the spectrum, Sam Slayres is for you. She's fun, cheerful, and super attractive, with a commitment to making her fans happy.

She's also an expert at providing a sassy attitude, for the people who are into that kind of woman.

Sam isn't much for routine, preferring to be the spontaneous type who puts out content whenever she wants to. This makes her a perfect model for fans that love to get presents and surprises they weren't expecting!

Sam is also known for being particularly enthusiastic when it comes to interacting with her fans. She's always down to DM and talk with her fans with a cheerful and friendly vibe.

She really puts out those "beautiful neighbor" vibes. Everyone wants to get to know her, and she loves being spoiled during long talks.

With more than 1300 sexy posts and more being added all the time, Sam is definitely worth a measly $3 for the next thirty days. Of course, you'll probably be willing to spend even more on this beautiful babe in the long run!

Top Features:

  • She's well-known for interacting with fans
  • Fun, outgoing, and playfully sassy
  • More than 1300 sexy posts to enjoy when you subscribe
  • Offering an excellent thirty-day subscription for $3 right now


For the roleplay lovers out there, Zayla is the OnlyFans girl for you. She aims to embrace the sexy stepmom vibe with her mature looks and curvaceous body, and she nails the persona perfectly.

If you're the type of person to fantasize about the hot mom next door while she sunbathes at the pool, that's the kind of content Zayla offers.

Or, perhaps you are more into the neglected housewife roleplay? Whatever it is, if you have a mature-themed fantasy you want to be fulfilled, Zayla is your girl.

She's not shy about showing off, and if you become one of her fans, you can gain access to more than 1800 posts, some of which are definitively R-rated!

Zayla also allows her fans to make requests, and she'll go out of her way to create personalized content for them.

Whether you want her to show off as a sexy nurse or the naughty school teacher, she offers some racy content that is very unique on OnlyFans, and she too is offering a thirty-day subscription for just $3.

There are plenty of gorgeous women on OnlyFans, but few of them offer the type of roleplay and cosplay niche that Zayla does. That's her biggest appeal: well, that and a few other assets!

Top Features:

  • Offers a unique cosplay and roleplay niche
  • Willing to make personalized content for fans
  • Nails the mature "hot stepmom" vibe that few OF girls do
  • Offers a robust and "r-rated" gallery of over 1800 posts

Maria Moobs

Maria Moobs is one of the most adorable OF models on the site, as well as one the most "cheeky" if you catch our drift. She's hugely popular, with more than 254,000 fans, so it's clear to everyone that she knows what she's doing, and offers some great content that impresses the masses.

Maria is coy, playful, and naughty, hitting all the right checkmarks for the promiscuous young woman vibe. She has tons of videos and pictures, with more than 1420 posts for viewers to enjoy, with a lot of it being focused on the downstairs department, for those into that kind of thing.

It's worth noting that Maria Moobs offers exclusive content only. Unlike a lot of other OnlyFans girls, she offers nothing in the way of freebies at all.

That might sound bad on the surface, but keep in mind just how many fans she has: it's safe to say that the content you pay for is on another level compared to a lot of the models on the site. 

At the very least, she's incredibly open to DMs with her fans, and we have no doubt that she puts her best assets forward every time she posts something new. If you want a playful beauty who is hiding her naughtiness just under the surface, look no further than Maria Moobs.

Top Features:

  • Offers high-quality content that is completely exclusive
  • One of the most popular accounts on OnlyFans
  • Very interactive DM sessions with her fans
  • Coy, cheeky, and naughty
  • Offering a great 40% for thirty days package right now

Haley Brooks

Here's a particularly special girl for the OF list: Haley Brooks is beautiful, laid-back, and charming. But most importantly of all, you can subscribe to her account for free!

That's right, you can gain access to more than 1500 of her steamy, promiscuous posts for absolutely free. Needless to say, this is not very common on OnlyFans!

But of course, being free doesn't mean Haley isn't worth it. She has more than 176,000 fans, so that should tell you something about the quality of the content she puts out.

She's well-known for posting short videos, similar to the style of TikTok. They may be brief, but they are chock-full of sexy appeal that will draw you in without fail.

Not to mention, she posts new content extremely frequently, so even though her videos are short, you'll never have a shortage of it from Haley.

She likes to post content along the lines of the luxurious: even if that specific niche isn't something you care for, rest assured, you'll love her hot bod in all of the amazing outfits she wears.

And remember, it's all free! That really is the biggest selling point of this up-and-coming OnlyFans model.

Top Features:

  • You can subscribe to her account completely for free!
  • Offers a steady stream of video content a la TikTok
  • Indulges in the luxurious aesthetic with her content

Molly Sims

Molly Sims is a very special model on OnlyFans because she is one of the few whose content is almost entirely based on requests from her fans.

She loves to receive requests and meet expectations, no matter what the request may be. She caters to all sorts of fans, kinks, and niches!

She also takes her content to an artistic level of creativity and passion. You really get the feeling that she loves what she's doing and loves to bring smiles to the faces of her fans.

Of course, taking requests and fulfilling them means that Molly is also very interactive when it comes to DMs and direct interaction with her fans.

She posts both videos and images, with a gallery of more than 1350 posts available right this moment.

And on top of all of these great things, there's another special thing about Molly is that you can subscribe to her for free. Yep, it's rare, but there are a few models on OnlyFans willing to offer their content for no price at all.

So, if you are having trouble finding an OF model who caters to your desires, talk to Molly: she may be willing to do what you like, and you don't even have to pay for it.

Top Features:

  • Subscribing to her content is completely free
  • She caters to personal requests and loves to meet expectations
  • She loves to interact with her fans
  • Posts creative, quality images and videos with lots of passion


Some models on OnlyFans are destined for greater things. She may be an up-and-coming OF model, but we're certain Aisha will one day be modeling on a much bigger stage.

Her pictures are amazing, looking almost professional: and of course, they mostly include her dressed in alluring lingerie and evening wear.

Aisha is also notable because she is one of the few models on OnlyFans that offers a significant amount of free content.

For no price at all, you can view this mortal goddess making all sorts of fashion statements that look incredible. But if you are looking for more exclusive, personalized content, she offers that as well.

She's willing to make images and videos that are tailored to the specific requests of her fans, under the right circumstances.

Admittedly, Aisha has a smaller gallery than some of the other models we've mentioned, with just over 700 posts being available right now. But this spunky babe is relatively new to the scene, so you know there's more on the way.

Top Features:

  • Near professional-level photos and videos to enjoy
  • Models all sorts of sexy, fashionable clothes, including lingerie
  • Offers free content for anyone to enjoy
  • Willing to make exclusive, personalized content for her fans


There's a lot of overtly sexual content on OnlyFans, and for some, the lack of subtlety is perfectly fine. But there's a certain allure to subtle sexiness as well, and that's what Carli offers.

She's petite, but packs a fiery punch: a nature-loving gal who gives every other model a run for their money in the adorableness category.

Her image gallery is about 1550 posts. However, her main page is mostly SFW stuff. However, she has more than 199,00 fans on OF, and more than twice that in followers on Instagram, so suffice to say, there must be something about those photos to draw people in. Then again, she offers the racier, more sublime stuff to paying customers as well.

Currently, you can subscribe to her for free. We're not sure how long that will last, but there's certainly no reason to not take advantage of that while you can. If you're looking for a petite firecracker who knows the value of subtlety, Carli is your OF girl. She's one of the best around.

Top Features:

  • Offers a tasteful gallery of SFW photos for free
  • Offers sexier, racier photos to those who subscribe
  • Petite and adorable


OnlyFans has all the girls you'd expect, but there are some models who are truly special and unique there as well.

For instance, Lucy: she's super special because she has a unique situation that few other models do. Namely, she's mute. Lucy can't speak, but she's still one of the funniest, most charming, interactive models on the site. 

Naturally, this means that Lucy is a very niche model and appeals to some people more than others. She uses mostly sign language in her chats, though it's not like you absolutely need to know it yourself to talk to her. Keyboards exist, after all! 

Maybe being mute leads to more unique ways of interacting with other people, because Lucy is well-loved for her enthusiastic and passionate communication with her fans. She loves to make personalized content for them, and she loves to show off her beautiful body.

Best of all, you can currently subscribe to Lucy's content for free! She's funny, quirky, and a delight to spend time with, and that's to say nothing about how beautiful she is.

Needless to say, Lucy is a top-tier OnlyFans girl. She's quiet, but can make a lot of noise if you know how to press the right buttons!

Top Features:

  • Caters to a unique niche: she's mute, and uses sign language
  • You can subscribe to her 1400+ gallery for free!
  • Funny, charming, and a blast to hang out with
  • Makes personalized content for her fans

Emmy Beehz

Emmy Beehz is all about keeping it natural: there's nothing on her petite but beautiful body that wasn't there to start with, and she loves flaunting what she's got.

Sure, there are a lot of models out there packing some artificial heat, and there's nothing wrong with that, but there's a certain allure to the all-natural, and Emmy's got it.

She's casual, playing off those "girl next door" vibes flawlessly.

There's a perfect blend of SFW subtlety and spicy R-rated unmentionables in her gallery, which currently consists of nearly 1500 posts. Emmy is also willing to make personalized content for some of her fans. Best of all, you can currently subscribe to her for free!

There are lots of beautiful girls on OnlyFans, but when it comes to keeping it real, Emmy Beehz is one of the best out there. She's all-natural all the time, and we love her for it.

Top Features:

  • Makes personalized content for her fans
  • Has an all-natural, beautiful petite frame
  • You can subscribe to her content for free right now!

Daisy Dray

Women from all over the world are beautiful, but there's something to be said about the spicy, sexy appeal of a Latina woman.

If you agree with that assessment, you'll probably be interested in Daisy Dray, a gorgeous Latina woman who, oddly enough, also looks quite similar to superstar Ariana Grande.

Daisy is notable because she's well-known for her extremely high-quality uploads, most of which are videos of incredible resolution, which is something a bit rare on OnlyFans.

That's all well and good of course, but of even greater note is the fact that you can subscribe to her content for free right now, gaining access to a gallery with 900+ posts.

Of course, you might have to shill out a few dollars if you want her to give you the really spicy stuff, but even if you don't want to go that far, we fully endorse Daisy as a good investment of your time. Between the high-quality media and the celebrity lookalike niche, she's definitely one of the best OnlyFans girls!

Top Features:

  • A gorgeous Latina woman
  • Looks an awful lot like Ariana Grande
  • Offers a ton of free content
  • Posts extremely high-resolution media

Paige Macky

Roleplay is one thing offered by a lot of girls on OnlyFans, but there aren't as many willing to do cosplay, and that's what makes Paige Macky special.

If you're the type of person who likes a woman dressed up as a sexy kitten, or in the outfit of some of your favorite anime characters, Paige is your gal.

Paige is exactly the type of girl you'd expect to do this sort of thing: undeniably quirky, but a load of fun to spend time with.

There's never a dull moment, both with her personality and her awesome body. She also has both a free and a paid account you can look into on OnlyFans.

Her free account, which you can find here, will let you get some sneak peeks at her lewd antics and cosplays without having to pay anything at all. If you want to get to the spicier, raunchier stuff, you can find her paid account here.

Whatever you prefer, there's no denying that Paige is a rare breed on OnlyFans, and the perfect girl for cosplay lovers everywhere.

Top Features:

  • Has both a free and a paid account
  • Cosplays as all sorts of characters from fiction
  • Quirky and fun

Victoria Twitch

Interested in someone who puts up some super hot girl-on-girl action for her fans?

The woman you are looking for is Victoria, a talented and passionate soul who knows just the right way to tease your every desire. She can flip from enticing submission to fiery domineering in the blink of an eye!

Unfortunately, you can't subscribe to her for free, but you can gain access to her gallery of more than 1100 images and videos for just $7.49 a month.

She's also offering fifteen-minute private livestreams to her subscribers right now, meaning she offers more direct interaction with her fans than most models do.

Her girl-on-girl niche is what makes her so unique: a lot of people are into that, but there aren't a huge number of models offering it on OnlyFans. So if you want someone commanding, alluring, and most importantly, being sexy with other women, Victoria is the OnlyFans gal for you.

Top Features:

  • Offers enticing girl-on-girl action
  • A teasing, exciting personality
  • Offers an extensive gallery of erotic media
  • Relatively affordable monthly subscription price

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? See if there's already an answer here in our FAQ! These are the most frequently asked questions regarding OnlyFans, subscriptions, and models.

Do I Have to Pay Anything to View A Model's Gallery?

Some models require you to pay a subscription to view their gallery. Some models let you subscribe for free. However, you must have a payment card on file with OnlyFans to subscribe even to free accounts, and OnlyFans charges $0.10 to add a card. But that's all you have to pay for the girls offering free subscriptions!

Do Free Subscriptions Include All Content?

This depends on the model. Some models will allow access to all of their content for free. Others will allow you to access some or most of their content for free, but require you to pay for more exclusive content. However, there is no universal rule on OnlyFans stating what a free subscription must offer. 

How Long Does a Free Subscription Last?

A model on OnlyFans is free to change the cost of a subscription at her discretion. There's no way to know how long any model will allow their content to be free. However, if a model that was offering free content decides to change the price, you will not be charged without your consent.

How Much Does it Cost to Subscribe to a Paid Account?

There is no fixed price for a subscription to an OnlyFans model. They are able to choose whatever rate they want for a subscription price. Some models may charge a few dollars a month, while others may charge more than a dozen. The price of a subscription is displayed on the home page of every model.

Do I Need an Account to Subscribe to an OnlyFans Model?

Yes, you must have an account with OnlyFans if you wish to subscribe to a model, even if that subscription is free. You can set one up with your email or log in via a third-party, such as Google or Twitter.

Is There a Limit to How Many Subscriptions I Can Have?

No, you can have as many subscriptions as you wish on OnlyFans. As long as you pay for them (not a problem if they are free!), there is no limit for you to worry about.

Is the Content on OnlyFans NSFW?

The content on OnlyFans varies depending on the person you are subscribed to. There is plenty of non-sexual content on the site, but plenty of NSFW content as well. Most models will tell you upfront if they are posting SFW or NSFW content, and what exactly you are subscribing to. Be sure to read their profiles!

Finding Your Best OnlyFans Girl

We've included a myriad array of beautiful OnlyFans girls on this list, but even so, you may not have found the right one for you. Never fear, there is definitely an ideal woman on OnlyFans for you somewhere. The easiest way to find her is to know what sort of niche you are interested in.

Know what you want out of a model, and you'll have a far easier time finding the right one. Of course, the girls we've mentioned here today bring all sorts of things to the table, and they all bring their A-game to the competition. Check them all out and you're sure to find that one of them tickles your fancy more than you realized!

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