How To Attract Men: Even If You Are Shy And Not The Most Confident Woman

How to attract men

Learn the secrets most women simply don’t know.

Are you shy and frustrated that you’re not getting the men that you deserve? Here’s how to attract men and make sure you don’t feel as though you’ve been short changed in the love department again.

I’m going to bet that most women aren’t exactly ready to walk across a room and approach a man.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think it’s the man’s job too, I mean the qualities that you probably want in him – confident and decisive for example, would be expressed just by him having the guts to come and talk to you.

If we agree that you won’t be approaching guys, we want to do everything we can to make them approach you.

I’ve met a lot of women in my years, and advised thousands of guys and women on exactly this, so take my advice and you will have many times as many guys approaching you as before.

Where to approach men

  • In a bar: Choose a good place. Stand in a high traffic area, or at the bar, allowing any guy who wants to talk to you to do it as he is “just passing” or when he is ordering a drink. Stand facing the main traffic area so a guy can get to you face to face, not just come and tap you on the back.
  • In a coffee shop: Sit facing the door and glance up at each person as they come in.
  • In the street: Believe it or not, but there are countless men that you can approach in the day just going about their business. Stop them during lunch break, in a shop or walking past you. It doesn’t matter.

How to attract men using simple techniques

  • Smile: Smiling makes you look much more approachable. It might be hard to just stand there smiling stupidly, so it’s better if you are with your friend and they put you in a good mood.
  • Go to the toilet alone: This gives any guys the chance to approach you or your friend alone. Some guys are afraid of approaching two ladies, or too polite to bother you.
  • Walk slowly: Don’t rush when you are walking either in a bar, or in the street. By walking slowly, guys have time to see you, then think of what to say, and stop you. If you are walking quickly, it’s all over before they have a chance to act.
  • Keep your head up: Don’t look at the floor, look around at eye level, and that gives you the chance to catch the eye of a man. If you are smiling at the same time, even better.
  • Help the guys out: Whether it’s a funny iPhone case or interesting earrings, have something that a guy could comment on. Guys often wonder what to say to start a conversation, so you can give them some help by having something comment-worthy.
  • Avoid technology: If you have headphones on while walking down the street, you will be approached way less. If you are glue to your phone, same deal. Guys are afraid of “bothering” you. Walk slowly, smile, keep your head up, and don’t use this stuff, and you’ll have guys approaching you everywhere.

Of course, on any day when you don’t want to meet guys, you can consciously do the opposite of all this ;-)

How can a woman start a conversation with a guy?

Asking for advice or help is always a good way to begin. Ask him to pass a napkin or straw at the bar, ask him if he knows the Wi-Fi password, if you are with a friend, ask him to take your picture.

In the coffee shop, ask him to hold your jacket for a second while you take the coffees to your friends, then come back, thank him and ask how his day is going (Credit Matthew Hussey for the coffee shop example). These are all ways for a woman to give a guy a chance to take things further and get into a conversation.