How To Keep A F**k Buddy For As Long As You Can


Don’t lose that guaranteed lay!

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It’s a sad fact that the girl you primed for so long and have been happily banging casually for months, is most likely going to ditch you soon.

Even though f**k buddies are great, they don’t last long.

The longest f**k buddy I’ve had lasted for 8 months and then it was over. Why you ask?

Well, no matter how hard you try and keep them around… SOMETHING always gets in the way…

1. She meets a guy she likes more than you
2. She develops feelings for you
3. She’s foreign and moves back to her homeland
4. She turns against you and blames you for using her
5. She loses interest and can’t be bothered to see you anymore

So today, I want to give you some tips on how you can keep a f**k buddy around… so you can… well, keep banging her for as long as you possibly can. There’s really no need to turn down free pussy on tap, if you’re not exclusive with another girl.

So let’s get into it.

1. Avoid “feelings” based questions at all costs

When you’re side chick asks you to have a chat about where you both are or how you really feel about her. You need to mentally check out. This is a one way conversation that will lead you to ZERO PUSSY.

If she brings up these types of questions or topics of conversation, you must do whatever you can to avoid them. Divert her attention, re-assure her that you’re both having a great time and that you don’t want to complicate things. The moment you fall for the bait, you can say bye bye to regular sex.

2. Get REALLY good in bed (keep things interesting)

It’s very common for sex to become boring for both parties involved, so don’t be afraid to learn some new skills. Spice things up in the bedroom with tricks, techniques and tools that will get you both off. If you keep doing the same thing over and over “drunk sex” then you’re going to get bored and take the whole situation for granted.

3. Set the rules from the outset

This should have been done prior to getting into a “casual relationship” but you HAVE to make it perfectly clear to her that she’s using you and you’re using her for sex. Don’t use those terms, because women don’t like “being used”. But say to her, we’re both in this for fun and nothing more.

4. Don’t just use her, make her feel wanted too

Like a I said, women don’t want to be used. So don’t be a dick dude. Keep her sweet and that pussy will be on tap for a long while to come. Be nice, be a gentleman and make her laugh. There is a fine line between treating her like a girlfriend and treating her like a sexual deviant that you only see a few times a month/week.

When she feels like you’re being too nice to her, she will ask you about your feelings. Keep it strictly business and make her your sex buddy mentally and physically.

5. Keep her guessing

Women like adventure… even if it’s a sexual agreement. You should think of ways to make her second guess what you’re going to do to her or where you are. The more you can keep her guessing/thinking about you… the easier it will be to get her over to your place whenever you want to get laid and the longer she will keep sleeping with you.

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  1. Richard, you’re on point this this article. I use the same techniques to keep a fuck buddy around for a long time.

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