How To Pickup Girls Who Have A Boyfriend: Use These Tips With Caution!

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Let me kick this post off by saying…

I am NOT evil… I haven’t gone to the dark side of game and I don’t advocate stealing another guys girlfriend. That’s not cool.

The reason why I wanted to make this video was because I get a lot of guys asking me how to do this, plus there are some girls out there that aren’t in love and don’t give a crap about their boyfriend, meaning you’re not in the wrong here if you sleep with her.

Before we get into the advice, let me explain the two main types of boyfriend situations, most girls have:

Two main situations to be aware of

  • Some girls hate being single (don’t like the guy that much) – There are girls out there, that just like the feeling of being in a relationship, it feels safe and comfy to them. They may like being taken care of or going to places as a couple. However they don’t REALLY love the guy, it’s just a filler relationship.
  • Some girls are completely in love – There are other girls that are totally in love with their guy, infatuated with him and have no interest in other guys whatsoever. These girls are the ones you pretty much want to avoid.

A few ground rules you need to abide by

  • Did she give you her number? – If a girl willingly hands you her number and she has a boyfriend, then she doesn’t care about him. Simple as that.
  • Is she showing IOI’s – Smiling, self grooming, eye contact, flirting, touching you… all surefire signs of interest on her part towards you.
  • Never ask if she’s single, always assume – By asking, she may feel duty bound to tell you and it will put the whole thing into a tailspin. So just don’t ask her.

If she does mention she has a boyfriend

  • Say you’re dating other girls – Give her the impression that you live an active dating life, that you’re in demand with other girls. This will make you seem more attractive to her.
  • Cool, I wouldn’t expect a girl like you to be single – Throw in a backhanded compliment that actually subtly says you’re interested in her.
  • Suggest a meeting, non-romantic – Casually say that you should meet up with her for a coffee or to do something together. Make it clear, that it’s just as friends and nothing will happen.

When you do meet

  • Let’s meet “if you’re allowed” or “of your boyfriend doesn’t mind” – By tossing in a few cheeky lines like these, she will want to show her independence to her boyfriend. It’s playful and teasing.
  • Ask: How long has she been dating the guy? – Make sure you ask her this, to get an understanding of how solid the relationship with him is.
  • Ask: Is he like the perfect guy and you’re going to marry him? She will say no in 99% of cases and explain all of his problems. You’re setting the groundwork.
  • Don’t say the opposite to what she doesn’t like (frame it like he’s a great guy), she’s attracted to him for a reason. You’re not sucking up, she was attracted to the guy for a reason.
  • She wants excitement from you, not stability… playfulness, not another relationship on the side. Give that to her.
  • If she gets concerned about meeting you. Say “it’s not like we’re gonna kiss or I’d take you back to my place… we’re just friends hanging out”.
  • Use excuses to touch her to turn her on and that excite her. “Oh that’s a lovely dress, what material is that”. Touching her removes the “friend” barrier and spikes attraction.
  • Be playful with her phone if she’s texting her boyfriend or something. Just take the phone and say “oh let’s send a selfie and send it to him… only joking!”.
  • Did she tell her boyfriend she was meeting you? If not then, take this as a sign that she wants excitement and adventure with you.
  • Ask her what she considers cheating… hand holding? Kissing? Massaging? Keep playing with her, turning her on.
  • Bring out her rebellious side. Your boyfriend wouldn’t like this, he wouldn’t approve you doing that with me. Girls like to feel like a naughty girl once in a while.


As I said, don’t be a dick and try to steal another dude’s girlfriend. If she’s in love, then stay away.


If she’s showing you signs of interest and you know that she doesn’t really like her boyfriend, then it’s game on.

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  1. Just do these simple things:
    1. Every girl even if she is in relationship goes through ups and downs – don’t be pushy, be appreciative, fun and exciting. Tell her her boyfriend is really nice and ideal for her, but keep hitting on her.
    2. Create suspicion in her mind – ask if her boyfriend owns her or if he’s meeting chatting with other girls. Suspicion kills relationships faster than anything, just like a girl’s mind. This will bring out her rebellious side.
    3. Suggest friendly meeting but never use the word friend, and turn on the seduction while putting it on her for being bad and naughty.
    4. See if she brings up sex or recalls old times.

    Any girl who’s sensible and has values will never screw up a relationship based on what others say, what she is missing or trying to be bad and playful, for there are plenty of girls out there. The same feeling she is having with her bfrnd, she will have with the new guy once she spends more time with him. And any bfrnd wouldn’t keep a girl with lose behaviour and replace her easily. The ultimate loser is the girl :)

  2. You should make her break up with her boyfriend before doing anything, otherwise she is cheating and you are the cause!

  3. well i am from Puerto Rico and i’m wondering if all of this works with any kind of girls no matter her culture? because im a little afraid of doing it, maybe becuase of my personality

  4. johnson israel says

    I have tried this several times without knowing it is technical as has been outlined here. It worked but the problem was the lady found me better than the boyfriend because she squirt for the first time and never wanted to leave me alone for other girls.

  5. This girl I met recently through work I really like but I’m not real good at picking up girls for relationships but she told me in the begging that she had one guy after her but there is no connection and never will be I have gone out twice first time drinking the second time dinner kissed her had the first time and we kissed cheeks the second time she goes to the bar a lot and talks to guys a lot we plan on going to a movie Friday. Should I ask her to be my partner ask her for a kiss at the end of the date I don’t know what to do I have not talked to her in a few days she has no cell phone but a house phone I passed by the bar and relized she was there but did not stop to go in

  6. Leo Blount says

    I was in a situation a few years back and shevwas looking for something different from her boyfriend! She told me up front that she had a boyfriend and I asked her does that stop her from having friends?! It opened the flood gates! She gave me her phone number, we had the same interests and she told me what her boyfriend would not do or take her horseback riding so I took her horseback riding! If we did a lot of things her boyfriend would not do! She became confused since she cared for me but was obligated to her boyfriend since he paid all her bills! So eventually her boyfriend found out about her siderelationship and that was the end of that! It was fun and I loved being with her and I felt I was dealing with someone who was “off limits” but in the end I got too attached and got my feelings hurt! So I would not advise doing this unless you really have a chance with the woman you are pursuing!

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