How To Fix Your Fashion And Appear Better Looking Than You Actually Are

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Did you know that you can engineer your looks in such a way that you can actually appear better looking than you are?

Let’s face it, women do this all the time.

They use fake eyelashes, fake tan, hair extensions, acrylic nails, high heels, flattering underwear, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation… etc etc.

It’s no wonder they look great after all that!

But what about us guys?

We don’t wear makeup or have magic knickers that suck us in and prop us up, so how can we make ourselves look better without going nuts or turning into a drag queen?

Well I’m glad you asked… because today I’m going to reveal some fashion tips for men that will take you from a frumpy looking geek with a greasy face, to a stylish and dapper dandy who would give Don Draper a run for his money.

Below are my fashion secrets of the most basic form, but don’t let the word “basic” put you off.

If you read and apply everything I’ve written below, I promise you’ll get more attention from women than you ever did before. Why? Because attractive men do this and that’s what women appreciate these days.

Right then, let’s get onto the good stuff.

The basics of men’s fashion

Understanding how to style oneself is a skill, you need an eye for detail, shapes and colours. However you can just stick to the basics and still look damn good, here they are…

Buy clothes that match your skin tone

Some guys wear clothes that reflect their personality, which is fine, but if that ever conflicts with your skin tone and comprises the impression you give off as a result… it’s time to ditch those clothes.

So you need to find a perfect balance between clothes that compliment your skin tone and express you as a person.

Here’s how:

  • Pale white skin – You need to wear more brown, creams and olive colours.
  • Olive skin – You need to wear more blues, blacks and brown colours.
  • Darker skin – You need to wear more blacks, whites and brighter tones.

Quick tip: Wearing a top that matches your eyes, is a great way of colour coordinating which women pay very close attention to. Blue eyes? Wear a blue top, you get the idea.

Always opt for slim fitting, not baggy

It’s not the 1990’s anymore dude, so you need to sling out the baggy ill fitting clothes and swap them for a more fitting style. Everything from jeans, t-shirts, formal shirts, jackets… they all need to be slim fitting from now on.

By wearing slim fitting garments you will look a lot smarter, slimmer and stylish. Please don’t get “skinny confused with the word “slim”. If you’re similar to Russell Brand, then you can easily pull off the skinny look, but for the rest of us… just stick to the fitted look.

Get contacts and trendy glasses (if you need them)

If you’re unfortunate enough to be blessed with terrible eyesight, it’s time to get some contacts and throw out the milk bottle style specs. Go into your opticians and pick out 2 to 3 pairs of glasses that 1) suit your face and 2) match your skin tone.

Some awesome styles of specs are:

  • Wayfarers
  • Clubmasters

Grab the essential items

With men’s fashion, you’re looking at around 10 to 15 items of clothing that set the tone for the rest of the outfit. Meaning these items of clothing go with everything, so you don’t need to spend thousands on new clothes all the time.

Here they are:

  • Slim fitting grey suit – Can be worn to interviews, weddings and the jacket can be worn with jeans for a smart casual look.
  • Skinny black tie – Great with a suit and the smart casual look.
  • Dark brown belt – Goes with trousers, jeans and smart shorts.
  • Dark brown brogues – Perfect for any occasion, from the office to the bar.
  • White trainers – For the casual look.
  • Slim fitting black jeans – For smart casual and casual look.
  • Slim fitting dark blue jeans – For smart casual and casual look.
  • Slim fitting grey, white and black v-neck t-shirt – Go with anything, a must for any wardrobe.
  • Classic watch – Silver, with a medium face… perfect for a subtle but dapper appearance.
  • Mac jacket – Formal and casual.
  • Leather jacket – Damn cool, for the casual and smart casual look.

Play around with styles and colours

One last thing to touch on with men’s fashion and your style. Don’t be afraid to give new styles, colours and outfits a try. You might be surprised at what works.

Men’s grooming essentials

Aside from the threads, you need to make sure your appearance is up to scratch by following a few simple grooming tips.

Change your hairstyle

Hair is very important, it always has been and plays a vital part in any style. The best thing to do is to flick through some trendy hairstyles you like the look of and take it to a hair stylist (NOT a barbers).

A stylist will be a little more expensive but will have the eye and experience for cutting your hair and making it look awesome, basically matching the best style with the shape of your face.

Whiten your teeth

Nobody likes to look at a horrible set of teeth. Even if they are wonky, you can still do something about the colour of them.

For quick results, you should get the one hour zoom whitening at a decent dentist, followed by using teeth whitening gel and trays every night for a couple of weeks.

Quick tip: Book an appointment with a hygienist first to get rid of any discoloration. They will immediately look brighter and whiter after this, even before you get them whitened.

Take care of your skin

If you suffer from acne or spots, do whatever you can to treat your skin. It’s so nasty when you’re speaking to someone who has dry, flaky and spotty skin.

Here’s some things you can do:

  • Wash your face daily with facial scrub
  • Clean your face with facial cleanser
  • Tone your skin with facial toner
  • Moisturise your face with facial moisturiser

Trim your body hair

If you look like a wookie, it’s time to shave your body hair. Some guys prefer trimming so they have a little hair, whilst others prefer the smooth look. Try both and see what works with your body.

Grab a body trimmer and then try something like veet which will remove all traces of hair.

Clip your nails

Clean and cut your nails regularly, you should know this already but a surprising number of guys don’t bother with their nails because they think it’s girly.

Get a tan

If you’re pasty, you might want to inject a little colour into your body by going for a sunbed or even a spray tan if you’re brave.


So that’s it dude! If you do everything that I’ve suggested above, you’ll see a massive difference in the reaction you get from girls.

But listen, dressing the part is good. Really good. But it’s not the only thing you need to be one of the greatest womanizers ever. It’s confidence, game, being a gentleman and understanding your role as a man.

One thing I forgot to mention is that fixing your fashion can actually be a really great confidence boost and help to reduce anxiety and depression, so don’t take these tips lightly.

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  1. I’m not sold on the idea of looking like the metrosexuals in the pics above. Dressing like the dude in the v-neck white Tshirt is grounds for an asskicking where I live

  2. Just on a side note, (I’m a different Mario the one who commented earlier haha). I had quite bad acne and tried lots of products whilst exercising and being a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish), so reasonably healthy but ended up using the pharmacy product Isotretinoin (brand names include Oratane, Isotane, Accutane, Roaccutane and a few more). To sum up though I went from having bad acne to absolutely none within 6 months. It’s been 2 years since I’ve stopped taking it and I’m still completely clear! The sooner it’s treated leaves less of a chance of leaving scarring as well so it’s better to do it as soon as possible. 2 of my best friends used the same product and got the same results. We’re lucky here in New Zealand as it’s subsidized by the government but I know of a family member who had to pay a fair bit for it but she got the results and was so worth it as you only need to take it for a few months and it’s permanently gone. There are mentioned potential side effects but I never really experienced any of them, neither did the 3 people I mentioned. Just things like dry skin, and a friend and I got a few nose bleeds but both were only really during the time we were taking it. I had used all the famous Acne products and to be honest they never really did much but this fixed it for life! If anyone has any problems with this take a look into the product, it could really change your life.

    Mario :)

  3. Mike Marzella says

    I enjoyed your segment on the basics on men’s fashions; you’re reading an email from a guy who has no fashion sense whatsoever.
    A question as it relates to body type…I’ve been an athlete my entire life…Many of the outfits you mention are extremely uncomfortable on someone built different ( 32″ waist , 29″ thighs and 18″ arms)…I’ve tied the slim attire and it’s extremely uncomfortable..Ideas?

  4. Hey, I had acne for years ! i tried a ton of topical creams and natural remedies.. the only thing that worked for me was acupuncture. in 12 treatments it was gone.. i noticed a difference after the 4th treatment,, these treatments spanned over 4 months. acupuncture unblocked blocked the passage of blood going to certain cells.. which cleared up my acne. its been 5 years now,, i still eat the same (Mediterranean diet , im from Greece) and still party hard… but ive had no sign of Acne since. I recommend it whole heatedly.. Google a QUALIFIED practitioner in your area.. sometimes it pays to go see one thats far away if he or she has proven track record for results. . Unfortunately they didnt all pay attention in class.. so they dont all get it right.

    one other note.. Matching skin tone for clothing is ok.. matching eye colour blue to my skintone however is not going to happen.. haha..

  5. I got rid from acne by going to the swimming pool twice a week.

  6. Omg you actually paid attention to my facebook post on fashion .

  7. Exercise and eat well people that look good are people that are healthy

  8. Acne is a bacterial infection and it’s the immune system’s job to keep the infection under control. A poor diet absolutely can have an effect on how well your immune system works as does stress. There was a study published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in September 2007 that showed strong evidence for that connection. Manuka honey with a UMF rating of 10+ works wonders for killing infection on the skin (apply for 20 minutes) and 3 grams of Vitamin C (1g x 3 times a day) will help strengthen the immune system. Also do a saliva blood test to check your DHT levels. DHT levels are higher in patients with acne and hair loss. Research has shown that the nutrient astaxanthin and saw palmetto will lower DHT. By stopping testosterone from converting to DHT you theoretically keep testosterone higher which is good for your libido, helping to build muscle and improving mood. Bam!

  9. Vijaya Pandji says

    Really BabBah, well im a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Foods have a huge effect on skin problems in general.We are what we eat and were did you get the idea that its superstition and urban myth?? Your the one thats hilarious especially being a Dermatologist ))

  10. I am a dermatologist. Study after study shows that food has absolutely no effect on acne. Hilarious how superstition keeps these urban myths alive.

    • It DOES have an effect. People suffering from acidity suffer from dandruff, which in turn causes acne when it falss on ur facial skin. People having a lot of body heat in them, get boils on their face which again leaves spots on r face. A remedy to that would be to eat more of less acidic (or alkalihe foonsds) – like fruits such as watemelons, papayas, etc etc, @ 1 full fruit of it daily.

    • So why do people get pimples after eating chocolate?
      Urban myth to you but verified fact for me.
      Perhaps you learn urban myths propagated by drug companies so they can sell their crap via gullible ‘experts’ like you!

  11. acne is actually a bacterial infection of the skin. if you go to a dermatologist, they will give you an antibiotic and a topical, which will clear it right up in a week or two. then just keep it clean so it doesn’t break out again. diet really doesn’t have much affect of your skin, unless you get that pizza grease all over your face and forget to wash it off for days…

    • PUA Training says

      Thanks for the advice Yena. However I have to disagree with your view on diet, if you live a very healthy lifestyle your diet can play a huge part in clearing up your skin. Starting with something like a colonic irrigation has been proven to clear up acne as it removes the toxins that “pollute” the skin from the inside out.

      • Yena is correct, I work in healthcare – I treat acne many times daily. Diet has little to do with it, and detox definitely doesn’t. Creams such as PanOxyl (which encourages new skin growth and reduces sebum on the surface of the skin) combined with daily facial scrubs should clear mild ache within a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t prescription creams may be required.

  12. Re – hair style

    What doe a person with less hair/baldness (folically challenged) can do apart from shaving hair completely

    • PUA Training says

      Unfortunately not much. Keep it at 1mm, so it’s trimmed but not completely bald, which looks odd. Definitely don’t grow it longer than that if you’re losing hair in the middle or crown. You see some guys with ponytails which just looks ridiculous.

  13. The advice is great and all but the skin part is a lil’ bit debatable. The best way to get rid yourself of acne is to change your diet and get some more veggies in, eat less sweets and other garbage, excercise and, it might sound gross, but do an enema ! It’s the best way to detoxify and rid yourself of a looooot of skin problems. You might do it yourself at home with a enema kit or go to a clinic, whch will usually charge you less than £50.

    If you’ve got a problem with acne you definitely won’t get rid of it with creams and such. Detoxify yourself and get some vitamin A in, plus some helthy omega 3 oils. That’s the way to go for great looking healthy skin !

    • PUA Training says

      Completely agree Mario. Detoxing is one of the best things you can do for the skin to get rid of the nasty’s in your body, clears up the skin in no time. Thanks for the advice!

      • 2 tips I use that work:

        1. For dry flaky skin you don’t need any of those exfoliants or face scrubs or crap that girls use.
        Just keep a face washer in the shower and rub your face hard with it every morning in the shower. I had horrible dry peely skin in high school, but I’ve done that for more than 20 years and don’t have a single wrinkle and my skin is perfect.
        2. You don’t need any enema kits to do enemas: just remove the shower spray head and direct the shower hose appropriately with lukewarm water. Duck out to the loo when your bowels are full. Do this a few times and it cleans you out.

    • When I was in my teens I had terrible problems with acne. My mother took me to see a skin doctor who immediately observed that my acne would create scars in my facial skin if we didn’t treat it.

      He proceeded to give me some very strong pills (Roaccutane) which can potentially cause foetus damage if you’re pregnant, and needed blood testing every 3rd month or so. They also dried up my lips and I had to apply lip balm several times a day.

      The result? Half a year later my severe facial acne was gone, and my facial skin was nearly as smooth as a newborn baby’s. Fucking wonderful. It’s a pity when I look around on people on the street, that so few people seem to be aware of the medical opportunities for dealing with acne.

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