How To Pickup MILF’s (It’s Easier Than You Think)

If you’re like the many men who have found themselves tired of chasing after younger girls, you’re not alone.

How to pickup milfs

The dating scene for men has become saturated with younger women who are conceited and unreliable.


Oftentimes, they have no idea what they want out of life or a relationship and they certainly don’t know a good thing when they see it.

That’s why you should focus your efforts on MILFs instead.

Long gone are the days that you’ll have to deal with their younger counterpart’s nonsense. Trust us, when you learn how to seduce MILFs, the dating scene won’t seem so daunting anymore.

What Makes MILFs Different?

Lets take a look at why dating a mature woman could be a better option for you:

They’re sophisticated

And with sophistication comes experience. When we’re talking about experience, we’re not just talking about sexual experience – though that is certainly a plus.

However, a MILF will have worldly knowledge. She will have traveled, altered career paths, has faced hardships between her and her loved ones, and has a greater understanding of the world around her.

MILFs are uninterested in playing games

They’re realists with a true outlook on life. They’ll understand that they’ve become older and that the dating scene won’t be as kind to them as it once was.

They also understand that they have responsibilities to pay bills, keep the pantry stocked, and save for retirement. This means that they’re unlikely to toy around with your heart and instead want to find a quality man who will have the same understanding.

Quick Note

Don't treat MILF's the same way you would a younger more care free woman. They have been around the dating scene for a while and don't want to play games or with their emotions.

They’re mature

Not just in the sense that they’ve aged, but they’ve also reached a certain emotional maturity that younger women can’t compare to. If you’ve dated younger women in the past then you know how unhinged they can be.

They lack in communication and are unsure of where they want to go in life. They also often bring unwanted drama into the lives of those around them. MILFs, however, know exactly what they want out of life and are clear with their needs.

They’re also great communicators, especially when it comes to their emotional needs, so you won’t ever have to guess with them.

Now, you’re probably wondering just how you go about scoring a MILF? Let’s discuss this further.

Where Do I Find MILFs?

First and foremost, before you can pick up a MILF, you're going to need to know where to look. You have a few options here. Keep in mind, though, that picking up a MILF is best achieved through the day.

That’s not to say that MILFs don’t enjoy the night life, too, but those who are out at night are usually looking for something completely different - validation.

They’re the kind of woman who wants to relive their glory days and younger years. They’re not interested in finding a stud to hook up with for the night. 


Unfortunately, the best MILFs avoid the nightclub scene - they’ve been there, done that, and are uninterested in living out their youth. They may also just enjoy being at home with their children. 

So, where do you find quality MILFs?

Visit your local upper-class neighborhood

Driving through a residential and upper-class neighborhood, you can often find MILFs who are out for a jog, taking their dogs for a walk, engaging in an afternoon walk with their friends, or even walking with their children.

Here would be a good chance to approach them and ask for directions - possibly to the nearest restaurant or grocery store. Then you can give them thanks and continue the conversation by complimenting them.

Something along the lines of...

Thanks, I knew asking you would be the right move, especially since you look so in shape. You’re probably in your 20s, right?

Check the neighborhood park

Oftentimes, you will find MILFs hanging out in the neighborhood park. They’re either there with their children or they’re there with their friends who have smaller children.

Be cautious here - you won’t want to come off like a creep. Strike up a casual conversation. Feel free to add in a compliment while you’re at it - perhaps you can tell her that her child possesses the same beautiful eyes that their mother has.

You could also mention how much you love kids because you’re either a single dad or have a profession that deals with children.

If you feel as though she is interested, you can move into light joking.

Health food stores

Some MILFs are careful when it comes to what they eat and what they feed their children, so they often go to health food stores such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

This can be a great way to strike up a conversation, too, because you can ask a MILF in a food store what they recommend using an ingredient for or if they have any good recommendations.

After you get some recommendations from her, you can always jokingly tell her that you can now cook her a nice, healthy dinner, and see where it goes from there.

Shopping malls

Particularly the higher end shopping malls - you’ll find that MILFs love to shop both for themselves and for their children.

This is another daygame location to strike up a conversation with a MILF you come across. Ask her for her opinion on what you’re buying or looking to buy, whether it be a birthday present for your niece or nephew, or a new outfit for a family dinner. Asking for her opinion will give you the opportunity to hook her.

Now that you know where to find these special women, let’s discuss how you go about seducing them.

7 Effective Tips on Seducing a MILF

Let's talk about the nitty gritty. How can you actually go out right now and start picking up MILF's.

Know How to Use Body Language

Body language is extremely important, especially where MILFs are concerned because they have been around the block once or twice - or even several times. It’s vital that you appear confident and that you know what you want.

Keep the Conversation Interesting

Conversation is another important part of being able to get a MILF interested in you. They don’t care to discuss superficial things like reality TV shows.

She would rather talk about what’s important to her or to have an intellectual conversation. Topics here could range from books, spirituality, events, social issues, or other topics that are engaging.

Understand That She Wants You

It doesn’t work just one way - you’re not the only one fantasizing. MILFs are often fantasizing about younger women just as you’re fantasizing about them.

She may have fantasies and kinks about her being a teacher and you being her naughty student. Strong women love possessions of power. On the other hand, she may also be more submissive and dreaming about you being the one in power.

Pay Attention When She Talks About Her Kids

Children are one of the most important parts of a MILFs life. They possess an unconditional love for their kids.

With that being said, you’re going to need to be interested when she talks about her children. You need to listen to what she tells you about them and show an appreciation over what a good mother she is.

Be Sexual

Be sexual but don’t overdo it. You’ll want it to happen naturally. Be subtle with your advances; shower her with compliments about her beauty and body and be affectionate. Don’t be cheesy with your compliments, though. Make them unique and genuine.

Do Away with Her Age Worries

Unfortunately, if you’re a younger man pursuing an older woman then you may hear her object to your advances by claiming she’s old enough to be your mother or that you should be dating girls your own age.

You need to reassure her that that isn’t the case. Let her know that regardless of her age, you find her incredibly attractive and that you’re not at all interested in dating girls your own age due to their immaturity. 

Ask Her Out

Finally, once all is said and done, ask her out. Invite her to wine tasting, a museum, or offer to cook her a homemade meal. Once you’ve taken her out, feel free to invite her back to your place for a night of fun.

Conclusion: What next?

Well, if you've ever wondered how to pick up MILFs, you shouldn't have to wonder anymore. There's plenty of MILFs in the sea—just remember to be confident, keep the conversation interesting, and act interested in her kids.

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