Review: Can You Really Get Laid On This Site?

This is my honest and in-depth review which will give you an overview of my experience and what I thought of this site.

The latest site to blow up, but does it really live up to the hype?

Quick Review (4/5)

4 stars

Such a cool looking site, easily the best one I’ve used so far. Quick and simple signup process which was smooth, had an account in just over a minute.

Girls really weren’t up to par on a basic or advanced search and the quantity just wasn’t there either which was a little disappointing. Having said that I think more women signed up, because when I originally searched there were 52 girls in my area, a week later there were 114 girls, so more than double.

The Search

I made sure the account was watertight, followed my trusty adult guide. Started off with a basic search to see the talent… not much at all. Then did an advanced search, a little better… a few cute chicks which I noted down, but nothing to get excited about.

Throwing Out The Bait

I chose just 2 girls to contact on a Saturday night, I figured it was a good start to see what the reply rate was like.

Neither got back to me that night, so I chose another girl the day after who appeared to be online. Sent an instant message (cool feature by the way) she replied instantly… game on!

Building Rapport On The Phone

After about 15 minutes of instant chatting, I gave her my Skype and said to add me, I’ve found that Skype is a little less scary than an actual phone number because you can block people on Skype.

She added me right away and I called her… we spoke for about 35 minutes. She was really cute and quiet on the phone, I built some rapport, attraction and made sure that I ended the call on a high.

We agreed to meet up on Tuesday.

The First Meetup

I met her outside Leicester Square station in central London at 8pm and we headed to a cute pub just over the road. She was dressed in some kinky black hills, a short skirt and a long mac jacket (looked like a hooker basically).

We had some drinks, flirted like crazy and then I said we should head back to mine. We were both tipsy at this point, she kept kissing my neck and earlobes which was turning me on big time.

By the point we got to my place I couldn’t actually make it to my bedroom, we were both fully clothed and just had sex on my couch… three times.

Other Girls

Got a reply back from one other girl who is a little on the shy side, so still trying to work on her. Aside from that it was quite dry on the girl front, so not overly happy with Social Sex.

Pros (What’s REAL Good)

  • Searching – Great search functions.
  • Profile layout – The best profile layout that I’ve seen on an adult dating site so far.

Cons (What’s REAL Bad)

  • Quality and quantity – Not many hot girls… or girls at all really. Quite a few joined towards the end of my test, so there might be some more promising profiles now.

Final Thoughts

There are far better adult dating sites out there for hooking up, I would use Social Sex as a last resort to be truthful.

That’s my honest review… hope you enjoyed it.