The Secrets Of Multiple Squirting Orgasms: How To Make Women Squirt On Demand… Within Seconds

Yo dude.

Take a look at this raunchy text I received from a girl late last night which I received an hour after she left my place…

“Hey sexy! That was incredible!! I’ve never had an orgasm like that before… sorry for the bed sheets ;) I’ll buy you some new ones xxx”

Cool right? I get similar messages from girls like that all the time.

Make sure you wipe the floors :)

So listen up young man…

Because I’m about to teach you something that very few men know how to do correctly (to be honest I wasn’t doing it right either until my buddy showed me).

I’m going to show you exactly how to make women squirt… using only one hand… some lube and an open minded frisky woman.

Warning: If the girl doesn’t trust you or you haven’t built enough comfort… she WILL NOT orgasm, let alone squirt. So you need to make sure she’s really into you before attempting this stuff.

You’re going to learn what squirting orgasms are, the different types of orgasms women can have and most importantly how to make a woman squirt her love juice all over the bed.

Ready? This is going to get messy…

Different types of orgasms a woman can have

Men can only have one type of orgasm (sucks I know) but women can actually have two…

Clitoral orgasm

Most common among women, direct stimulation of the clitoris and happens during masturbation. You can also give them a clitoral orgasm orally, if you know what you’re doing.

Quick tip: Did you know that women have as many nerve endings in their clitorus as men do in their penis? Crazy right? Now you get why it’s SO sensitive for women during foreplay and sex.

Also most women only really experience one clitoral orgasm, because the clit can become VERY sensitive and sometimes even sore.

Vaginal orgasm

Comes from the inside of the vagina from either the G-spot or the deep spot. This is the kind of female orgasm that can infuse their entire body, making them feel numb and shiver with excitement uncontrollably.

It’s also possible to have multiple vaginal orgasms, so you can (if done right) make her cum more than once… heck more than 3 or more times during sex, which will give her an overwhelming sensation… like a constant wave of pleasure all over her body.

Quick note: Did you know that only 20% of women have experienced a vagnial orgasm? That means over 80% of women haven’t experienced one and most likely don’t even know what the hell it is… madness!

…And a staggering 29% of women have NEVER had an orgasm!

How to make women squirt… foreplay techniques for the G-spot

This is the good stuff, grab a coffee and take note big man:

Lube up first

To intensify the pleasure, you should use a water based lube when using finger based foreplay which is what you will be doing here to make her squirt.

A great natural lubricant is grape seed oil, which is also awesome for massaging as well as G-spot stimulation with the fingers.

Get your hands ready

Remember that the vagina is a very sensitive area for a woman, so you must look after your hands… cut your nails, moisturise and keep them clean so they are soft and smooth.

I’d even recommend getting a manicure.. yes I know it’s not manly, but it will make sure your hands are ready for her.

Locate the G-spot

The big “G” is a part of the urethral sponge and is located between 1 and 2 inches (2 knuckles) inside the vagina, along the front wall, which is the top if the girl was laying on her back basically.

As a woman becomes a lot more aroused, you should feel the G-spot swell up and become more pronounced, this is a GOOD sign that she’s ready to be penetrated… but we want to save that for later as the aim here is to make her squirt.

Technique 1: Stroking

Get warmed up with this technique.

Get warmed up with this technique.

Ok so the first the first technique is called “stroking”. To do this, take your index finger or middle finger… place it inside the vagina and go up, so you are touching the front wall.

Now with your finger inside and touching the G-spot, begin stroking backwards and forwards, with a “come here” motion as if you’re stroking it. Don’t be too gentle, you need to be firm.

Start with shorter slower strokes when you first enter, but build up momentum and speed up after a few minutes. Once she’s really getting into it, try two fingers (your index and middle fingers) and use the same stroking motion.

Never use 2 fingers right away, always begin with 1.

Technique 2: Overdrive

Kick it into overdrive and make her go crazy!

Kick it into overdrive and make her go crazy!

Right then… this is where the magic happens. Now that you’ve been stimulating the G-spot and stroking it for 10 to 15 minutes. You should feel it ballooning inside and she should be groaning with pleasure.

This is the point where you want to take things into “overdrive”. For this you will need to be right beside her (like on your knees if you’re on the bed” and use both your middle finger and ring finger to penetrate the same spot.

Now with your fingers inside, you need to rest the palm of your hand on the clitorous, almost cupping it. Once you’re in position, begin slowly stroking, whilst speeding up and then start to pull your hand up and down so you stimulate the clit at the same time.

Speed up some more and be a lot firmer as you’re speeding up…

…Speed up EVEN more…. now some more…. and finally go as fast as you can until she climaxes (squirts) all over the bed.

Now not all women will squirt, but a lot will. I’ve only had one girl who couldn’t squirt and I did everything correctly. You should feel the vaginal wall tighten and put pressure on your fingers, this means you’ve done the job well.

Boom! You’re all done!

By now your hands… the bed and her vagina should be covered in her love juice. Don’t worry it’s not pee, like some guys think. It’s ejaculate fluid which comes out of the urethra, not the vagina.

The female ejaculation fluid comes from the skene’s gland and has a sweet taste to it (due to the glucose contents).

Things to remember

  • Get some high quality lube – Water based lube is the best as it can be used with condoms also. You can still make a woman orgasm without lube, but it’s not recommended.
  • Buy spare sheets – If she’s a “gusher” then you’re going to be going through a lot of sheets dude.
  • Spruce up your place – Make sure your apartment is presentable, clean and comfortable. If she’s not comfortable, then you’ll have a hard time making her squirt.
  • Take your time – It’s not a race, most girls will take around 20 to 30 minutes before you can make them squirt. However if you see the girl more than once and she’s very comfortable sexually around you, it will be seconds to a few minutes.

So that’s how to make women squirt on demand… even though they are the basics they still work wonders. If you want to get more advanced with orgasms I suggest you watch this video.

Squirting orgasms are seriously easy when you get the first one down, because you’re way more confident the next time.

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  1. My hubby and I tried this last night. And It worked after 14 years married and thought we were going to have to let him go with another girl as it’s his ultimate fantasy I managed to squirter not once or twice but over and over. Needed to change bed sheets as he just wouldn’t stop.thankyou so much for this 😊

  2. 69Wetwet says:

    I swear I was a desperade young lady who needed to squirt so bad. Did a lot of research from the internet & learned from it too. I am only 17 years old and I am a power squirter. Even if I’m in the mood or not. I can squirt for 12x in one day. You just need to learn your body and I swear aughhh it feels soooo gooood.

  3. victor rodriguez says:

    Can Mexican girls try this??

  4. Butterfly Flip says:


    I have just starter to explor this squirting thing. One time I thougt I pee my self, so I quicley retrieved my self and thout: What the h… Was that? And that was just under a regular missionary position.
    Now we have tried to make me squirte. But I only get this intense orgasm feeling and it just going on and on as long as I want. don’t seems to stop. But no squirting. It only gets very wet. And the intens feeling is so intens that I have been thinking that I might be becurs I have trouble to relax properly. Almost overwhelming to handle.
    What is wrong?

    • Your man isnt doing it right its all his fault not yours. I have made all my sexual encounters squirt like old faithful Tell your man to do a better job honey. Also what can i say im the fuckin man.

    • Are u dumb ?😒

    • Its not what’s wrong. Think about what’s right. Think positive response to yourself ….as long as your comfortable. If you think about squirting and are rushing the felling it most likely will not happen, do to you not being completely comfortable make sure your %100 comfortable while you doing your business. Close your eyes and think of what’s right

  5. Jonathan Thomas says:

    Finger her and lick her clit at the same time.

  6. my wife and I have been together for 16 years and she has yet to climax…I keep thinking it is my fault
    I don’t know what to do …it has come to the point that she doesn’t want sex anymore …she says its a waste of her time because she gets no enjoyment out of it……HELP !!!!!

    Thank you ..

    • Hey brother. First get in the gym juice up if need be get that killer bod goin. When your confident about yourself youll perform better. Spice things up go to a sex shop together. Honestly some women just cant cum from inter course. Ive been with over 1k women easily. Ive had gf like this too. So get your oral sex game on point. Little things help. Great foreplay, water based lubes are great, and suprise her, be demanding youre the fng man remember that. Get her in the car and go to a sex shop together. If i have a new partner i always ask where her fav spots are….try oral take your fingers spread her lips a bit so that g spot is just all alone in right field and ask her some girls like the tip of the tongue slow some fast, some like the middle of the tongue. Communicate how and where her fav spot on g is. Some ive noticed tell my the bottom some dead center some (most like it all) dont be shy dig your face right in there bro and be the alpha male in the relationship. Those few tips after 16 years should help. Physical appearance isnt everything but its a big part, same with communicating on her wants, needs, good spots. Hope it helped.

    • Qwerty hoop says:

      She’s having an affair

    • Use ice lay her down on the bed and tease her with your fingers and tung bite the clit lightly and when ready put an ice cub inside her vag and then continue to give her oral and playing with her with your fingers and after its melted put another in and shortly after you do start to place your penise inside go slow cuz its cold as heck but once you both get use to the chill the ice makes for her go crazy and makes you last longer

    • Happy wife says:

      My friend NO blame here…it’s not your fault or hers…orgasm is is natural body function but without the right formula for orgasm it can be a problem for women, where for men it’s not so difficult. Now remember for a woman her sexuality is wholistic in its nature so only stimulating her vagina is not always the best. Try finding something you do together that makes her laugh and take your time showing her she is all you need or want…but dontt be a ” pussy” pun intended… Be strong but attentive and respectful she will relax and feel safe and then my friend did you still can’t get her turned on…don’t be afraid to get out the box…she might be more of a freak than you think!!

  7. I want to do this with my gf, but she doesn’t think it’ll be hot :-\

    • Butterfly Flip says:

      Don’t tell her that your intension is to get her to squirte. Just do it. Tell her to close here eyes and enjoy the trip.

  8. i have been trying with my partner now for nearly 9 months an it just wont seem too happen? okay i have only been dating him for this length of time an did take me 6 months before i could have a clitoras orgasm but i cant seem too squirt can most women do it i do get very very wet an he does all this too me. is there anything i can do too try an do it alone first so that i can show him how too do it. some luquid did come out but it just trickled from me as if i was peeing an felt like i was peeeing an did not feel an orgasmic experience please help i really want too feel this after being married for 20 years an my husband making me feel bad if i got too wet any tips i will be so grateful as my new life has started aswell as finding out im normal too sexually yyyyeeeehhhhh thankyou xx

    • One being to wet? F him loser lol. Hes prob not into women. 2 your almost there have your bf jiggle his middle and ring fingers inside you ad fast as he can with his palm on your clit. Gaurenteed to work. If a drips then its the guy failing to make her squirt.

  9. I am very fortunate this comes natural to me. However as I was growing up,I thought I had some kind of problem. As I got older I wanted to ask my gyno but was to embarrassed. My first husband and I enjoyed sex but we’d figure it was just a good orgasims. When I divorced it was hard for me cause I figured I had a big problem. So this stopped me from taking relationships further. When I met my second husband and after a couple of months the time came we both wanted intimacy I broke down and crying told him what would happend if we had SEX ( me wetting all the bed) he was in shock n me more cause I really thought I had a problem weeding his face. Ai had never tried googling what happend to me and he immediately googled and asked me after seeing a video ” is this what you do ?” And I said yes. He was happy and I was puzzled. A that moment I finally read what my body was able to do so normal. And at that moment I realized I didn’t have a problem but a gift. I have learned to enjoy what I have been gifted with. I feel every woman should experience this. I’m amazed how men love this.

  10. This makes me feel to powerful knowing I’ll make my girl anytime I want her to. Sometimes I tease by saying I’m not going to let her cum. You can’t believe how she acts when I do.

  11. I remember the first time I squirted. My boyfriend was so surprised because it went over his shoulder! There’s no feeling like it!

  12. I have been playing / experimenting with my wife for about a year now. I must admit it certainly gets her going and makes her shake afterwards. just put a towel down underneath her, or your head and be prepared for a wet experience.

  13. Been doing this for years…..the woman go crazy and will basically be your little sex slave after the first round. Most guys don’t know how to please the hot juice box let a make it a squirt box. Its all true here people thanks for playing.

  14. Piper Vause says:

    Man I am one of the few who can’t and its fustrating as hell!!!! :-(

  15. herbert Johnson says:

    I still can’t find the G spot

  16. Tommy Bot says:

    Every time my gf is about to let go she gets up and goes pea! What should I do??

    • Hold her down… Lol my first time I did that… It felt as if I were gonna pea myself so I stopped him. We try again and he held me down and yes I squirted all over his bed and him…

  17. My partner had never experienced this and when she first did it she loved it … Know we have sex every night all i want her to do know is make herself cum as she will not play with herself

    • Take the pressure off her. If you want her to come and she knows it, she may not relax enough. Just have fun enjoy, and help her out if she is willing. She may or may not be able/comfortable doing it on her own, or with her own hands. She also may not like to be expected to do it, if those thoughts are in her head, she will not let go enough to squirt. And it won’t happen every time, doesn’t mean sex isn’t great.

  18. At first I would always be scared to let go or squirt you may say because I thought I was gonna pee on my boyfriend. Finally I let go and I can honestly say that it’s the best feeling of my life and he have to change the sheets. Lol

  19. I tried this with my girlfriend and ill be damned if she didn’t hit the target I had set up! #bullseye

  20. I was always 1of those girls who said I didn’t believe every girl could squirt, simply because I never experienced it until my boyfriend ran across this site, that night we tried it,ladies all I have 2 say is I lost count after the 7th one.It’s true what they say it’s the greatest feeling ever.

  21. Warren Chater says:

    I allways make my girl squirt, the bed sheets get soaked or my face does, like ive had a shower:)

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