The 10 Best Seduction Books: What Books Every Guy Needs To Read At Some Point

Here’s a top 10 rundown of the best seduction books, designed to take any man from getting no action to getting more than his fair share in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Man reading one of the best seduction books while drinking coffee.

These are the best seduction books right now.

But listen I had to do it, there are far too many books out there now and some seriously bad advice is being dished out by the authors, so I had to step in and give my honest opinion on which books aspiring pick up artists should be reading.

My collection of the best seduction books

This is my ultimate seduction book collection, which I feel every guy needs to read at some point. Now I’m going to throw a few clangers in here so, I’m sure a few people are going to have their say.

It’s a mix of hardcore seduction books and mindset books.

So without wasting any more time, here’s the list in no particular order.

1. The Game by Neil Strauss

Book cover of "The Game"

The book that started it all.

The book that kicked the whole community off in a big way. It shot to the top of the New York times bestseller list after catching on with guys stuck in the “no game” zone all over the world, it struck a cord I think with guys who wanted more out of life with girls and also told such an engaging and awesome story.

Neil Strauss (Style) was voted the worlds best PUA at one point, more so because of this book but I can’t recommend this book enough. Even if you hate the whole PUA community, it’s still a great story to get wrapped up in.

What you’ll learn: The basics of how to be a PUA and advice on getting better with women by using tricks, mind gimmicks and proven stories that captivate them.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

2. The Natural by Richard La Ruina

Book cover of "The Natural"

No robotic scripts, just natural game.

An insightful look into one of the world’s best PUA’s Richard La Ruina (Gambler). His journey like many others takes him from humble beginnings in Cambridge all the way to traveling arounf the world helping guys with women and showing them his own techniques for seducing the opposite sex.

This book is actually his second and details life after seducing hundreds of women. It helps you understand the female mind a little more and shows you new techniques that he’s picked up since the first book.

What you’ll learn: Advanced seduction techniques which can be used to pickup the most beautiful women in the world. It’s the same techniques Richard uses to build a strong connection with girls in minutes. A great starter for any guy looking to understand how to talk to women.

The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

3. The Lay Guide by Tony Clink

Book cover of "The Layguide"

Very honest advice.

A straight talking book written by a self confessed PUA (Tony Clink). This fast paced book shows you the personalities of men who are picking up and sleeping with thousands of women. The types of things women look for any a guy and what they actually respond to at a very basic psychological level.

The book was created from several notes and forum postings by Tony, which ended up being a top seller.

What you’ll learn: Proven theories and techniques that work with different personality types that men should have. It does what it says on the cover if you follow the rules outlined.

The Layguide: How to Seduce Women More Beautiful Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

4. The Mystery Method by Erik von Markovik

Book cover of "The Mystery Method"

Peacock method anyone?

The founding father of this community, OK a little cheesy I know but it’s still true. Mystery was the guy who started it all and developed the first real bunch of theories and techniques which were moulded into what he reveals in this book.

Mystery has had one hell of a ride from where he started to where he is now. Not to mention he’s got a decent following of devoted fans, that say his stuff works.

What you’ll learn: The Mystery Method model which has been developed over several years and tested on thousands of women. It’s a step by step model for seducing women, from approach to close.

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

5. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Book cover of "The Art of Seduction"

The godfather of seduction books.

A seriously fascinating book of theories, quotes and short stories compiled by the world renowned author Robert Greene. Nope, he’s not a seducer or PUA, he’s just a very analytical guy who studies patterns of behaviour and why people do what they do.

If you’re interested in how seduction really works and why some men get laid way more than others, then you should get this book. It’s a must I think.

What you’ll learn: The reasons why women are attracted to men and why some men give off an irresistible vibe to women.

The Art of Seduction

6. Mode One by Alan Roger Currie

Book cover of "Mode One"

A little cheesy, but a good read.

A lot of guys are coming around to the idea of direct game, as opposed to indirect game. For those who don’t know, indirect game is approaching women with a lame opening question like “Do you know where the British museum is?” and taking the conversation from there.

Direct game is approaching a woman and telling her exactly why you stopped her and what you think about her. This book is designed for the guys who only want to use direct game.

What you’ll learn: The skills of a direct player. How to approach a woman and let her know how you feel without ruining the interaction and looking like a weirdo.

Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking

7. Persuasion Skills Black Book by Rintu Basu

Book cover of "Persuasion Skills"

NLP techniques for normal people.

Mind control is something I think we all wish we had to a certain degree. Having the ability to walk into a room, control how a woman feels and leave with her in minutes is some crazy Jedi stuff.

Unfortunately that kind of mind control doesn’t exist… or does it? This book was written with just that in mind. Using words to become irresistible to others, persuading them to do exactly what you want just by speaking.

What you’ll learn: How to use words to be more persuasive. NLP techniques that speak directly to the sub-conscious.

Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want

8. The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman

Book cover of "The Luck Factor"

Luck isn’t a skill right?

Have you ever been on a night out with your close friends and everything just seemed to go your way? You got multiple numbers, kiss closes and even ended the night with a hot girl in your bed. Why do some nights go well when others just flop? It’s called the Luck Factor.

Written by Richard Wiseman, this book details how you can engineer your psychology to essentially be more lucky. It’s not your “secret” type approach. It’s a much more real world practical approach to getting more of what you want in life.

What you’ll learn: Proven psychological breakthroughs in the area of luck, enabling you to meet and attract more women in your life.

The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles

9. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Book cover of "Feel the Fear and do it Anyway"

I’m scared. So what!

One of this biggest problems PUA’s and guys in general have in common is approach anxiety. They are crippled with fear when it comes to approaching a woman.

What this book aims to do is help you understand the rationale behind fear and why it’s holding you back, then giving you the techniques to break through that fear and overcome obstacles in your life.

What you’ll learn: Simple techniques that you need to use on a daily basis to help overcome your fear of anything. This will help you approach more women and put yourself in more situations that get you laid more.

Feel the Fear…and Beyond: Mastering the Techniques for Doing It Anyway

10. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

Book cover of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

The wildcard!

Huh? This is one of the best seduction books how??

Ok, so this is the wildcard of the bunch. I’ve added this here, because the book as blown up in popularity with women in 2012. It’s a great way for any man to get an insight into how women view sex, how they fantasise and what they want to happen.

With a guy, it’s just wham bam, but with a woman… it’s TOTALLY different. They take in everything little detail, it’s nuts.

The author E.L James started her writing career only in August 2009 and has since published the biggest selling erotic novel of recent years.

What you’ll learn: Just how filthy women actually are and how they love sex.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Conclusion: Are these really the best seduction books?

Yes and no.

Yes because they will help you get inside a woman’s mind and understand what’s actually going on in there and no because if you don’t use the advice or see the message behind each book, then you won’t change as a man and start attracting the women you want.

Before you leave, you should take a look at my list of the best sex books also, it may just turn you into a beast between the sheets.

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  1. Abdul Shakur says

    Swoon is another great read for men to understand what women are attracted to in a man.

  2. Naked by David Wygant was a really good read as well. It focused on finding out, not how to get women, but how to improve your internal game and to identify the kind of women that you want. It’s all about learning about yourself, what you want, and building your confidence.

  3. Books like Influence which both Neil and Derran brown have suggested is a must read . Also Sleight of mouth is another great NLP book.If any body can get there hands on the system 88 book by Doc Hillford they will have a tremendous asset in their hands . I agree the Bang series are also great . Rules of the game should also not be missed which is also by Neil Strauss.

  4. The Flow
    How to become an alpha male
    Day time Pick up

  5. Tony Clink Definitely…

  6. David shade’s manual is good

  7. I’m a fan of the Bang series by Roosh V. Great advice and technical skills, but also good stories as well. Fifty shades of grey will probably be my next read.

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