Erotic Hypnosis: An Easy Guide For Absolute Beginners

Throughout human history, men and women have looked for ways to become more attractive to the opposite sex and spice things up in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, that need for better sex usually ends with watching porn or using a trendy sex toy.

Erotic Hypnosis

Are you ready for the best sex ever?

If you’re going through a boring sex phase, this guide to erotic hypnosis will really help. Of course, hypnosis can be used for entertainment, therapeutic purposes, and guided self-discovery.

But it can also be used to enhance our love lives, allowing our sexual nature to blossom.

So let’s get started.

What is erotic hypnosis?

The term “erotic hypnosis” has been making the rounds online for several years now.

It has been associated, with the “pick up artist” (PUA) community, and been mistaken for a method to attempt to dominate others. But it is really much more about improving the quality of sex by allowing our minds and bodies to function without inhibitions.

Counterproductive sexual inhibitions may have developed from childhood events, or from belief systems that have been deeply ingrained from our youth.

They can also stem from long-lasting fears of the opposite sex.

It is natural to hold the opposite sex in respect of even reverence as, without them, our genetic code will… be dead. From an evolutionary standpoint, the opposite sex holds the keys of life and death for our DNA.

So it makes sense that unhelpful, deep-seated attitudes towards the opposite sex can develop over time.

The purpose of erotic hypnosis is to bypass these inhibitions and rotten beliefs so that we can get freaky without feeling insecure. Erotic hypnosis is about debugging the sexual hard drive, so to speak and to deprogram unhelpful cognitive blockages.

Why even try erotic hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is only for those who wish to experience more pleasure and less inhibition in the bedroom. If you feel reluctant to try it, are afraid, or are otherwise uneasy about the idea, you don’t actually need it.

Why even try Erotic Hypnosis?

It’s not for everyone, but it works incredibly well for some.

But, if you want more enjoyable sex and a deeper bond with your partner, then erotic hypnosis is for you.

With erotic hypnosis, or hypnosis for sex, you can learn;

  • How to derive more pleasure and fun from sexual activity
  • Experience emotional healing and give the same to your partner
  • Enjoy better mental and physical health
  • Develop better trust and deeper intimacy
  • Grow in self-knowledge and spirituality
  • Enhance loving relationships, add new dynamism, and enjoy new sexual adventures

When it gets right down to it, erotic hypnosis is about removing blockages from natural mental and physical processes.

Like unclogging a blocked valve, it disengages unhelpful thoughts that hold us back from trying new things in the bedroom.

Is it legit or just pseudo-science?

Many people are convinced that hypnosis is simply a game of playing pretend. While some game playing may go on, it is still a real discipline that taps into particular mental and neurological parts of the mind.

An important point to note is that few people can be hypnotized against their will.

Hypnosis is defined as a heightened state of awareness that occurs on both the conscious and unconscious levels. It’s almost always used for therapeutic reasons to “regress” a patient in a guided session to revisit forgotten events from the past.

You can use it to treat physical conditions, as well as many chronic and pain-related problems such as chronic lower back pain. In some cases successfully used to treat addiction in many documented cases.

What happens when you are hypnotized?

What happens when you are hypnotized?

Different experiences happen for different people.

According to a leading researcher in hypnosis psychology, Dr. David Spiegel, associate chair of psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine says:

“During hypnosis, even self-hypnosis, Some parts of the brain relax while others become more active.”

Spiegal conducted a clinical study of the phenomenon where real therapeutic neurological activity was measured as a response to hypnosis techniques.

His study demonstrated that hypnosis is a real neurobiological phenomenon that deserves attention. Dr. Spiegal went on to comment:

“We haven’t been using our brains as well as we can. It’s like an app on your smartphone you haven’t used before, and it gets your phone to do all these things you didn’t know it could do.”

Erotic hypnosis can be described in very much the same way, as a way to unlock underused and/or latent facets of the mind and the brain to bring our full capabilities to fruition.

That’s a fancy way of saying, when you use it, you should have better sex :)

Why does erotic hypnosis work?

When it comes to the question of why hypnosis works, the science is not settled. We know that the human brain is complex- the most complex object in the universe to be exact.

Why does erotic hypnosis work?

There are several reasons why it can work for some people.

But we do not understand how many of its normal, everyday functions work.

Dreams are a good example

Dreams are a good example of a brain function that is not wholly understood. We do not know why people and some animals dream, and we do not know exactly how we dream.

What we do know is that dreaming and mental, emotional, psychological, and physical health are linked. Those who dream more are better rested, saner, and more healthy.

Likewise, we do not know precisely how hypnosis or erotic hypnosis works. What we do know is that it does work. We can speculate as to why it works as the ancient hermetic tradition we mentioned above speculates.

A suggestive state of mind can help

The standard explanation is that the practice places one into a state where suggestions can be more readily accepted. More importantly, people have greater access to hidden memories, states of thinking, and feeling, also suppressed or un-manifested abilities.

Spooky things can happen

In some case studies, hypnosis subjects developed artistic abilities that they had never been trained in or had never practiced. Crazy right?

Most of the time, these abilities, such as playing a complex piece of music on the piano or painting a beautiful picture, passed when the session was over. But in a few remarkable cases, the abilities remained.

When it comes to developing erotic capacities through hypnosis, it is much simpler. Sexuality is a basic and deep-rooted part of our nature. Erotic hypnosis is simply a way to bring the fullness of our sexual nature to the surface so that we can become free to express them.

Is erotic hypnosis safe?

Any form of hypnosis is safe if done responsibly. Erotic hypnosis should be done in a safe location with a trusted person or persons. It is always safe, given these simple terms.

NOTE: If you have a medical condition, take care when engaging in any vigorous activity, which sex certainly can be oftentimes.

If you or your partner has a heart or cardiovascular condition, you should consult a physician first.

What types of erotic hypnosis are there?

Erotic hypnosis is a sub-type of hypnosis that can be done in any of the four main ways hypnosis is done.

What types of erotic hypnosis are there?

Did you know there are actually 4 different types?

The four types of hypnosis techniques are;

Clinical hypnosis

This is done in the office of a professional hypnotist, much as in a traditional psychological counseling session.

A clinical hypnotist can do dream regressions, chronological regression, and other types of clinical hypnosis. If the practitioner in hypnosis therapy is trained and willing to perform an erotic hypnosis session, that is an option.


Done using a recording or practiced mental scenario, self-hypnosis can be done alone or with others.

This is the traditional way early efforts to perform erotic hypnosis sessions were done. They were referred to colloquially as “talking yourself into an orgasm.”

Conversational hypnosis

This is a technique that involves a verbal exchange between the hypnotist and the subject. A professional hypnotist is usually needed, but you can learn to do this with your partner.

Street hypnosis

Done on the street or stage for entertainment purposes. Not recommend doing an erotic form of hypnosis under normal conditions.

How to get started with erotic hypnosis

  1. Choose some calming music: A track that will put you in a state of relaxation or an erotic hypnosis track like this.
  2. Use a Bluetooth speaker: While you’re getting down and dirty, you’ll need that track you chose to play.
  3. Reduce any distractions: Turn your phones off, shut the laptop, put the TV on standby.
  4. Get comfy: Make sure the environment you’re in is clean and comfortable.
  5. Take your time: Being self-induced is hard and takes time, don’t rush it.

Final thoughts

This form of hypnosis therapy can be done alone as entertainment, and that may be a good way to get started.

However, it is most beneficial for people in a long term relationship to use as a way to deepen intimacy, strengthen mutual feelings of affection, and to maintain an active sex life for years.

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