This Weeks Interview

1:20 – Disarming Her Objections

Covered In This Section..

  • Blow Out Her Objections Using The Exaggeration Pattern
  • Agreement And Exaggeration VS. Countering
  • Seeding The Extraction
  • Adding Time Constraints For The Close
  • Mapping The Exit Strategy
  • Why NOT to get hot and heavy
  • How Much Time to “chill” while back at your place BEFORE getting it on
  • How to respond to “I’m not having sex”

14:50 – The Secrets Of Effortless Opening

Covered In This Section..

  • The key belief that makes it all work
  • Mirroring And Funny Connections – Playfulness / Fun
  • Microscopes For Shaping Beliefs
  • Giving Vs. Taking
  • The Absolute Worse Thing You Can Say
  • Difference between day and night time opening

31:00 – Running Social Circle Game

Covered In This Section…

  • Assessing Where She’s At
  • Ignore The Hot Girl – Show a bit of disdain about something she does
  • The Moment Of Connection
  • The Power of HER Proving Herself
  • To Smile Or Not To Smile…
  • The Absence of the Usual Response

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