Do Women Like Long Hair On Men?

Well, the short answer is yes, but it’s not for everyone. Women seem to either be really attracted to guys with long hair, or they hate it.

Let's explore this topic a little further!


Trends Do Return

Trends come and go. They always have, and probably always will. When I think of long hair on men, I usually associate it with the 1980s and 1990s and heavy metal bands.

I mean, who can honestly deny that Brett Michaels from Poison was super handsome? If you were to ask me, I have always loved long hair on men. But then again, I grew up in the 80s.

However, if you look around at the trends, the 1980s and 1990s seem to be making quite the comeback. Those iconic styles are back in stores, kids seem to be listening to the music from that time again, and the long hair on men seems to be back.

And while it does seem to be a returning trend (one that I am happy about), men with long hair have always dazzled women in one way or another.

Confidence Matters

When it comes down to it, it’s really a man’s confidence that matters. There will always be women who claim they would never date a man with long hair.

But what about Jason Momoa? Most girls will stop and think... Ok, maybe Jason Momoa. But why? Well, hairstyle aside, he’s a strong, confident, alpha male. Something most women instinctually are going to gravitate towards.

You could also take a guy with long beautiful locks who is awkward and unsure of himself, and suddenly he doesn’t seem so handsome. Women like a man who is self-assured and can make her feel good about herself, which is really what it comes down to.

But Going on Looks Alone

Let’s take personality out of the picture for a minute and figure out why some women gravitate towards men with long hair.

As I said, for me, it reminds me of the sexy musicians whose pictures plastered the walls of my room growing up.

For some, it could be that he just stands out from others. While most men have shorter hair, the ones with long hair seem to radiate seduction.

Ever notice that long-haired guys seem to be on the covers of all those romance novels? They always seem to ignite some sort of physical reaction in women.

As a woman, I’m going to try my best to list some of the reasons why women love guys with long hair.

It Looks Attractive!

Whether it’s pulled back into a ponytail or cascading down his broad shoulders, long hair just looks attractive on a guy. It’s manly and rustic and seems to remind us of the Vikings or Gladiators.

Name me one woman who does not think Vikings are amazing. I’ll wait.

Long hair on a guy is just so primal and reminds me of a warrior going into battle. And at least for me, when I see a man with long locks, I stop to get a second look.

It Proves He’s Not Your Average Joe

The average male stereotype is not a guy with long hair. But maybe that’s the attraction. A guy with long hair is not average and doesn’t care. In fact, he probably knows that it makes him stand out.

Most men with long hair are probably not going to be your standard corporate guy. Unless things change in the future, there is some truth to the Tesla lyrics, “Long-haired, freaky people, need not apply.”

But a guy who can confidently wear his hair long plays by his own rules. Maybe he doesn’t want to fit in with everyone else, and he’s okay with that. Some men are just unconventional, and having long hair is a way to connect with that artistic side of him.

Maybe He Loves the Attention

Again, I go back to the days of yesteryear when guys in heavy metals band used their hair to their advantage. Remember all the screaming groupies who would throw themselves at the members of Motley Crue and Skid Row?

It was something about that hair. Some girls didn’t even seem to care if the guy was attractive or not! All he had to do was flip that sexy mane around and run his fingers through it, and the deal was sealed.

Women Are Just Drawn to the Bad Boy Look

I don’t know what it is, but women seem to go nuts over the bad boy look. They always have. Even the short-haired type, like James Dean. And for some reason, long hair gives the illusion of a dangerous type of guy.

It’s that sexually charged, rough manly image that seems to drive us wild.

It Makes a Man Look Smart

For some reason, a man with long hair seems to scream brainiac. This may not always be the case, but intellectual types are often associated with long hair. Again, this studious look goes back to the more unconventional kind of guy.

Men With Long Hair Are Sex Symbols

Maybe I am generalizing this, but it’s kinda true. Okay, maybe it’s very true. Think about it. Let’s take these guys as an example.

Brad Pitt

Does anyone remember Legends of the Fall, circa 1993? Just about every woman I know fell in love with Brad Pitt after that movie. I’ll never forget him riding on that horse with no shirt on.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s hairstyles have run the gambit, but I think we can all agree that when he grew it out for Pirates of the Caribbean, ladies started looking at pirates in a whole new light.

Charlie Hunnam

Remember Jax in Sons of Anarchy? Yeah, me too. Enough said. You didn’t have to be into motorcycle gangs to think that Charlie’s long hair was the icing on the cake when it came to that bad boy look.

Travis Fimmel

The star of The History Channel’s Vikings was what every woman probably imagined a Viking to look like; rugged, dirty, sexy, and of course, sporting the long locks.

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